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  1. SciFest Establishing and Maintaining a Network of Science Fairs ‘A scalable and exportable model’ ISEF Educator Academy 2012, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 13-18

  2. SciFest – Educator Academy Story of Success Educator Academy 2005 Phoenix, Arizona Action Plan Ireland ‘Use third-level colleges to host regional science fairs’ Educator Academy 2012Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Action Plan Ireland Accomplished • SciFest – network of science fairs established at local, regional and national level • Over 14 000 students have exhibited at SciFest science fairs since 2006

  3. The Growth of SciFest 2005 - 2012 Number of students and projects 2006 – 2012 Number Year

  4. Timeline – Development of SciFest 2006 Founded by Sheila Porter & piloted in a 3rd level college 2007 • Second pilot in 3rd level college 2008 Launched nationwide & hosted by nine 3rd level colleges 2009 • Hosted by fifteen 3rd level colleges (SciFest@College) 2011 • 2 new levels of participation introduced: •  National Science Fair (SciFest@Intel) •  Regional Science Fairs (SciFest@College) •  School-based local science fairs (SciFest@School) 2012 • SciFest now established and operating at three levels

  5. SciFest 2012 INTERNATIONAL SciFest@ISEF • 2012 – SciFest affiliated to ISEF • SciFest@Intel winners compete at ISEF NATIONAL SciFest@Intel Best Project Award winners from each regional venue compete at finals – one project selected to represent Ireland at ISEF • Science fairs hosted by 15 third-level colleges (Universities and Institutes of Technology) REGIONAL SciFest@College • Schools organize their own in-house SciFest science fair LOCAL SciFest@School

  6. LOCAL SciFest@School • Open to all second-level schools • Online SciFest STEM fairs toolkit • Resources available to registered schools: • Certificate of participation for each student • SciFest promotional giveaways • Representative from SciFest visits on day of event • Innovation – Sharing Expertise: • Panel of experienced retired teachers recruited to support event, to judge projects, etc.

  7. SciFest@College REGIONAL • One day science fairs hosted by 15 third-level colleges • Open to all second-level schools • In each third-level college an organising committee is set up An organising committee ideally consists of: • Regional coordinator • Third-level college staff – administrative, academic, technical • ‘Active’ teacher/s from local schools SciFest@College Organising Committee: College staff – administrative, academic and technical

  8. SciFest@College - JUDGING REGIONAL • Standardising Judging • Judges’ Information Pack containing: • Judging at SciFest • (How to ask the right questions) • Science and Technology project rubrics • Judges’ Database: • Third-level colleges use a number of in-house staff as judges • Each third-level college also has access to a national database of volunteer judges – over 60 judges from academia and industry on database to date

  9. SciFest@College – ONLINE RESOURCES REGIONAL • Downloadable from the website • Science-by-Inquiry Booklet • Entry forms • Guidelines for entrants: • Project report book • Visual display & oral presentation • Sponsors & special awards • Volunteer support team of teachers

  10. SciFest@College – Awards REGIONAL SciFest provides each of the 15 venues with 9 trophies funded by sponsors from academia and industry Awards given for best project / runner-up / communication / chemistry / maths / energy / space / use of data loggers / biology Category awards supplied by college New Award introduced in 2012 SciFest Global Citizenship & Sustainability Award • Sponsored by Intel in association with Young Scientists Tanzania • AIM – To provide opportunities for Irish students to work cooperatively with students in Africa on global issues relating to sustainability, e.g. food, water, energy, etc.

  11. NATIONAL SciFest@Intel • SciFest affiliated to ISEF in 2012 • Celebration of Excellence in Science and Launch of following year’s SciFest takes place in Intel each October • Each of the Best Project Award winners presented with an Intel Excellence in STEM medal • Best Project Award winners from each of the 15 regional venues compete for Grand Award – to represent Ireland at ISEF SciFest Grand Award Winners 2012 Ciarán Cannon TD, Minister of State for Training and Skills at the Dept of Education and Skills with Ruairi O’Neill and Eoghan Flynn

  12. Effective Collaboration SciFest SciFest links industry, government and academia • SciFest is primarily funded by Discover Science and Engineering (government body) • Corporate support is provided by Intel Ireland in collaboration with a variety of other corporate sponsors, e.g. Abbott, BT, PharmaChemical Ireland, Dairymaster Ireland, Ericsson • SciFest regional fairs are hosted by third-level colleges

  13. SciFest – The Key Stakeholders • Third-level colleges • Industry Government 2 1 • Government • Industry • Third-level Colleges • Second-level Schools SciFest • Second-level schools Third-level colleges 3 4

  14. 1. GovernmentDepartment of Education and Skills (DES) • Supports Project Maths • (new maths curriculum) • Encourages skills • to support knowledge-based economy SciFest SciFest • Supports DES science curriculum inquiry-based approach to teaching & learning of science • Supports government strategy to build partnerships and understanding between education and enterprise

  15. 2. Industry Provides insight into educational structures and student standards SciFest Promotes corporate social responsibility Facilitates collaboration with local schools SciFest • Promotes science and engineering pipeline Strengthens industry’s links with third-level colleges • Provides marketing opportunity

  16. 3. Second-level Schools (students) • Links science to students’ everyday lives and society • Gives all students the opportunity to participate in a science fair SciFest Encourages an interest in science through inquiry and hands-on activities SciFest Lowers barriers, bringing the talents of diverse populations into the innovation pipeline Enables students to grow in confidence by exhibiting in a small student-friendly environment

  17. 3. Second-level Schools (teachers) • Facilitates a community of educators with similar goals and ideals SciFest SciFest Supports school visits by SciFest representatives Provides support for teachers Provides resources to help teachers implement inquiry-based strategies Promotes a sense of community and a feeling of ownership

  18. 4. Third-level Colleges • Encourages collaboration with local schools • Links third-level colleges and industry Links second and third-level education institutions SciFest SciFest Encourages students to visit their local third-level college and view the facilities and courses available • Encourages students to continue with their study of science into third-level

  19. Website www.scifest.ieOne website controlled by the project manager

  20. SciFest - A Scalable Model SciFest SciFest@Intel SciFest@College SciFest@School One Project Manager Website Partners and Sponsors 15 Third-level colleges (15 Regional Coordinators), Industry, Government Judges All second-level schools – Students and Teachers

  21. SciFest – Critical Success Factors • Easily scalable model • Centrally coordinated but workload divided: • One project manager • Regional coordinators (volunteers) in each third-level college • One website • Locally based, sense of community, feeling of ownership • Open to students of all ability and all entries accepted • Highly cost effective: • Partially funded from National SciFest sponsors • Each third-level college covers cost of hosting the event in their own college and canvasses for sponsorship to help cover running costs • Buy-in from Government, industry and education

  22. Dare to Dream Today The Future • Mass participation • Multiple 3rd level colleges & • schools engaged • Well known national brand • Easily scalable model adopted by other countries • Working closely with the Dept of Education & Skills and National Council for Curriculum and Assessment • Low cost high ROI model • 4k participants • National fair +15 regional + 12 school-based fairs • Continuing to grow • Developing brand • Supports national science and maths curricula

  23. SciFest – Growth Proposal • Recruit new partners to deliver the goal • A coalition of equal partners shaping, funding, co-owning the brand/product and providing the expertise to enable the SciFest of the future • Partners with an equal passion for science and an interest in promoting the 21st century skills required to enable industry and provide jobs • Organise by region / geography ISEF Educator Academy 2012, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 13-18

  24. SciFest 2010 – The Video

  25. Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossibleSt Francis of Assisi 1182-1226 GO RAIBH MÍLE MAITH AGAIBH THANK YOU! For further information contact:

  26. SciFest Additional Information ISEF Educator Academy 2012, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 13-18

  27. 3 levels: Northern Ireland Rep. of Ireland Educational Environment – Republic of Ireland First level: 510,000pupils Age level: 5 – 12 years Duration: Junior infants 8 years Senior infants Classes 1 – 6 1. Second level: 356,000students Age level: 12 – 18 years Duration: Junior Cycle (Years 1 – 3) 6 years Transition Year Senior Cycle (Years 5 – 6) 2. Third Level: 162,000 students 3.

  28. Other Science Fairs in Ireland Two science fairs – no local or regional fairs 1. Republic of Ireland – BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition • Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland Young Scientist Competition / Seagate Young Innovators (Young Engineers for Britain)

  29. Derry Letterkenny Sligo Dundalk Dublin Athlone Tallaght Galway/Mayo Blanchardstown Limerick Carlow Tralee Waterford Cork Map of Ireland SciFest@College 2012 Venues • Athlone • Blanchardstown • Carlow • Cork • Derry • Dublin • Dundalk • Galway/Mayo • Letterkenny • Limerick • Sligo • Tallaght • Tipperary • Tralee • Waterford Tipperary

  30. “It is the inclusiveness of SciFest and the encouragement of all participants that sets SciFest apart. It recognises how important it is to build a rapport with students across a diverse range of demographic backgrounds. SciFest also puts heavy emphasis on positive encouragement and it is a really lovely accessible day out, a great resource which should be supported.” Jennifer Dixon, Science Teacher, St David’s CBS, Artane “SciFest is a fantastic example of industry, the education sector and government partnering together to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The 34% increase in participation in last year’s competition is a clear sign that SciFest is going from strength-to-strength and reflects the growing interest among students in pursuing STEM related courses at third level.” Ciaran Canon TD, Minister of State for Training and Skills at the Dept of Education and Skills “Abbott sponsors SciFest because it inspires future scientists in Ireland, engages our employees and aligns with our business. It is a valued partnership." Katherine Jensen CSR Manager Abbott “It was an experience I will never forget. I learned a lot that I wouldn’t have in school. Everybody was friendly and the judges were nice. I had a brilliant time and would love to participate again.“ Student Dublin IT Testimonials

  31. SciFest Budget • Total annual budget 2012 – under $250,000 • Breakdown • Website • Promotional goods • Project Manager • Trophies • Grant to each 3rd level college • Travel expenses • PR • Printing