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Graphic Design Services Singapore - Ovo Creatives PowerPoint Presentation
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Graphic Design Services Singapore - Ovo Creatives

Graphic Design Services Singapore - Ovo Creatives

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Graphic Design Services Singapore - Ovo Creatives

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  1. Tips for getting the best out of your graphic designer Graphic designers are experts at creating visuals that communicate strong messages. The benefits of finding a graphic designer are that you get an experienced individual who can help you create a sophisticated and unified look. Once you have found a creative designer to work with you, here are a few things you can do to ensure your experience with your designer, who will assist you better and in a professional way to make your business a success!

  2. Be clear of what you want and provide all details • You should have a clear idea of what you need from your designer. You know your business best, so the input you bring to the project is really the most expert information that is available. May be you could do some research to look through others’ designs, colors or fonts you like, so that you could share it with your designer for their reference. Because having a bit of idea of what you are looking for will save you money and time too. A good designer will then help you refine your idea by asking you more questions related to your projects. Usually designers will have a limit on the number of design versions and number of edits to be included in the price package.

  3. Get yourself clear on project scope Communicate freely with your designer to know the number of versions available in the offered package. Be clear on the number of edits allowed and you could plan and compile your feedbacks after each rounds. Get all the details you can such as who is responsible for what parts of the project, and what will happen if you are unable to provide approvals on time, payment terms. Makes sure you have an idea of all these points, though most of the designer specifies most of these points in their quotation too. Communicate your timeline and commit to it You can let your designers know at what date you expect to receive the deliverables. Most quality designers are busy and they plan their design schedules way in advance in order to prevent overload. So we suggest, once you communicate your timeline, commit to it by providing timely feedback to your designers to move on to next step. Discuss the best ways to get in touch with you, whether you prefer email, phone calls or even texting and we are sure that your designer will try their best to follow your preferred communication method, to make it easy for you. To have a good working relationship, constantly communicate with your graphic designer to make sure the graphics that are produced are perfect for your business. Keeping these tips in mind when you are hiring a new designer will make sure that you have a designer for life who will bend over backwards to keep you happy. 

  4. Singapore Office Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road, #24-10, Singapore 228208 +65 3108 0626 Australia Office 2 Lasiandra Close, Suffolk Park, New South Wales 2481, Australia (Byron Bay) +61 04 6788 7188