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Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting

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Tuck Everlasting

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  1. Tuck Everlasting

  2. Tuck Everlasting Chapters 8-22 Summary By Rob and Alec

  3. Chapter Eight • The Tucks and Winnie begin on their way to the Tuck’s home • The Tucks share with Winnie their secret • The man in the yellow suit had been hiding in the bushes and • heard the whole story, and he is now following them

  4. Chapter Nine -The Tucks and Winnie arrive at the Tuck’s house -Miles and Jesse jump into the lake -Winnie meets Angus Tuck and he says that it is the best thing that has happened to him in 80 years

  5. Chapter Ten -Mae shows Winnie around the house -Winnie realizes how different the Tuck’s house is from hers, and how different the Tucks act -Mae explains to Winnie how they function as a family

  6. Chapter Eleven -Winnie realizes as she eats how different the Tucks are from her family -The Tucks and Winnie talk about how it is urgent to get Winnie home -The Tucks and Winnie talk about the man in the yellow suit and are worried he might know something about the spring

  7. Chapter Twelve -Angus and Winnie sit in the boat listening to nature -Angus explains the life cycle and compares life to a ferris wheel and compared people that can live forever to rocks on the side of a road -Angus tells Winnie what would happen if everybody knew about the spring and was able to live forever

  8. Chapter Thirteen -The man in the yellow suit takes the Tuck’s horse to the Foster home -He smoothed his hair and knocked on the door - He then announces he knows where Winnie is

  9. Chapter Fourteen -The Tucks decide it is getting too dark to go and find the horse theft, and that he would probably be a long ways away by now. -Winnie sleeps on the couch with cushions that smell like old newspaper and a quilt. -Mae, Tuck, and Jesse come to check on Winnie throughout the night.

  10. Chapter Fifteen -The man in the yellow suit tells the Fosters he knows where Winnie is. -The man in the yellow suit says he’ll trade Winnie for the Foster’s property -The Fosters agree and the man in the yellow suit has them sign a piece of paper and take it to the constable

  11. Chapter Sixteen -The man in the yellow suit wakes up the constable and tells him of the situation. -The man in the yellow suit tells the constable that the Fosters sold him their land. -The constable and the man in the yellow suit begin on their way to the Tuck home. -The man in the yellow suit runs ahead of the constable.

  12. Chapter Seventeen -Winnie wakes up and shortly after Miles wakes up; he asked her if she liked fishing -Winnie and Miles set out on a boat and Miles talked about his family -Winnie got a bite but it got loose and she was glad -Miles caught a fish, but Winnie made him put it back because she didn’t want it to die

  13. Chapter Eighteen -Miles decided not to tell everyone that it was Winnie who did not allow them to catch fish -Winnie had a feeling of happiness and wished she could stay with the Tucks forever -The man in the yellow suit comes to the Tucks house and made an alien sound knocking on the door

  14. Chapter Nineteen -The man in the yellow suit tells the story of Mile’s wife -The man in the yellow suit presents his idea , but the Tucks refuse. -The man in the yellow suit takes Winnie and says he’s going to have her drink the spring water for his demonstration -Mae hits the man in the yellow suit with the barrel of Tuck’s old shotgun, and the man falls to the ground just as the constable rides up.

  15. Chapter Twenty -The constable says the man in the yellow suit is not dead yet -The constable has Tuck, Jesse , and Miles stay with the man in the yellow suit at their home -The constable takes Winnie to her house and Mae to jail -The constable says Mae might be hung on the gallows

  16. Chapter Twenty-one -Winnie returns to her family’s cottage and is forced in the bathtub and is then sent to bed -The constable comes to the Foster Cottage and tells the Fosters the man in the yellow suit died and that she will most likely be hung -Winnie thinks back to when she killed a wasp, and then felt bad for the wasp and wonders if Mae feels the same about the man in the yellow suit

  17. Chapter Twenty-two -Winnie finds the toad again and goes in to get water, but when she came back out, the toad was gone -Winnie sees Jesse whispering to her from the other side of the fence -Jesse tells Miles’ plan to Winnie -Winnie insists that she helps with getting Mae out -Jesse gives Winnie a bottle of the spring water and tells her to drink it when she’s seventeen, then to come and find him

  18. Chapter Twenty-three -Winnie waits in the Touch-Me-Not cottage until 11:00 -At 11:00 Winnie falls asleep -Winnie wakes up at five till’ midnight and realized she hadn’t Missed her chance to help the Tucks

  19. Chapter Twenty-four -Winnie meets the Tuck’s outside the house -A storm comes just in time so that the constable couldn’t hear them -Miles pulls out the cell’s window and Winnie and Mae switch places

  20. Chapter Twenty-five -The constable finds out what happened in the morning and says that Winnie committed a crime -The constable sentences Winnie to house arrest -The dog tried to eat the toad so Winnie poured the magic spring water on it

  21. Epilogue -The Tucks ride into Treegap and there are many roads They find Winnies cottage is gone -They find Winnies grave

  22. Thank you... …for watching our presentation. By Rob and Alec

  23. Tuck Everlasting