what type of earner are you n.
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What type of earner are you ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What type of earner are you ?

What type of earner are you ?

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What type of earner are you ?

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  1. What type of earner are you? Make a tallychartwith 3 columns. Draw , or to show the answerthat best suitsyou. ChooseONE answer for each question.

  2. 1 Whenyouspell a word, youprefer to: visualise it (does it look right?) sound it out (does it sound right?) write it down (does it feel right?)

  3. 2 Whenyouare concentrating, you: get distracted by untidiness. get distracted by noise. get distracted by movement.

  4. 3 Whenyoutalk, you: talk quite fast. Use lots of images, e.g. it looks like…. talk in a logical order and do not hesitate. use lots of hand movements. Talk about actions, feelings. Speak slowly.

  5. 4 Whenyoumeet people, you: remember how they look. remember what they said/their names. remember what you did with them.

  6. 5 Whenyou have seen a movie, you tend to remember: what the scenes/people looked liked. what was said and how the music sounded. what happened/characters’ emotions.

  7. 6 Whenyourelax, you: read/watch TV. listen to music. play games/sport.

  8. 7 Whenyouinterpretsomeone’smood, you: note their facial expressions. listen to their tone of voice. watch body movements.

  9. 8 Whenyouremembersomething, youremember: what you saw/people’s faces/how things looked. what was said/people’s names/jokes. what was done.

  10. 9 Whenyouchooseclothes, you: choose by how they look, by colours and how they coordinate. take a lot of notice of brand name, what the clothes say about you. choose mainly on how they feel, the comfort, the texture.

  11. 10 Whenyouare angry, you: become silent and seethe (bubble inside). express it with outbursts. storm about, clench your fists, throw things.

  12. 11 Whenyouare inactive (not doing anything), you: look around, doodle, watch something. talk to yourself and others. fidget and walk about.

  13. 12 Whenyouexpress yourself, you use phrases like: I see/I get the picture/I can picture it. That sounds right/That rings a bell/It suddenly clicked. That feels right/ I need an example

  14. Nowadd up youranswers ? ? ?

  15. If you have a maximum of . • To learn: You prefer to read, to see the words, diagrams, drawings, sketches. • To memorise something: You prefer to memorise by writing something repeatedly. You are a visual earner

  16. If you have a maximum of . • To learn: You like to be told, talk about it. • To memorise something: You prefer to memorise by repeating words out loud. You are an auditory earner

  17. If you have a maximum of . You are a physical/kinaesthetic earner • To learn: You like to get involved, try it out, write notes. • To memorise something: You prefer to memorise by doing something repeatedly.