services provided by nepal realistic solution n.
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Services Provided by Nepal Realistic Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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Services Provided by Nepal Realistic Solution

Services Provided by Nepal Realistic Solution

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Services Provided by Nepal Realistic Solution

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  1. Services Provided by Nepal Realistic Solution Nepal Realistic Solution, known as NRS is a management consulting firm in Nepal based in Kathmandu. They help organisations improve their overall performance with the belief that the “best-run businesses can make the world run better and improve people’s lives”. They provide service for both private and public businesses. That operate across different departments; HR, Research & Development, Accounting and Finance, Consultation, ISO, Education and Training to name a few. NRS does more than giving advice! A team of expert in their respective fields, they analyse, give feedback and create a development strategy for the organisation, leading to the company’s success. Here are the few of the services NRS provide; Tax Consulting, HR Outsourcing, ISO Consulting. NRS Team have advanced training and knowledge of tax law and financial activities. Which can easily give organisation solutions to legally reduce tax liability, through analysing tax accounting and financial situation or problems of the organisation. Service Include computing, finding the right deductions, where applicable and prepare file tax return. Moreover, NRS Focus on the organisation’s core competencies. Service includes; training and development, overseeing organisations structure and requirement, employee orientation programs and tracking organisations and department objectives and goals. Allowing NRS to give the best effective change that will be worth the cost to stay competitive. Furthermore, NRS support organisation by providing knowledge on how to continuously provide quality product and service for their consumers. Leading into improvements and efficient overall function of the organisations.

  2. NRS uses the plan-do-check-act methodology to ensure a successful business performance. Together with the same entrepreneurial spirit, NRS believe effective application of the new strategy and system that are implemented by NRS Team will enhance both employees and customer satisfaction of the organisation; increase sales, profit and the overall performance of the business.