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Some Practice Material

Some Practice Material

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Some Practice Material

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  1. Some Practice Material

  2. S+ Main Verb I (do/does) (He,She,it-does) I eat.(He eats) I do not eat. Do I eat? Why do I eat? (I,we,you,they-do)

  3. S+ HV+ VI+ing Is,am,are(He,She,It-Is) I am eating.(He is eating) I am not eating. Am I eating? Why am I eating? (we,you,they-are)

  4. S+ HV+ V3 Has/Have (he,she,it-has) I have eaten. He has eaten. I have not eaten. Have I eaten? Why have I eaten? How have I eaten? (I,we,you,they– Have )

  5. S+ HV+ V1+ing (since/for) Has been/Have been (He, She, It – Has been) I have been eating for 2 hours. He has been eating for 2 hours. I have not been eating He has not been ... Have I been eating for 2 hs. Has he been eating.... Why have I been eating.. Why has he been eating... (I,we,you,they– Have been)

  6. S+ Main VerbII (did)(I,we,you,they,he,she,it-did) I ate.(He ate) I did not eat. Did I eat? Why did I eat?

  7. S+ HV+ V1ing was,were(I,He,She,It-was) I was eating.(He was eating) I was not eating. was I eating? Why was I eating? (you,we,they-were)

  8. S+ HV+ V3 Had (I,we,you,they,he,she,it-had) I had eaten. He had eaten. I had not eaten. Had I eaten? Why had I eaten? How had I eaten?

  9. S+ HV+ V1+ing (since/for) Had been (I,we,you,they,he,she,it-had been) I had been eating for 2 hours. He had been eating for 2 hours. I had not been eating He had not been ... Had I been eating for 2 hs. Had he been eating.... Why had I been eating.. Why had he been eating...

  10. S+ HV+ Main Verb I (Shall/will)(you,they,he,she,it-will) I shall eat.(He will eat) I shall not eat. Shall I eat? Why shall I eat? (I ,we - shall)

  11. S+ HV Main VI+ing(Shall be/will be) (you,they,he,she,it-will be) I shall be eating.(He will be eating) I shall not be eating. Shall I be eating? Why shall I be eating? (I ,we - shall)

  12. S+ HV+Main Verb III (Shall have/will have) (you,they,he,she,it-will have) I shall have eaten.(He will have eaten) I shall not have eaten. Shall I have eaten? Why shall I have eaten? (I ,we – shall have)

  13. S+MainVerbI+ing (Shall have been/will have been) (you,they,he,she,it-will have been) I shall have been eating for 10 years. He will have been eating................) I shall not have been eating.... Shall I have been eating.....? Why shall I have been eating..? (I ,we – shall have been)

  14. What is the time at your watch.

  15. What is the time in your watch.

  16. Which ...............your favourite colour.

  17. Which favourite colour.

  18. He have called me for meeting.

  19. He has called me for meeting.

  20. Who is call you for meeting?

  21. Who is calling you for meeting?

  22. When are you come my home?

  23. When are you coming my home?

  24. What do you eating?

  25. What do you eat?

  26. In which class do/didYou study.

  27. In which class do/You study.

  28. What have you did?

  29. What have you done?

  30. I am going to market.(Past)

  31. I went to market.(Past)

  32. I wrote a letter(Present perfect)

  33. I written a letter(Present perfect)

  34. You could have spoke English.

  35. You could have spoken English.

  36. You should studing

  37. You should study.

  38. I should have study.

  39. Why didn’t you gave exam?

  40. Why didn’t you give exam?

  41. Mom is call me?

  42. Mom is calling me?

  43. Mom calls me

  44. Did you prepared for Exam?

  45. It can be do.

  46. It can be done.

  47. Cow give us milk.

  48. Something should done.

  49. Something should be done.

  50. Cow give us milk.