amerejuve is 1 medical spa in houston let us show n.
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Laser hair removal PowerPoint Presentation
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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal

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  1. Amerejuve is #1 Medical Spa in Houston – let us show you why. JayMed, Inc. is pleased to announce their recent acquisition of Amerejuve MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery Centers throughout the Houston, Texas area. The dynamic ownership of JayMed, Inc. is comprised of Dr. Jay Sheth and Dr. Darshana Sheth, experienced family practitioners for 22 years. Specializing in geriatrics and internal medicine, Dr. Jay and Darshana Sheth bring a unique experience in operating Houston’s #1 medspa. Joined by a team of leading experts in the fields of medical aesthetics; the new ownership of Amerejuve is excited to bring you a new brand of glamour. Amerejuve Medspa and Cosmetic surgery offers a wide range in cosmetic procedures to make you feel young and look beautiful. We are Houston’s leading experts in accommodating you with a menu of services that include laser hair removal, Botox®, Juvederm®, eMatrix Skin Rejuvenation, IPL Photofacial, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. We also offer Velashape for cellulite and circumferential reduction, as well as non-invasive body contouring treatments including Zeltiq Coolsculpting, and VASER Shape. To learn more about Amerejuve services and schedule a complimentary consultation at any of the 12 Amerejuve locations. Please call (713) 960-6262 or visit Laser Hair removal – FAQs Amerejuve Medspa Laser Hair removal “Most commonly asked questions” What is laser hair removal? Laser Hair removal is the most popular permanent method to get rid of unwanted hair. If you have issues with embarrassing hair growth, ingrown hairs or razor burn then laser hair removal might benefit you. How does it work? Amerejuve medspa laser hair removal machines target the hair bulb located at the bottom of your hair follicle. It damages your hair bulb beyond the bodies repair creating scar tissue disabling another hair to produce. This procedure is performed by a licensed laser professional. What kind of laser do you have? Amerejuve Medspa has the Alexandrite Gentle Laser for skin types I-III. For skin types IV-VI we have the Gentle YAG. Both of these lasers achieve permanent hair removal for Skin types 1-6. The appropriate laser is determined for you according to your skin type in consultation after your analysis is complete. There are a lot of lasers on the market that cause “Temporary hair paralysis” that is why it is so important to make sure you are investing your money in a reputable company such as Amerejuve. What does the laser feel like? Most people can compare the feeling to a hot rubber band snap. For me personally it feels like getting tweezed. In this industry you can expect to feel some slight discomfort followed by mild

  2. redness that usually dissipates in about 15 minutes after your session is complete. I personally found waxing to be more painful. How much does it cost? Amerejuve Medspa’s laser hair removal packages include 6 sessions on each area purchased. After 6 sessions are completed you are granted a lifetime warranty. Our packages are designed to save you the most money as possible. We also beat all of our competitors pricing. Depending on the time of year you choose to buy the price tends to reflect. Each month Amerejuve runs a different sale on several services. This is so you can redeem the package you desire as the right time for you according to your budget. You can enroll in our text blasts and our email blasts so you never miss a sale. You can also find our sales flyers on social media such as: Facebook, Instagram twitter and pintrest. We also post our sales each month on our website under promotions at Top Tips! Always arrive shaved to each appointment Do not wax,tweeze,thread or bleach inbetween sessions Try not to miss your scheduled appointments. Once you start undergoing this procedure you need to get treated every 4 to 6 weeks. No tanning, Spray tans or make up    