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Inoculate the Eggs

Inoculate the Eggs

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Inoculate the Eggs

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  1. Inoculate the Eggs By: Heaven and Paul

  2. introduction • Part “a”, “b”, “c”, “d”, “e”, and “f” of our concept. • Our s.w.o.t. analysis. • Target market. • Pricing. • Product and Place. • Conclusion.

  3. Concept Summary • Part a: We are trying to engage the player and make them want to play the game and suggest it to others. Our story is about a an alligator that is trying to protect its eggs from various predators. It will start with fire ants and then get harder with Skunks, Raccoons, Snakes, Hawks, and lastly, Bobcats. You have to hit the predators with your Snout repeatedly until the predator dies. This could be once or twice or maybe three times, and then you will level up your tale and get various defenses and offenses to help you but the levels will get harder and harder with the mix of predators. If the player completes the game we want the player to feel accomplished and get a little rush and want to play again and keep beating levels. The experience should be fun and somewhat of a challenge to the player to hook them into playing it over and over. We want to get an experience at designing a game and maybe marketing it and other challenges we can get out of it. Our type of audience are the people that like strategy type games and its open to all ages.

  4. Concept Summary • Part b: Our world isn't really a world its more like a layout or a background just for the environment of our game. The background for our game wont cost much because its the same background for every level and its not a 3D world based background. The challenge wont be that bad because its a set background with no background movement such as other games that require the player to have a 360 movement around to see all around. We will not have to indicate an area to explore because all areas will be shown on the background. • The rules of the game are to use the mouse to click the predators to kill them and some predators will be stronger so you will have to click them more than once to kill them. There will be set waves of predators based on the level you are on; for example level one will only have ten fire ants for the wave, level two will have ten fire ants and two skunks, etc. You will also have an upgrade system to make barricades to protect your eggs and level up you tale which hits the predators when you click them.

  5. Concept Summary • Part c and d: Our game visuals will be based back in the earlier periods of gaming such as Mario or Frogger which were pixel based games that made them more vintage type games. The color of the game will be a variety of colors with different shades of greens, reds, blacks, whites, blues, etc. Some significant visuals will be the pause sign at the bottom of the screen which will bring up the menu to quit, restart, save, etc. Lastly, we might have some fancy graphics like some torches lit in the background and maybe have the sun come up and set.

  6. Concept Summary • Part e: Our story line is simple because its a strategy based survival game that tests your knowledge and speed. The story behind all of is that you are an Alligator and you eggs are trying to be eaten or killed by predators. These predators consist of Fire Ants, Skunks, Raccoons, Snakes, Hawks, and lastly, Bobcats. The game name will be (Inoculate the Eggs) which means protect the eggs. You will use the mouse to click each predator to kill them and some of the predators may take a few more clicks than just one. There will be many levels getting hard each time you go up one and the predators will vary from say 5 fire ants and 3 hawks on one level to 3 snakes and one bobcat. You will gain points for each predator you kill, fire ants (1 point), skunks (2 points), raccoons (4 points), snakes (6 points), hawks (8 points), bobcats (10 points). You will use these points to buy upgrades for various defenses and upgrades to make your attack more powerful and also we will include a special power that can clear a map! The last thing that goes to our story line is that at the end of all the levels Paul and I show up on the screen and kill you so the games over.

  7. Concept Summary • Part f: Here are our are Characters!

  8. S.w.o.t. Analysis

  9. Target market • People who enjoy survival/strategy games

  10. pricing • Free App on Market, but get paid by Ads

  11. Product and place • Our headquarters are located at Heaven and Paul’s Treehouse in Heaven’s backyard. Please knock before entering. • Free app on iTunes store (#5) and android Store. (#7)

  12. conclusion • In conclusion, our game will be the best game on the market when it’s up. We would love for you guys to check it out sometime when construction is finished. • • •