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Strategy 3 – Making Connections PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategy 3 – Making Connections

Strategy 3 – Making Connections

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Strategy 3 – Making Connections

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  1. Strategy 3 – Making Connections V.Garrett-Meade (Learning & Support Teacher) 2013

  2. 3-2-1 Team Teaching lesson reflection 3- positive ideas from the lesson…. 2 – things I might do differently… 1 – new idea I took away with me ( literacy/student engagement/other)…

  3. Embedded Teaching Strategy Peer Answering

  4. Making Connections

  5. Making Connections Connections are links that readers can make between what they are reading and things they already know about.

  6. How do readers make connections? Good readers use their own background knowledge and prior experiences to make connections. There are 3 different ways that a reader can make connections …

  7. Types of Connections Text – to – Self Text – to - Text Text – to - World

  8. Connection: Text – to - Self These are connections that readers make between the text (what you are reading) and their own past experiences and/or background knowledge. We are reading a text on Ancient Egypt. I’ve travelled to Egypt with my family and I’ve seen the Pyramids. I have photographs at home of them and also the Sphinx. My grandmother was born in Egypt.

  9. Connection: Text – to - Text These are connections that readers make between the text they are reading and other texts the reader has read before. Other kinds of texts might include books, poems, scripts, songs, or anything written. You could even include movies or television shows that you have seen before. We are reading Romeo and Juliet. I’ve seen the movie Gnomeo and Juliet and also the movie with Leo in it. I’ve also read another book by the same author called McBeth.

  10. Connection: Text – to - World These are connections that readers make between the text and the bigger issues, events, or concerns of society. To make these types of connections the reader must think about what is going on in the world around them. We are reading about Volcanoes. I saw on the news that a volcano in Ecuador erupted but thankfully so far no one has been hurt or died from the flow of lava. I also remember there was ash from one that stopped planes on the other side of the world being able to take off from airports.

  11. Response Options for Sharing Connections Verbal Reponses – The reader would discuss the connections they made with a text aloud with others in a group. Written Responses –The reader would write the connections they could make with a text down on a sheet of paper or in a response journal.

  12. Ways to start your connections “That reminds me of …” “Remember when ..” “This is like …” “This character makes me think of …” “This setting reminds me of …”