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  1. Paula Curran, PHN, MHA Nurse Consultant III MCAH Division

  2. What is text4baby? • Educational program of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB) • Free mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health • Provides pregnant women and new moms with information on how to take care of themselves and their babies

  3. text4baby Goals • Demonstrate the potential of mobile health technology to: • maternal and child health • reach underserved populations with critical health information • Develop a base of evidence on the efficacy of mobile health interventions • Catalyze new models for public-private partnerships in the area of mobile health

  4. Text4baby Partners text4baby is made possible through a broad public-private partnership that includes government, corporations, academic institutions, professional associations, tribal agencies and non-profit organizations

  5. Why Go Mobile?(From National text4baby Presentation) • 90% of Americans have cell phones • 18% of U.S. households are “mobile-only” • 1 trillion short message service (SMS) messages sent in U.S. in 2008 • Mobile phones are important in reaching the main target audience for text4baby: • Younger women • Lower-income women • Women of color • Many more of these women have phone than Internet access and an overwhelming percentage use SMS

  6. What is text4baby? • Launched nationally on February 4, 2010 • Provides free text messages to pregnant women and new mothers on topics such as: • Maternal and child health • Prevention of birth defects • Immunizations and seasonal flu • Nutrition • Mental health • Substance use • Safe sleep and infant safety • Resource information for prenatal and infant care

  7. What is text4baby? • The messages are timed to a woman’s due date and continue for the first year of the baby’s life • Sign up for the service by texting BABY (or BEBE for Spanish) to 51114111 • The service collects phone number, zip code and due date or the baby’s birth date

  8. Sample Pregnancy Messages • Starter message - For a healthy baby, visit a doctor or midwife early & keep all of your appointments. Hear your baby’s heartbeat. See how fast she grows! • Week 24 – Call your doctor right away if you have signs of preterm labor: cramps, belly tightening, low back pain, bleeding or watery pink/brown discharge.

  9. Sample Infant Messages • Newborn – Keeping baby’s umbilical cord uncovered & dry helps it heal. Let the stump fall off on its own. Give your baby a sponge bath until the stump falls off. • Month 6 – Your baby is 6 months old! She should recognize faces, take turns “talking” with you, roll both ways, sit & even try to stand & bounce with support.

  10. How is text4baby Being Evaluated? • Recently, HRSA awarded a grant to Mathematica to evaluate the program over the next 2 years • Looking at the impact of text4baby and the effectiveness of mobile health technology in delivering quality healthcare information to underserved populations

  11. text4baby Outreach Partners • Sign an MOU with the HMHB Coalition agreeing to abide by graphics guidelines and promote the service • Partners receive access to the logo and Adobe InDesign art files for customization, recognition on the website and free promotional materials while supplies last • There are no costs associated with being a partner

  12. Examples of Promotional Activities • Add text4baby information to your website • Including text4baby information in mailings, listserv or newsletters • Display posters promoting text4baby • Promote text4baby through public health or wellness campaigns • Encouraging use among your employees

  13. Examples of Promotional Activities • Text4baby has a weekly Tuesday e-newsletter • Receive weekly updates about the program, enrollment information, media coverage and partner activities http//

  14. text4baby Activities in California (Data Provided by text4baby) • As of October 22, 2010, California had an average of 1.0% of total enrollees (weighted by average expected pregnancies per year) • As of October 22, 2010, California had 7,810 enrollees

  15. text4baby Activity in California (Data Provided by text4baby)

  16. text4baby Activity in California(provided by Text4Baby)

  17. text4baby Activities in California • text4baby enrollees are given the State MCAH Toll-Free telephone number to call for assistance • The calls are answered at the State and referred to a Nurse Consultant (NC) • The NC contacts the caller and refers her/him to their local MCAH Toll-Free telephone number • Local MCAH Programs follow-up on enrollee needs or questions

  18. Local text4baby Activities • San Diego County • Mono County • San Luis Obispo

  19. Thank You!General