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IH Trust charitable activities PowerPoint Presentation
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IH Trust charitable activities

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IH Trust charitable activities

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IH Trust charitable activities

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  1. IH Trust charitable activities Simon Greenall, IH Trust

  2. IH Trust – a UK charity All activities must be for public benefit, including language and teacher training courses, and examinations funded by fees Trading names: IH London, IH Oxford

  3. Charitable activities Approved by the Public Benefit Committee, a sub-committee of the IH Board

  4. Principal charitable partnerships • CRISIS • Hackney Migrants • Star • Prisoners’ Education Trust • IATEFL

  5. CRISIS Seconding a teacher full time (to deliver 10 week 20 hour courses) in CRISIS Placing 4 people a month in regular, intensive IELTS classes at IHL - mainly highly skilled professionals e.g. doctors

  6. Hackney Migrants Centre Providing English for migrants two afternoons per week

  7. STAR • Student Action for Refugees Developing language teaching support for volunteers from over 30 university groups across the UK

  8. Prisoners’ Educational Trust Providing a venue for the Prisoners’ Educational Trust meetings (6 a year)

  9. IATEFL Funding six scholarships to attend the IATEFL annual conference Enabling teachers from other countries to come to the UK

  10. IATEFL scholarships 2 John Haycraft Classroom Exploration Scholarships 1 International house Training and Development Scholarship 2 International House Global Reach Scholarships 1 Brita Haycraft Better Spoken English Scholarship

  11. Total funding £44000 £80000 £120000

  12. Other activities Staff and student initiatives include raising £2400 for Children in need through various activities, which included matched funding from IH London

  13. Other activities Providing a substantial programme of free lessons (or lessons at a nominal cost) both in English and in Modern Languages to disadvantaged people in London, eg unemployed people, au pairs and others. 2012 over 2900 students attended these courses, delivered by trainee teachers.

  14. Experience and issues Clear desire by staff to be involved Difficulty in finding suitable international projects Problem of monitoring overseas projects First hand accounts for local projects Contacts with organizations from whom we’re learning about social welfare

  15. Experience and issues Board members and staff enjoy helping the local community By helping immigrants with medical skills, we’re making a contribution to public service institutions By establishing their criteria, our projects are focused and avoid mission creep

  16. Experience and issues Successful scholarships in partnership with IATEFL Active evaluation of further support of the ELT community Evaluation in collaboration with staff members Careful about new initiatives

  17. Criteria for selection of projects and project partners Mission to ensure IHT is true to principles in language teaching as a way of developing cultural understanding and benefitting those in need We need to prove we’re worthy of the non-profit status of IH London and IH Oxford

  18. Criteria (continued) • Must be related to IH areas of expertise • Must have a definable goal • Must be politically neutral • International projects must have a partner with a UK base • Should be scrutinized to measure impact and legacy • May be individual projects or strategic partnerships • Proposal must be submitted • with costs

  19. Follow up and strategy What will the MOU say? What will be the mutual communications benefits? What special circumstances or issues might there be? What are the staff benefits and consultation? How will the participating staff feedback and contribute to project evaluation?

  20. IH Trust charitable activities Simon Greenall Email: Twitter: @simongreenall