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5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds

5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds

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5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds

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  2. 5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds Do you live in a warmer climate or find that you love to stay active during the hot summertime months? What about your dog? Believe it or not, like people there are some dogs that also prefer warmer weather. Although it is never a good idea to keep a dog in a hot, confined space like a car, there are some dogs who with proper care and hydration can make great warm weather companions. With summer on the way, NuVet decided to put together a list of these dogs to help keep you informed and perhaps help you make a selection if you are considering a new four-legged family member.

  3. 5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds Airedale Terrier • Known to do extremely well in hot weather, the coat of an Airedale is also warm weather friendly as it allows for stripping, which is a simple process that removes bulk from the Airedale’s coat and which does not require scissors or buzzers. • To learn more, look online where you will find plenty of videos on stripping.

  4. 5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds Australian Cattle Dog • Originally from Australia, a place very familiar with warm weather, the Australian Cattle Dog can withstand a lot of time out of doors during hot weather and is also an excellent exercise buddy because of its great stamina.

  5. 5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds Italian Greyhound • These little guys shed very little and truly enjoy the hot weather. • The Italian Greyhound loves soaking up the rays during fun, summertime activities and will welcome being outside. • However, for the colder, winter months the Greyhound will appreciate a nice sweater or coat to wear when outside.

  6. 5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds Chihuahua • Compact creatures, the Chihuahua is an excellent choice for canine warm weather companionship. • Originating south of the border these little dogs are comfortable with warmer temperatures and enjoy a good jaunt on the beach.

  7. 5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds Labrador Retriever • For those that like to spend their time on the water when it is warm out then the Labrador retriever is the dog for you. • With a waterproof coat, the Labrador not only loves water but is a good swimmer. Moreover, they have a lot of energy for retrieving and playing. • For those with children, retrievers are excellent family dogs.

  8. 5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds • Although these particular dog breeds love to be outside during those warm, weather months always remember that all pups require plenty of water and a cool place to rest when needed. • Just like humans, dogs can overheat and with all the fun stuff happening in the summer, it isn’t hard to lose track and not realize we might need a break. • NuVet knows that having fun with your pet in the sun this summer while meeting their nutritional needs is important to you. NuVet Plus is a delicious, nutrient rich vitamin supplement comprised of human grade ingredients in an FDA registered lab.

  9. 5 Warm Weather Dog Breeds • Trusted by dog parents everywhere, NuVet Plus is dog approved too! Frequently, NuVet Labs receives testimonials from our happy pet parents who like to share with us their exciting experiences with NuVet Plus. • Regularly we learn from dog parents how NuVet Plus has improved their beloved canine's quality of life by helping to ease allergies and other health conditions. • Check out the NuVet Plus Reviews to read all of the exciting things that happy dog parents are saying.