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The Effective Mentor

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The Effective Mentor

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The Effective Mentor

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  1. The Effective Mentor "Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be."

  2. Mentoring gives me a real buzz and makes me feel unbelievably good that somebody can learn and develop with my help!! • Harry Watson – 6th form mentor

  3. Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring.. To the school • Assists in the transfer of teacher learning to pupil learning • Gives individuals greater ownership of their development • Promotes an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect • Strengthens the caring culture and ethos of school! To the individual • Reduces feelings of isolation • Increases confidence and self-esteem • Provides an accelerated rate of learning • Improves personal skills • Reduces frustration

  4. Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring.. For the Mentor/Coach Increases reflectiveness Improves problem analysis Superb addition to your UCAS statement Good to use in job applications and interviews. Feeling of satisfaction and self worth. Boosts confidence. Improves intrapersonal and interpersonal skills “I get a sense of pride and enjoyment from this role. It raises my self-esteem and makes me feel valued by both pupils and staff alike. All in all, I believe it is a fantastic idea and so worthwhile”. RGS Worcester School

  5. Getting Started Am I ready to be a mentor others? • Specific knowledge and skills from your A level subjects! • An ability to relate to others • A desire to help and develop others • Time, patience and a willingness to develop relationships with others. Personal Qualities • Enthusiastic • Motivating and encouraging • Open • Empathetic • Positive • A good listener

  6. COACH 2 Improve • Competency – Assessing current level of performance “lets have a look at what you have done so far” • Outcomes– “What do they want to achieve”? • Action - Agree on how you are going to work, what actions to take “lets run through it together” • CHeck– Give feedback and check work, monitor progress. “ How useful was that”?

  7. Mentee’s Expectations • To be challenged • To learn from examples • To learn from mistakes • To be listened to • Become more self aware • Be coached • Be supported and encouraged

  8. Working TogetherGetting the climate right! • Getting the right atmosphere for mentoring will be important. • The library is a relaxed, neutral place in which to work. • Dedicate that time for the mentee! Avoid chatting to others you know and give them your full attention! • Safeguarding – Only use school communication systems to maintain the mentoring relationship.