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the 21 st century lit guide to writing n.
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The 21 st Century Lit GUIDE to WRITING PowerPoint Presentation
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The 21 st Century Lit GUIDE to WRITING

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The 21 st Century Lit GUIDE to WRITING
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The 21 st Century Lit GUIDE to WRITING

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  2. WHY YOU SHOULD USE DOCS FOR YOUR WRITING Number one reason: It makes peer collaboration very easy • You can make comments • You can actually write on the paper • All edits are tracked in the Revision History • Revision History shows exactly who added what to the paper (Detailed explanations to follow) 21st Century Literacy

  3. Another reason to use Docs You can collaborate on editing easily 21st Century Literacy

  4. EVEN MORE REASONS TO USE DOCS • Never lose another document (saves automatically every 20 seconds) • Easy access from any computer worldwide (it is saved online) • Easy to have a portfolio of all your work 21st Century Literacy

  5. GETTING STARTED • Sign up for a Google Account(that is NOT a Gmail account, but you can sign up for a Gmail account if you want, but it is not required} Use any email account. Tip: use the same user name & password so you will remember them. 21st Century Literacy

  6. SIGNING UP IS EASY 21st Century Literacy

  7. NEXT GO TO DOCS.GOOGLE.COM • Sign in using your Google account user name & password. Also watch the movie “Google Docs @ Work” 21st Century Literacy

  8. IN DOCS, YOU CAN… Create documents from scratchor Upload or Download documents from any of these formats • Word • OpenOffice, • RTF, • HTML • Text files 21st Century Literacy

  9. IN DOCS, Size Limits Are High • Each Doc can have a maximum size of 500K, plus up to 2MB per embedded image. • That should give you plenty of storage to write long documents 21st Century Literacy

  10. Easy to Add Stuff to a DOC • Image, Drawing, Link, Table, Comment,Footnote…. 21st Century Literacy

  11. TO OPEN A NEW DOC • Go to New Document 21st Century Literacy

  12. SELECTING THE VIEW • Docs has two choices: • Fixed-width page view • Normal view Suggestion: Best to use Fixed-width page view 21st Century Literacy

  13. TO START A DOCUMENT, THE OPENING PAGE WILL LOOK LIKE THIS • Notice the toolbar 21st Century Literacy

  14. Understanding the toolbar Save Print Undo Redo Headings Fonts Bold Italics Underline Text Color Highlighter 21st Century Literacy

  15. Understanding the rest of the toolbar • Add Link Numbering Bullets Decrease/ Increase Indent Left Justify Center Right Justify Spell Check 21st Century Literacy

  16. Collaboration Options • Collaborators can either write directly on the essay. If you choose to write directly on the essay, then each person should pick a color and stick with it Or • Collaborators can insert comments 21st Century Literacy

  17. WRITING DIRECTLY ON THE DOC Best if you choose another color for your type so it is easy to see right away 21st Century Literacy

  18. INSERTING A COMMENT • Click where you want to place the comment and then a space will appear where you can type. Your user name will appear near your comment so everyone can see who made the comment 21st Century Literacy

  19. See the changes • Users can easily see the changes that have been added by going to Revisions History on the File Menu 21st Century Literacy

  20. COMMENTS ARE EASY TO SEE 21st Century Literacy

  21. STICK TO ONE COLOR FOR ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS • Choices are yellow, orange, pink, blue,green and purple • That way if you have multiple collaborators you can easily find whose comment it is….even though their name is there 21st Century Literacy

  22. You can Invite Others by Email to View or Edit Your Document Click on Share Then add the email addresses of viewers or collaborators. Editors can make changes, but viewers cannot. 21st Century Literacy

  23. When Sharing • Users can work on a document simultaneously or separately • You will see who else is editing at the same time (box at bottom right) • Up to 10 people can share editing a document • You can have up to 200 viewers 21st Century Literacy

  24. CHANGING YOUR COMMENTS To change a comment, click on the comment and a menu will appear allowing you to change the background color, delete the comment, or incorporate the text into your document. 21st Century Literacy

  25. Deleting Comments is Easy • Click on the comment and this dialogue box appears 21st Century Literacy

  26. Three people commented on this text;each person picks a different color 21st Century Literacy

  27. WHAT HAPPENS TO COMMENTS? • The comments remain intact in the Docs document, and will continue to be visible until you delete them. 21st Century Literacy

  28. Docs Keeps All Your RevisionsYou can easily see who added what and whenGo to Revision History Under File Menu • Teachers can see exactly what was revised, by whom, and when 21st Century Literacy

  29. If you want to highlight a portion of an essay • Just click on that portion of the text and then go to the highlight button. 21st Century Literacy

  30. KEEPING A PERSONAL PORTFOLIO • It is easy to separate your documents into folders by class name or topic name 21st Century Literacy

  31. Adding Footnotes to a Doc • First click on the place where you want the footnote to appear • Next Go to Insert MenuFootnote • A dialogue box will appear. Type in your footnote 21st Century Literacy

  32. More about Footnotes • Your footnote will appear at the bottom of the page • To check, go to Print Preview under File Menu to see the actual page • To delete Footnote, click on arrow in upper right corner of box 21st Century Literacy

  33. USE PRINT PREVIEW TO SEE FOOTNOTE Print Preview under File Menu Footnote at bottom of page 21st Century Literacy

  34. How to Upload Existing Files • Click on Upload button Why Upload? So you can access files from any computer, collaborate, and have it all in one place 21st Century Literacy

  35. Easy to Publish to Web or Blog Just click on Publish or on Post to Blog 21st Century Literacy

  36. Publish to the Web To publish to the web, Open the doc you'd like to publish . Click the Share drop-down menu on the top right of the page and select Publish to the Web.... Click the Start publishing button. A link to the published doc appears in the publishing dialog. Send this link to anyone you'd like to access your doc. 21st Century Literacy

  37. MULTIPLE WAYS TO PRINT File Menu Ctrl+P Choose File Menu & Print Print Button on Toolbar 21st Century Literacy

  38. 100’S OF TEMPLATES 21st Century Literacy

  39. Support Videos for Docsavailable on YouTube • • 21st Century Literacy

  40. FINDING YOUR DOCUMENTS One of the best aspects of Docs is being able to SEARCH effectively Each Account has its own custom search bar in Docs to help find documents 21st Century Literacy

  41. WORKING WITHGOOGLE SITES 21st Century Literacy

  42. WHY USE SITES? • To make information easily accessible from any computer by large groups • To create a web SITE where people can work together from any location • To create a web space to publish your Docs, Calendar, YouTube videos, photos. • Its FUNandEASY 21st Century Literacy

  43. Even more reasons to use Google Sites To create a site for special occasions To create a classroom site To create a site about a trip To create a birthday site To create a site for a business To create a school site To create a site for a conference 21st Century Literacy

  44. Having a Google Account Makes Access to Sites Easy From your Gmail Account, you can find Sites here From your Web view, you can see Sites here WEB VIEW 21st Century Literacy

  45. Another way: Click on Sites or go to 21st Century Literacy

  46. You will get a dialogue box like this to fill out. Pick a name, add a description 21st Century Literacy

  47. HOW TO EDIT THE PAGE Next, your screen will look like this in the upper right corner. Click on Edit Page 21st Century Literacy

  48. FINDING EDIT PAGE If you do not see Edit Page, then click on Save and the Edit Page view will appear Note: This view also enables you to go to More Actions (more info coming) 21st Century Literacy

  49. FINDING “CREATE PAGE” When you click on Save, new options appear: Create Page, Edit Page, More Actions 21st Century Literacy

  50. SITES TOOLBAR SAME AS DOCS In Edit Page, you will see the same toolbar as in Docs. 21st Century Literacy