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Temps Primitifs

Temps Primitifs. En un clic. Chaque année étudiés, mais chaque fois oubliés…. THIS CAN HELP YOU! . Pour mieux étudier, l ’ utilisation de trois couleurs te facilitera la tâche. • Groupe AAA → ROUGE. • Groupe ABB → BLEU. • Groupe ABC → GRIS. Dilara Saglik et Anaïs Leonard 4D,

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Temps Primitifs

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  1. Temps Primitifs En un clic... Chaque année étudiés, mais chaque fois oubliés…

  2. THIS CAN HELP YOU! Pour mieux étudier, l’utilisation de trois couleurs te facilitera la tâche. •GroupeAAA → ROUGE • Groupe ABB → BLEU • Groupe ABC → GRIS Dilara Saglik et Anaïs Leonard 4D, Cours de M. Bonten, Année 2011-2012

  3. À toi de jouer! • Donne ta réponse, vérifie en cliquant. • Ta réponse doit chaque fois précéder le « clic » de souris. • Lorsque tu coinces, pense aux couleurs. • Ready? Off you go!

  4. dire to say said said éclater to burst burst burst oublier to forget forgot forgotten dormir to sleep slept slept trouver to find found found se réveiller to awake awoke awoken s’appuyer to lean leaned/leant leaned/leant

  5. porter(habit) to wear wore worn faire to make made made coûter to cost cost cost être debout to stand stood stood sonner to ring rang rung accrocher to hang hung hung rêver to dream dreamed/dreamt dreamed/dreamt

  6. (se)balancer to swing swung swung fermer to shut shut shut conduire to drive drove driven savoir to know knew known écrire to write wrote written vendre to sell sold sold attacher to bind bound bound

  7. nourrir to feed fed fed battre to beat beat beaten penser to think thought thought déranger to upset upset upset manger to eat ate eaten souffler to blow blew blown dépenser to spend spent spent

  8. courir to run ran run jeter to throw threw thrown couper to cut cut cut ramper to creep crept crept élever to breed bred bred chanter to sing sang sung raconter to tell told told

  9. faire to do did done blesser to hurt hurt hurt smelled/smelt sentir(odeur) to smell smelled/smelt enseigner to teach taught taught voir to see saw seen choisir to choose chose chosen avoir to have had had

  10. interdire to forbid forbade forbidden creuser to dig dug dug envoyer to send sent sent laisser to let let let commencer to begin began begun aller to go went gone quitter to leave left left

  11. parier to bet bet bet obtenir to get got got/gotten s’élever to rise rose risen gagner to win won won rencontrer to meet met met venir to come came come frapper to hit hit hit

  12. être to be was been fixer, poser to set set set pleurer to weep wept wept prêter to lend lent lent réveiller to wake (up) woke woken comprendre to understand understood understood supporter to bear bore borne

  13. bondir to spring sprang sprung subir to undergo underwent undergone étaler to spread spread spread devenir to become became become entendre to hear heard heard boire to drink drank drunk courber to bend bent bent

  14. acheter to buy bought bought mettre to put put put perdre to lose lost lost dérober to steal stole stolen voler to fly flew flown mordre to bite bit bitten poser to lay laid laid

  15. garder to keep kept kept casser to break broke broken grandir to grow grew grown cracher to spit spit/spat spit/spat prendre to take took taken signifier to mean meant meant apprendre to learn learned/learnt learned/learnt

  16. saigner to bleed bled bled fendre to split split split déchirer to tear tore torn être étendu to lie lay lain apporter to bring brought brought tomber to fall fell fallen nager to swim swam swum

  17. allumer to light lit lit construire to build built built dessiner to draw drew drawn lire to read read [red] read [red] balayer to sweep swept swept surmonter to overcome overcame overcome attraper to catch caught caught

  18. distribuer to deal dealt dealt payer to pay paid paid jurer to swear swore sworn sauter to leap leaped/leapt leaped/leapt brûler to burn burned/burnt burned/burnt aller(cheval/vélo) to ride rode ridden parler to speak spoke spoken

  19. plonger to dive dived/dove dived/dove cacher to hide hid hidden (re)chercher to seek sought sought frapper to strike struck struck/stricken éprouver to feel felt felt pardonner to forgive forgave forgiven secouer to shake shook shaken

  20. donner to give gave given se battre to fight fought fought geler to freeze froze frozen s’enfuir to flee fled fled prévoir to foresee foresaw foreseen tenir to hold held held guider to lead led led

  21. s’agenouiller to kneel knelt knelt briller to shine shone shone tirer to shoot shot shot montrer to show showed shown coller to stick stuck stuck épeler to spell spelled/spelt spelled/spelt être assis to sit sat sat

  22. gâcher to spoil spoiled/spoilt spoiled/spoilt renverser to spill spilled/spilt spilled/spilt Couler to sink sank sunk

  23. 'Practice makes perfect!'

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