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A Logical Model of Digital Archives PowerPoint Presentation
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A Logical Model of Digital Archives

A Logical Model of Digital Archives

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A Logical Model of Digital Archives

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  1. A Logical Model of Digital Archives Midway RathachaiChawuthai

  2. Agenda • Introduction • User scenario • Approach • Information model • Prototype • Progress

  3. Introduction

  4. Background • Physical Level • Bit preservation • Ability to produce a particular sequence of bits from storage device at any time. • Data preservation • Ability to render the bit stream and produce a meaningful output from it at any time. • Logical Level • Information preservation • Ability to interpretsome conceptsdisplayed the rendered digital object at any time originally.

  5. Challenge Goal: Interpretation a concept in digital archive Model a change of concept together with linked data Difficult to construct UCK depended on different time and communities Difficult to link relevant concepts across UCK Model contextual knowledge evolution as event of change. Introduce Common UCK Lacking of common knowledge

  6. Objectives • To develop a theory for digital archive at a logical level. • To design an information model representing contextual knowledge. • To develop a prototype system in order to proof the theory.

  7. User scenario(Consumer interprets a concept)

  8. Page1 Digital Archive Digital resource Description information: Title : Bioenergetics of the Snowy Owl James A. Gessaman Author: 1992 Created date: Full path: Format: pdf Software: Adobe Reader 10 Terms: Concept Community Date ex:utha_univ 1992 ex:Nyctea_scandiacus Click a concept, then go to a page scribing that concept. Page 2

  9. Page2 Digital Archive Concept Concept Context: ex:Nyctea_scandiacus Property Object Subject ex:Nyctea_scandiacus ex:Nyctea cka:higherClass Communtiy ex:Nyctea_scandiacus “Nycteascandicus” skos:prefLabel ex:utha_univ Concept evolution: Date Concept Concept 1992 cka:replaceTo ex:Nyctea_scandiacus ex:Bubo_scandiacus Present status Click the icon to view evolution detail of that concepts Expired Page 3 Relevance digital objects Entered Date Author Title 1758 FOOD-ECOLOGY OF THE SNOWY OWL  Expired 2008 Adam Watson 1979 PL Williams Diet of the Snowy Owl 1999

  10. Page3 Digital Archive Evolution detail Description: Evolution type cka:ConceptReplacement ex:Nyctea_scandiacus Old concept ex:Bubo_scandiacus New concept Caused by: Evolution type cka:ConceptMerger ex:Nyctea,ex:Bubo Old concept New concept ex:Bubo Detail: Shared by ex:yale_uni Begin date 1999 - End date ex:wink Performer Reporter ex:chale Source

  11. Approach

  12. Contextual Knowledge Evolution Examples of some change of contextual knowledge: • Soviet union was split to 14 countries in1991. • “Burma” was changed to “Myanmar” in 1989. • Petsamowas annexed from Russia to Finland in 1920. • Petsamo was annexed from Finland to USSR in 1944. • Bill Clinton was the US president during 1993-2001. • George W Bush was the US president during 2001-2009. • Pluto changed from a planet to dwarf planet in 2006. • Solar system has 8 planets after 2006. • Interpretation of the 1st floor between US and UK.

  13. Concept Evolution • Merger • Genus Nyctea was merged to Bubo. • Splitter • Soviet Union was split to 14 countries. • Replacement • Species Nycteascandiacuswas replaced by Bubo candiacus.

  14. Relation Evolution • Attribution • Accenture co. changed headquarter to Ireland. • Classification • Pluto was reclassified to dwarf planet. • Part-whole • Petsamo was a part of Finland. • Membership • Pluto was a member of Solar system planet.

  15. UCCK Underlying Common Community Knowledge • Records public contextual knowledge which every UCK refers to. • E.g. The earth is a planet. • Records changes of contextual knowledge. • E.g. Pluto was reclassified to a dwarf planet. • Establishes some links to some related concepts across UCK. • E.g. The first floor in UK is the second floor in US.

  16. Information Model

  17. Community knowledge

  18. Concept Evolution • E.g. • :ConceptReplacementrdf:type :ConceptEvolution . • :ConceptMergerrdf:type :ConceptEvolution. • :ConceptSplitterrdf:type :ConceptEvolution . :oldConcept :ConceptEvolution skos:Concept :newConcept

  19. Concept Evolution Example implementation ex:mg1 rdf:typecka:ConceptMerger ; cka:oldConceptex:Nyctea; cka:oldConceptex:Bubo; cka:newConceptex:Bubo . Run a rule and imply for supporting linked data ex:Nycteacka:mergeToex:bubo .

  20. Relation Evolution :subject • :ClassAdditionrdf:type :RelationEvolution . • :Reclassificationrdf:type:RelationEvolution . • :PartAdditionrdf:type :RelationEvolution . • :ColorChangerdf:type :RelationEvolution . :RelationEvolution skos:Concept :oldObject :newObject :relation rdf:Property

  21. Relation Evolution Class declaration cka:Reclassification rdfs:subClassOfcka:RelationEvolution; cka:relationcka:higherClass . Example implementation ex:rc1 rdf:typecka:Reclassification; cka:child ex:sp1 ; cka:oldParentex:Nyctea ; cka:newParentex:Bubo . After run a rule the present statement will be: ex:sp1 cka:higherClassex:bubo .

  22. Construct state of contextual knowledge Use SPARQL to query some knowledge evolutions entities from the UCK and UCCK with conditionsinput concept, input time, and input community. Use Jenarules to construct triple statements from selected knowledge evolutions. Use programming to filter some conflict triple statements from selected knowledge evolutions.

  23. Construct state of contextual knowledge For example cka:relation cka:Class Addtion ex:Bubo_scandiacus cka:higher Class rdf:type cka:child cka:higherClass ex:Bubo_scandiacus (≡ cka:subject) ex:ch1 ex:Bubo ex:Bubo cka:newParent (≡ cka:newObject)

  24. Establish link of concept Time Bubo Scandiacus Bubo Scandiacus replaceTo NycteaScandiacus Bubo mergeTo Bubo Nyctea NycteaScandiacus Community A UCCK Community B

  25. Prototype

  26. Digital Archive Contextual knowledge Administration Store contextual knowledge Contextual Knowledge Service Digital Repository Query contextual knowledge

  27. Interoperability

  28. Contextual Knowledge Administration Apache web server Application layer Contextual Knowledge Service PHP web application Network EasyRDF API Contextual knowledge Administration

  29. Page1 Assert some contextual knowledge evolution by Choose a proper type Give information

  30. Page2 Link some contextual knowledge evolution by Select the id from dropdown list for related contextual knowledge evolution

  31. Page3 Give metadata for the set of contextual knowledge evolutions Give metadata value Click button “Finish”

  32. Digital Repository

  33. Contextual Knowledge Service

  34. Progress

  35. Progress • Approach “a logical modelof digital archive” 80% • Information model 90% • Application profileof digital archive 50% • Contextual Knowledge Administration 90% 20% • Digital Repository • Contextual Knowledge Service 70% • Documentation 40%

  36. Anyideafor improvement?