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Contractor Module Training ( C-400 & Subcontract Agreements

Contractor Module Training ( C-400 & Subcontract Agreements. PDBS. CONTRACTOR. MODULE. TRAINING. Contractor Module Overview Purpose of Contractor Module Accessing PDBS Via Citrix Module Training. Spring 2006. Contractor Module Overview. C400 Anticipated Monthly Payments

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Contractor Module Training ( C-400 & Subcontract Agreements

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  1. Contractor Module Training ( C-400 & Subcontract Agreements PDBS CONTRACTOR MODULE TRAINING • Contractor Module Overview • Purpose of Contractor Module • Accessing PDBS Via Citrix • Module Training Spring 2006

  2. Contractor Module Overview • C400 Anticipated Monthly Payments • Request to Sublet work (C-115 / C-116) • Contractor Employee Setup • OJT Trainee Hours Worked • Subcontractor payments Entry • Reports • DBE Commitment Report • DBE Item Payment Analysis • On-the-Job Trainee Hours Worked

  3. Purpose of Contractor Module • Step one of a new digital age of electronic form creation and submittals. • Reduce redundancy • Minimize errors

  4. Accessing PDBS via the Web Go to www.dot.utah.gov/citrix/pdbs.htm

  5. Load Citrix Web Client Download and run the Citrix Web Client and then restart browser.

  6. After installing Web Client Click PDBS to connect

  7. Citrix login Enter Assigned ID and password

  8. PDBS login Enter the same Assigned ID and password

  9. Subsystem dropdown To enter the Contractor module, click on ‘Sub Systems’, then ‘Contractor’.

  10. Contractor Module Welcome Screen A welcome screen will appear. You must click ‘Contractor’ in the above dropdown menus in order to access module options.

  11. Contractor Module Menu dropdown This is a view of the Contactor Module dropdown menu.

  12. Contractor Module Training ( C-400 & Subcontract Agreements PDBS CONTRACTOR MODULE TRAINING Anticipated Monthly Payment Schedule C400 Subcontract Agreements C115/C116 Spring 2006

  13. Select C400 Anticipated Monthly Payments Select C-400

  14. Select Project Select Project from dropdown then click Retrieve button.

  15. Input Start Date and Completion Date Enter Date fields Click on first months ‘Payment Amount’ field. Enter amount and hit tab key to move to next one.

  16. Enter Monthly Payment Amounts The ‘Running Total’ field calculates entered amounts to compare to the Contract Amount. Please make sure running total is equal to Contract Amount before saving and printing.

  17. Save file To save the file, click the save button or click the ‘Display Report’ button.

  18. C-400 Form Print this form, sign it and fax it to the Resident Engineer.

  19. Questions??

  20. Subcontract Agreements (C115/C116) • Standard Specification 00555, Section 1.4 • Subcontract Agreement approval by the Department is required before subletting, selling, transferring, assigning or disposing any portion of the Contract or Contracts. • Sublet no more than 70 percent of the total contract work bid amount. • Subcontracted work cannot begin until approved by Engineer.

  21. Contractor Dropdown Menu Select Request to Sublet Work (C115/C116)

  22. Select Project Select Project from Dropdown

  23. Select Subcontract To create aNew subcontract, click ‘New’ button. To select a current subcontract, click the Subcontract then click the ‘Select Subcontract’ button.

  24. Create/Revise Subcontract enter ‘Estimated Starting Date’ for the Subcontractor

  25. Select Subcontractor from dropdown Select Subcontractor from Dropdown.

  26. Subs must be registered This is the warning you will receive if the selected Contractor has not completed an Annual Registration

  27. Non-dbe Registration page Contractors and non-DBE Subcontractors go to this page for Annual Registration Enter Assigned ID and password and enter required information. If company does not have an ID and password click here.

  28. Non-dbe Registration page Link to Annual Registration Page also found on the Bid Opening Information Table

  29. DBE with Commitment This message will appear when you have selected a DBE Subcontractor with a Commitment. If you click ‘Yes’ the committed items should autoload into the item window.

  30. Committed items Autoload Committed items are automatically loaded

  31. DBE Type/Selecting a Tier DBE Type is pre-determined Select tier from dropdown

  32. Adding Items Keep in mind that if you subcontract an item as ‘Complete’, it cannot be re-assigned to another subcontractor. If the Subcontractor you have chosen intends to assign the item to a 2nd tier Subcontractor, it must be entered as ‘Partial’. To Add or Delete Items Right Click on screen

  33. Add Items (cont.) Select Item from dropdown

  34. Select Partial items Select Partial Service, Partial Supply, Complete, Change Order or Commitment Change

  35. Enter Partial comment and Agreement amt. Edit Agreement Amount as needed Comment Required on Partial Items

  36. Summary Calculations As new items are added, the Summary Calculations fields are updated

  37. General Information • Only the 1st Tier Subcontracted values are used to calculate the Subcontracted percentage. • (70 % maximum includes Specialty Items) • Items Sublet as ‘Complete’ use the Bid Amount • Items Sublet as ‘Partial’ use the Agreement Amount • Items Sublet as ‘Complete’ cannot be re-assigned to a lower Tier subcontractor.

  38. Save and Contractor Signoff Once complete – enter Contractor Signoff Date.This locks the subcontract.To unlock Contractor Signoff date must be removed.

  39. Create new Subcontract from this window Click to view C115/C116 forms

  40. Top portion of form C-115 Form

  41. C-115 Signature block Sign and print form.Send to subcontractor for signature.Send signed form to RE for approval.

  42. Create new Subcontract from this window Click here to start a new subcontract or view an existing subcontract from this window

  43. Add New Subcontract Click here to add a new subcontract to the Current Project

  44. 2nd_3rd_ Tier & CO Subcontracts Create a 2nd/3rd Tier or Change Order Subcontract by selecting Tier Type

  45. 2nd_3rd_ Tier & CO Subcontracts Select the lower Tier subcontractor (one doing the work) from Subcontractor dropdown. Select the higher Tier subcontractor from the ‘Higher Tier Sub’ dropdown. (only approved higher tier subcontractors show in dropdown)

  46. Adding 2nd tier items Only Partial Items already subcontracted to the Higher Tier Contractor can be selected in the item list to be given to a lower tier subcontractor.

  47. Items given to 2nd Tier In this case only item 36 could be assigned to a lower tier subcontractor

  48. General Information • To modify an un-approved subcontract, zero out Signoff dates and work from the bottom up. • Delete or modify items first. • To delete an approved subcontract, contact the Resident Engineer. • If all the items to be subcontracted have been added by Change Order, use ‘CO’ in the ‘Tier’ dropdown. • If a mix of bid items and Change Order items are subcontracted, use the ‘Change Order’ entry on item itself. • Items identified as ‘Change Order’ do not count against Subcontracted percentage.

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