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Business Partner

Business Partner

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Business Partner

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  1. Business Partner Contents: • Central business partner basics • Roles, relationships, partner functions • SAP business partner functions • Exchange of CRM business partners – R/3 customers

  2. Business Partner: Objectives At the conclusion of this unit, you will be able to: • Understand Concept of Business Partners

  3. E-Mail Business Partner: Course Overview Diagram Partner Processing Activity Opportunity Order Text Determination Quotation Output Determination Products Business Partner Organizational Model • SAP AG 2001

  4. SAP Business Partner Business partner structures Patient Employee Loan recipient Creditor SAPBusinessPartner Tenant Vendor Customer • neutral • persons and organizations • cross-application • open infrastructure • integration throughbusiness concepts Plant Debitor

  5. Group Business Partner Category Person Organization

  6. Grouping Business Partner Category Grouping • Number ranges • Freely definable criteria • Standard grouping Grouping Business Partner • A business partner must be assigned to a group • The grouping controls the number range • The grouping is defined in Customizing • You can make settings for standard groupings

  7. Business Partner Roles Sold-to party Bill-to party Invoice Payer • A role offers a particular view of the BP master

  8. Data Parts Role: Contact person Role: Ship-to party Address Shipping ... Address ... Sales Shipping Billing Address ... General set types CRM-specific set types Business partner master data parts • Each role offers a different view of the BP master

  9. SAP Business Partner: Relationships • For describing relationships between business partners • Attributes describe relationships • Some relationships are time-dependent RMG Inc. Smith & Partners Business Partner No. 60095 Business Partner No. 62031 Ms White Business Partner No. 60111 1st May 1995 – 31st March 2001 Assistant to purchasing managers 1st April – 31st December 9999 Purchasing manager

  10. Example: Business Partner Relationship Category Contact person relationship has contact person is contact person of Person Organization Function Relationship Attributes Employeeresponsible Department Power ofattorney Communicationdata

  11. Partner Functions • Partner functions serve to map sales area-relevant relationships between two business partners • Example: Ship-to party • Bill-to party Business partner 1 Business partner 2 Partner function Ship-to party • A partner relationship is created for each partner function, but a partner function is not created for each relationship

  12. Business Partner - Structure of Group Hierarchy • Hierarchy trees are used to map business partner group hierarchies in CRM • e.g. Purchasing collaboration, ... • Business partners are subsequently assigned to the hierarchy nodes BP100 BP10 BP20 BP30 BP40 BP50 BP60 BP70 BP80 BP90

  13. Business Partner - Types of Group Hierarchy • Pricing • Conditions and price agreements are stored at organizational levels • Conditions and price agreements apply for all business partners who are assigned to the subordinate hierarchy nodes - dependenton the Customizing settings for pricing. • Grouping • For statistical purposes andmarketing analyses 3% Discount BP10 BP20 BP30 BP40 BP50 BP60 BP70 BP80 BP90 BP10 BP20 BP40 BP50 BP60 BP70 BP80 BP90

  14. Marketing Attributes 1 2 Attribute 1 Attribute group A Attribute 2 Attribute n Interaction Center 3 Segment Builder/ target group selection Internetself-registration Mobile 4 Business partner Attribute group „Free time“ Hobby- value „Music“Sport - value „Football“

  15. Business Partner – Data Cleansing • BP – Data Cleansing • Description • Identified duplicates can be brought together with the dependent data and objects • All dependent data / objects can be presented graphically in a tree structure • After data cleansing, the duplicate can be archived automatically • Benefits • Reduction in data redundancy • Improved quality of data

  16. Business Partner – Data Cleansing: Structure Duplicate recognition Data cleansing Duplicate recognition via • Online transaction • BAPI Registering of data cleansing cases Procedure for data cleansing Reassignment of business partner information Inter- face BAPI Complete scan of business partnerdatabase Datacleansing cases

  17. Business Partner – Archiving • Description • Data records, which have been selected for archiving, can be written to an archive file • After archiving, the business partner data can be deleted • Customer enhancements to the business partner master are taken into account during archiving, without the need for modifications • Testing data dependencies within the CRM system • The data is tested before archiving: if a business partner is to be used by another application it cannot be archived • Testing data dependencies for customer enhancements to the business partner is also possible without having to make modifications • Search and display of archived data • Benefits • High quality and consistency of data • Improved performance due to reduced amount of data

  18. Business Partner Archiving Procedure Phase 1 • Selection • Checking • Setting of systemstatus to ARCR Phase 2 • Writing of datato the archive Phase 3 • Checking ofarchived data • Deletion fromdatabase (all data records with status ARCR)

  19. SAP Business Partner: Unit Summary You are now able to: • Explain the concept of business partner related to ERP systems