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Skin Firming Treatment | Nirmal Skin and Hair Clinic - Dr.Nischal PowerPoint Presentation
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Skin Firming Treatment | Nirmal Skin and Hair Clinic - Dr.Nischal

Skin Firming Treatment | Nirmal Skin and Hair Clinic - Dr.Nischal

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Skin Firming Treatment | Nirmal Skin and Hair Clinic - Dr.Nischal

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  1. Skin Firming Treatment

  2. Overview of skin firming treatment • Having a healthy rejuvenated clear skin is something we all dream of. • As we age, our skin loses natural puffiness and wrinkles, facial lines start to appear. • Our skin loses the ability to produce collagen and therefore the firmness of skin fades with time. • As the production of collagen stops, skin starts to sag and become loose.

  3. Also external factors like germs, dirt and pollutants have serious impact on our skin tissue. With the help of skin firming techniques, it is possible to get a healthy radiant looking youthful skin. With the advent of technology, non-invasive methods of skin tightening and skin firming treatment have come up with effective results. With a very short recovery time, natural looking results are seen. Also the treatment is free from pain and any sort of side effects.

  4. Radio Frequency Treatment Radio Frequency Treatment can be considered as one of the effective treatment options to get firm skin. The radiofrequency waves penetrate deep under the surface of the skin and stimulate the growth of collagen. The increase in growth of collagen will possibly help in getting smooth radiant skin. The infrared light source tightens skin by heating the collagen under the surface of the skin and thereby causing the skin to contract. When natural collagen is regenerated, the patients can start to notice a nice a smooth youthful looking firm skin within a short span of time.

  5. The results are noticed with a minimum amount of recovery time. The skin tightening occurs in the next few months, but results are optimal only when the patients go for two or three sessions of the treatment. Approved by FDA, the procedure is a safe and effective method to get firm youthful skin without the need of going under the knife. One can see prominent changes as soon as the natural stores of collagen are replenished.

  6. For men and women seeking to get dramatic results without the need of plastic surgery, skin lightening treatment is always a good option. Getting rid of loose saggy facial skin, fine lines, wrinkles are easily possible with the help of this treatment. You will see remarkable improvement in facial contour, reduced lines of aging, wrinkles and much more.

  7. Threadlift is another such procedure that would help you to get rid of double chin, fine lines and help you to get a firm toned skin. The process basically comprises of threads that would act as anchors to stimulate collagen production in the skin and thus help you to get smooth youthful skin.

  8. Treatments are not the only option to get firm skin. A proper beauty regime and intake of antioxidants is very much required to maintain a soft youthful skin. Fruits, vegetables and loads of water can aid to collagen formation and thus help in achieving a rejuvenated skin. It is also important to have a clear knowledge of the dermatologists you are visiting for skin firming treatment. You should have a clear idea of the treatment you are undergoing and the pros and cons of the treatment. It is advised to go for the treatment only under the consultation of expert dermatologists. A system pre and post treatment procedure is there for non-invasive skin firming treatment. An in depth examination will help the dermatologists to understand if the treatment will be suitable for an individual.

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