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Credit Card And Prepaid Process

Credit Card And Prepaid Process. Edward M. Kwang President. Credit Card On-Line Process. Benefits of Integrating Elliott with Credit Card for On-Line Process: Store Customer Credit Card & Re-Use Credit Card Data is Encrypted and Secured

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Credit Card And Prepaid Process

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  1. Credit Card And Prepaid Process Edward M. Kwang President

  2. Credit Card On-Line Process • Benefits of Integrating Elliott with Credit Card for On-Line Process: • Store Customer Credit Card & Re-Use • Credit Card Data is Encrypted and Secured • Perform Real Time Cash Receipt When Charge Credit Card through Elliott • Efficient Process for Point of Sales, Mail Order or Telemarketing • It’s a Multi-User System & It’s Fast • Replace Old Credit Card Terminal

  3. What’s a Credit Card Processor? • Visa & Master are Association, not Processor. • The Bank that issue the credit card is not the processor. • The Bank that has your Merchant Account is not the processor. • There are about 10 Credit Card Processors. Top Three are: • First Data • Visa Net • Nova • Each Credit Card Processor has many different names.

  4. Credit Card Software • IC Verify ($729 – multi users) • Own by First Data • Work with all major processor • Modem base • Web Authorize ($1,295) • Own by First Data • Work with all major processor • Web base & high performance • ViaWarp ($499) • Own by Nova • Work with Nova Network only • Web Base & high performance

  5. Elliott Credit Card Interface • Elliott Credit Card Interface tested for: • IC Verify • ViaWarp • We recommend ViaWarp • Cost Effective Solution • High Performance • Nova offer the best rate on the market

  6. ViaWarp Demo • ViaWarp will be installed on your Windows NT or 2000 machine as a service. • Can be installed on Win95, 98, ME as an application. But is not recommended. • Login ViaWarp through Browser • Charge $1.00 • Validate Address • ViaWarp Management • Settlement (Manual or Auto) • Void Transaction • History

  7. eContact Credit Card Demo • Process Credit Card Trx in eContact • Support Multiple Credit Cards per eContact in V7.2 • Expand Credit Card Information • This function may be used by A/R Collector • Credit Card Trx on ViaWarp Server • Impact to A/R Side • A/R Open Item • Distribution • Customer Account Balance • Credit Card Log File • Data Encryption (128 bits)

  8. Address Validation Demo • Address Validation (AVS) is on • Zip Code • Street Address • AVS ensure your goods ship to the same address as the credit card holder and reduce fraud. • AVS mismatch does not stop the charging of credit card. It is only a warning condition and you need to determine what you going to do.

  9. What is CVV2? • CVV2 standards for “Card Verification Value 2”. It is either a 3 or 4 digits code on your credit card. • It is the latest effort by Credit Card companies to fight Credit Card fraud. • Since CVV2 does not show up anywhere except on your credit card, providing this information implies you have physical access to the credit card thus reducing the risk of Internet credit card fraud. • If you choose to validate CVV2 and it fails, then credit card charge does not go through. • Elliott supports CVV2

  10. Example of CVV2

  11. CVV2 Demo • Turn on CVV2 in Global Setup • Process sales & system will prompt for CVV2 value since they are not saved in eCotnact. • Save CVV2 in eContact credit card and process it again. • Save incorrect CVV2 value in eContact credit card and process it again – Transaction rejected.

  12. Why AVS and CVV2? • When there is a credit card fraud, the merchant carries the ultimate liability. • To verify address and collect CVV2 will reduce the risk of credit card fraud.

  13. Credit Card Process in Elliott • You can process Credit Card in the following area in Elliott: • eContact • A/R Credit Card Trx Processing • This is the only area to issue Credit • Sales Desk • People use Sales Desk as Point of Sales • Order Billing Screen • Reporting • Credit Card Log Report • Payment History Report

  14. Sales Desk Demo • Terms Code Setup for “Prepaid” • Enter an “O” type of order in Sales Desk • Payment Window in Sales Desk • Collect 50% Payment • Three ways to provide credit card info: • From File (eContact) • Swipe • Manually enter • Impact to A/R Side (Create Real Time Open Payment) • Bring up Sales Order Billing Screen & Collect 50% Again • Print Invoice & Post • Impact to A/R Side (Re-Apply Payment)

  15. Sales Desk as Point of Sales • Support UPC Code Scanning • Enter an “I” type of order in Sales Desk • Multiple Payments Handling • Cash • Check • Credit Card • Gift Certificate • Change (for Cash) • Print Immediately Invoice • You can use Sales Desk for Mail Order purpose too

  16. Payment History Report Demo • Use Payment History to Reconcile the Cash Drawer • Use Payment History as Bank Deposit Reconciliation • Print by User & Workstation (Cash Register)

  17. Credit Card Log Report Demo • Use Credit Card Log Report to Reconcile with Credit Card company statement. • Use Credit Card Log Report for Tracking of Exception Condition.

  18. Security Issue • Each User & Workstation need to be pre-authorized in order to access the encrypted credit card information. • Setup individual user credit card access level. • For example, setup a user to enter credit card but can’t charge the credit card

  19. Security Demo • Password Setup -> User Global Security • Take away right for on-line charge credit card in eContact • User can still enter credit card • Revoke user & workstation credit card access right • When access credit card, will be prompted with credit card master password.

  20. Elliott eStore.NET • eStore.NET works through Elliott Credit Card On-Line Process Interface. Therefore: • You do not need another Internet Merchant account or payment process gateway • A saving of $50 - $100 per month.

  21. Implementation Requirements • ViaWarp ($499 – get it from Nova) • Merchant Account with Nova • Can work with any checking account • Credit Card Interface Add-on ($995) • Upgrade to Elliott V7.2 • Windows NT / 2000 machine (server preferred) • Internet Access

  22. In Summary • Credit Card On-Line Interface is ideal for Mail Order, Telemarketing or Point of Sales. • Multiple Payments Window handles • Deposit • Prepaid Payment

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