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How to restore norton Antivirus.

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How to restore norton Antivirus.

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  1. How to Restore Norton Antivirus

  2. SUMMERY • Many computer viruses can adversely corrupt your files, data and also it can change the files name of any program on your computer, including your software. If your computer has been attacked by any dangerous virus, then it can destroy your entire data and your antivirus may suffered any damages. By restoring your Norton antivirus software, you will be able to get rid of such harmful virus and it helps you to re-install your program easily. • At nortonsupport, we have provided you some steps to restore Norton Antivirus in an effective manner

  3. Things You'll Need • Norton antivirus software CD or download • Step1-scans your computer. Since the virus scan feature of Norton will either not work or not be safe to use, download free virus-scanning software, such as AVG Anti-Virus, from the Internet or run a free Internet scan, like the Kaspersky free scan, on your system. • Step2-Once you have downloaded and installed AVG, these two scanners work very much alike. • Step3-Click the "Scan" option in the left pane and then "Start" to begin scanning your system. • Step4-A scan of your system can take some time to complete, often more than 30 minutes

  4. Step5-Once the scan will complete; you will see a list of the bad files on your system. • Step6-Delete the virus and corrupted files from your system. • Step7-The virus scan that you are using on your computer will probably have an option to delete the virus and bad files in the free version. • Step8-At that point, you will be asked to pay for the virus-scanning software in order to delete the files. This is a good option for people who do.

  5. not know much about the computer registry. Deleting through the program will safely get rid of all of the bad files. If you know how to work with your computer registry, you may choose to make a list of the bad files found by the scan, go into the computer registry and delete these files on your own. • Step9-Uninstall the entire Norton programs on your computer. To uninstall a program, go to the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel." • Step10-Click on the "Add or Remove Programs" option. • Step11-Click on the name of a Norton program, and a small window will come up. Click the "Add/Remove" or "Change/Remove" button that comes up.

  6. Step12-Follow the directions on the screens to remove the program from the system • Step13-Restart your computer if prompted. Some systems require a restart before the changes will take effect • Step14-Complete the same steps to remove every Norton program on the computer. The programs will be listed in alphabetical order in the "Add/Remove" screen, so all Norton programs should be grouped together • Step15-Reinstall the Norton antivirus software on your computer. You must have the original installation CD or the original download of the software in order to reinstall the program

  7. Step16-Simply inserts the CD or open the downloaded "setup.exe" file to initiate the installation. There will be setup screens that walk you through the entire process of reinstalling the Norton antivirus software onto your system. • Keywords: nortonsupport

  8. Contact us If any problems so just Contact Norton support NZ number-+64-99710591 and more information so just visit Original Source: http://bit.ly/2cUBJeP

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