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IT Recruitment Agencies Canberra PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Recruitment Agencies Canberra

IT Recruitment Agencies Canberra

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IT Recruitment Agencies Canberra

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  1. Comparison Of Recruitment Agencies And Direct Recruitment • - Nspire Recruitment - The main task of recruitment Agency is to recruit the candidates for the organization. It requires lots of hard work, time to find the candidate that may fill the role in the organization.

  2. Advantages Of Recruitment Agency Beneficial in Immediate Hiring 01 02 Interview takes less time, as the candidates are already filtered Recruiters Have Good termswith Companies 03

  3. How Agencies are Benefictial to Organizations Save Your Time No Need To Spend More On Interviews Provide Better Quality Recruitment Agencies perform the filteration process of candidates before going to an interview. It helps to save the time of both candidate and the company. Finding the right candidate for your organization is a time consuming process. Recruitment Agencies save your time by providing the quality work. The candidates who are selected by the filteration process are good in quality and they are hard to find by the organizations alone.

  4. Disadvantages OF Direct Recruitment 01 OPTIONS Without any experience, it is very challenging task for the company to hire the right candidate. 02 OPTIONS Direct Recruitment is very time consuming task because the company has to do the entire process by itself. 03 OPTIONS Direct Recruitment is not more suitable for part time or temporary jobs. 04 OPTIONS As discussed above, Direct Recruitment is very time consuming and challenging task which effect the productivity of the company.

  5. Conclusion In a nutshell , there are various pros and cons of Recruitment Agency, but they play a crucial role in the candidates as well as in the company's future. But finding an appropriate and reputed company is also important. From Nspire Recruitment