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Purple House

Purple House. Final Name Presentation!. Our final name is…. Cadbury House!!!. John Cadbury.

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Purple House

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  1. Purple House Final Name Presentation!

  2. Our final name is… Cadbury House!!!

  3. John Cadbury • Story John Cadbury was the creator of a small chocolate business in Birmingham, England. The small business later became part of Cadbury, one of the world's largest chocolate producers. He developed an emulsification process to make solid chocolate. • Over the years he had led a campaign to ban the use of boys as chimney sweeps, campaigned against animal cruelty and formed the Animal Friends Society, a forerunner of the RSPCA. Born: 12 August 1801 11 May 1889

  4. Why John Cadbury • He was a Quaker and wasn’t able to go to university but that didn’t stop him from making a very successful multi million pound global company • John Cadbury has inspired people by campaigning against a number of important issues that no one else wanted to • John Cadbury as inspiration to start your own business and campaign about the things you believe in…. • As the creator of Cadbury’s chocolate it also links with our house colour

  5. L.I.F.E • Learning- John Cadbury learnt that you can achieve anything no matter what your background is. • Integrity- He was a Quaker so he stuck to his beliefs and morals about not being violent. • Friendship- He was friendly because he helped animals and helped communities by getting children out chimney sweeping. • Excellence- John Cadbury built a multi-billion pound company from nothing.

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