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  1. Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Franklin County ADVISORY GROUP2013 ANNUAL MEETING BRIEF TO FCAG

  2. Agency Update • June 29 Derecho • Franklin County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan • 2012 Grant Awards • FCEM&HS Regional JEOC Functional Exercise • Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Decision Maker Meeting • FCEM&HS/CEPAC/LEPC/OEMA/SERC 2013 Full Scale Exercise • 2013 Grants Process • Franklin County Dam Safety Meeting • Vibrant Response 13-2 Exercise BRIEF TO FCAG

  3. June 29 Derecho Event BRIEF TO FCAG

  4. June 29 DerechoJune 29 – July 7, 2012 Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security (FCEM&HS) responded to the June 29 Derecho which caused widespread damage and left over 186,000 Franklin County residents without power in nearly 100 degree temperatures for over a week. BRIEF TO FCAG

  5. June 29 DerechoJune 29 – July 7, 2012 The FCEM&HS Joint Emergency Operations Center (JEOC) Crisis Action System (CAS) Levels: • June 29 – July 2, 2012 – FCJEOC CAS Level 1 • July 2, 2012 - FCJEOC CAS Level 2 • July 4, 2012 - FCJEOC CAS Level Normal State of Emergency Declared (Effective Dates) • State of Ohio June 30, 2012 • City of Gahanna June 30, 2012 • Franklin County July 1, 2012 BRIEF TO FCAG

  6. JEOC PARTNERS The FCEM&HS Joint Emergency Operations Center (JEOC) was staffed with representatives from our Emergency Support Function (ESF) partners including: • American Red Cross (ARC) • Ohio National Guard • Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging (COAAA) also represented Franklin County Office on Aging (FCOA) • Columbus Public Health (CPH) also represented Franklin County Public Health (FCPH) • Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS) • Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) on standby BRIEF TO FCAG

  7. State Support Ohio National Guard Operation Guardian Comfort Mission Directive from Governor Kasich • 1 July – 3 July 2012 • Wellness Checks at area residences to physically check on elderly populations • 181 Ohio National Guardsmen boots on the ground • 911 Calls: 1 Door Knocks: 4,029 Referrals: 45 Life Care Alliance Support Mission requested by Mayor Coleman • 3 July 2012 • Meal delivery homebound and medically challenged older adults in Franklin County. • Meals delivered: 1,000 BRIEF TO FCAG






  13. Storm Recovery • On 29 June Franklin County was hit by a severe storm with damaging winds causing widespread power outages. • FCEM&HS conducted countywide assessments of the damage and reported the data to the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (OEMA). • Based on the reports from impacted counties across the state OEMA requested FEMA come to Ohio and assess the impact of the storm on public entities and certain private-non-profits. • FEMA conducted a Joint Preliminary Damage Assessment at FCEM&HS on 1 August to determine if the impact in Franklin County warrants requesting assistance from the President. BRIEF TO FCAG

  14. Storm Recovery • Franklin County and the State of Ohio met the thresholds. • Governor Kasich requested declaration from the President for recovery assistance. • State of Ohio was granted federal declaration on August 20th • FCEM&HS hosted a Public Assistance Applicant’s Briefing with OEMA& FEMA for local jurisdictions to apply to the Public Assistance Program. • Franklin County is expected to receive over $3 million for damage costs reimbursement this year. BRIEF TO FCAG

  15. Director Take-Aways • Franklin County JEOC performed well • 211 needs work • Social Service agencies need emergency mindset • Good comms with State EMA • Incident SitReps are extremely important • AEP info sharing needs work • Worked incident & Red, White & Boom simultaneously BRIEF TO FCAG

  16. Franklin County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan BRIEF TO FCAG

  17. Franklin County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan The 2012 updated Franklin County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan was approved by the State of Ohio and FEMA and adopted by the City of Columbus, Franklin County Commissioners and many local jurisdictions. The plan was originally implemented in 2007 to minimize the area’s vulnerability to dangerous natural disasters. The plan update, required every five years, is a key pre-condition for future FEMA funding for hazard mitigation projects by participating local jurisdictions. BRIEF TO FCAG

  18. 2012 Grant Awards BRIEF TO FCAG

  19. 2012 Grant Awards • The Federal Government Initiated A New Grant Process Starting with the Fiscal Year 2012 State Homeland Security Grant Program • For the first time, the FY 2012 grant process was competitive and States were required to coordinate and disseminate the guidance. • Ohio required that all projects submitted for consideration meet the following criteria: • Regional capability comprised of and/or supportive of multiple jurisdictions within Ohio • Capability that is deployable/sharable within the region, state and nation, and commitment to do so • Must directly support at least one of the core capabilities outlined in the Guidance BRIEF TO FCAG

  20. 2012 Grant Awards • The core capabilities were broken into three priority levels, or tiers: • Sustainmentof existing regional core capabilities developed/enhanced through past HSGP funding or through local/state funding (Tier 1, highest priority) • Enhancing capabilities to close identified gaps in regional capabilities (Tier 2, second priority) • Building new capabilities to address areas previously not addressed (Tier 3, third priority) • On August 20, 2012, FCEM&HS submitted the following grant applications to Ohio EMA for consideration meeting the state deadline. BRIEF TO FCAG

  21. 2012 SHSP Grant Applications BRIEF TO FCAG

  22. 2012 Grant Awards Ohio EMA convened a peer review committee and reviewed the applications received statewide.  FCEM&HS received awards for three of the six applications submitted on behalf of the County/MSA for a total of $197,368.00. 2012 Awarded Grants: • Radiation Detection Sustainment: $24,800 Radiation Detection Equipment must be recalibrated each year. This grant funding will be used for a two-year maintenance warranty from the manufacturer to provide calibration and maintenance of the Identifinder radiation detection equipment. BRIEF TO FCAG

  23. 2012 Grant Awards FCEM&HS Functional Exercise: $65,000 Funding from this grant will be used to assist FCEM&HS in developing and facilitating a Regional Functional Exercise with the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) which includes Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Morrow, Pickaway, and Union counties. Central Ohio Typed Hazmat Team Sustainment: $107,568 Grant funds will be used for upgrades and recalibration of hazmat equipment for the Regional Typed HazMat Teams which include Columbus Hazmat 4; Delaware Co. Hazmat; Licking Co. Hazmat; Northwest Area Strike Team (NAS-T); and Fairfield Co. Hazmat. BRIEF TO FCAG

  24. 2012 Grant Awards For every one dollar contributed by jurisdictions to the Agency’s operational fund, FCEM&HS was awarded approximately $1.54 in grant funds — a significant return on investment. BRIEF TO FCAG

  25. 2012 Grant Awards • FCEM&HS received UASI grant funds to incorporate guidance and concepts reflected in the FEMA National Disaster Recovery Framework into the existing FCEM&HS Emergency Support Function #14 (ESF 14)- Recovery and Mitigation. ESF 14 will be enhanced to ensure all aspects of recovery are addressed and documented to reflect local needs while keeping in concert with the Ohio EMA and FEMA planning documents and guidance. BRIEF TO FCAG

  26. 2012 Grant Awards FCEM&HS received two FY10 EMPG Special School Competitive Grant Awards for a total of $60,000. • The Franklin County Local School District Portal Project enables Franklin County’s local school districts to create and use Web-based communications to improve the way school districts respond to emergencies.  The web portal allows for school district emergency plans to be easily displayed and accessed on mobile devices for day-to-day use and during emergencies. Seven local districts participated in the project. • FCEM&HS also completed the New Albany Plain Local Schools Emergency Operations Plan Project which improved the district’s Emergency Operations Plan and created a model for other school districts. BRIEF TO FCAG

  27. FCEM&HS Regional JEOC Functional Exercise BRIEF TO FCAG

  28. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise • Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security Held a Regional Emergency Operations Center Functional Exercise on November 15, 2012 to validate the Emergency Operation Plans (EOPs) of both Franklin and Fairfield Counties and evaluate current response concepts, plans, and capabilities for a response to a terrorist incident. The exercise was developed and evaluated using objectives that were identified by a Central Ohio Regional Planning Team and selected from the State of Ohio’s Terrorism Exercise and Evaluation Manual (EEM). BRIEF TO FCAG

  29. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise • The State of Ohio Terrorism EEM has been cross-walked to the exercise evaluation methodology required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (US DHS) for exercises conducted under the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). • The exercise was based on multiple attacks executed concurrently at three schools, during Football Friday Night. Each attack resulted in numerous causalities, fires, primary/secondary device explosions and hostage situations. BRIEF TO FCAG

  30. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise Exercise Planning Team • Bob Blackburn, Pickerington Local Schools • Kurt Blevins, Groveport Police • Matt Delp, Pickerington Police • Steve Flowers, Federal Bureau of Investigations • Lee Foster, ARMADA • Ron Gray, Columbus Division of Police • Jon Kochis, Fairfield County Emergency Management & Homeland Security • Darrel Koerber, Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security BRIEF TO FCAG

  31. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise Exercise Planning Team • Mike McNutt, Columbus Public Health • Tim McVey, Columbus Division of Police • John Moore, Deaf Services Center • Rich Playko, Groveport Madison Schools • Jeff Podracky, ARMADA • Ralph Portier, Groveport Police • Tim Root, Strategic Analysis Information Center • Pam Tickle, Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security • Steve Tucker, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office BRIEF TO FCAG

  32. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise Exercise Participants ADAMH Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office American Red Cross Fairfield Medical Center Central Ohio Amateur Radio Franklin County Commissioners Central Ohio Transit Authority Franklin County EM&HS Central Ohio Trauma System Franklin County Public Health Columbus Fire/HazMat – 4 Franklin County Office on Aging Columbus Police HandsOn Central Ohio City of Columbus – Public Service Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Franklin County (CERT) NAS-T Deaf Services Center Ohio VOAD Fairfield County EM&HS SAIC Fairfield County Engineers Ohio State University Communications BRIEF TO FCAG

  33. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise Exercise Objectives: • Critical Resource Logistics and Distribution: Demonstrate the capability to identify, dispatch, mobilize/demobilizes and accurately track/record available critical resources throughout all incident management phases as outlined in the jurisdiction’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) and emergency operations plans (EOPs). • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Management: Demonstrate the ability to activate, staff, and manage an Emergency Operations Center to coordinate and support a multi-agency response to a catastrophic incident. BRIEF TO FCAG

  34. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise Exercise Objectives: • Emergency Public Information and Warning: Demonstrate the capability to develop, coordinate, and disseminate accurate alerts and information to the media and the public during an emergency as outlined in the jurisdiction’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) and emergency operations plans (EOPs). BRIEF TO FCAG

  35. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise • According to the Exercise Evaluation Team, FCEM&HS met all of the evaluated objectives, and the Functional Exercise provided an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of EOPs, Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs), and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The Franklin County JEOC performed extremely well and the Functional Exercise validated the Franklin County JEOC’s ability to respond quickly and coordinate a complex emergency response to a disaster. • Subsequent exercises should test specific improvements instituted as a result of this exercise and should include a focus on additional drills and exercises to routinely test and enhance FCEM&HS EOPs. BRIEF TO FCAG

  36. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise Exercise Strengths: • With regards to the actual JEOC evaluation, there were several positive areas identified by the evaluator. Most notable was the overall representation of various government and nonprofit organizations. Chain of command was also noted as a positive for the exercise. It was clear to the evaluator that Director Pannell was in charge of operations and did an outstanding job of keeping Commissioners, the County Administrator and other elected officials updated with appropriate information. A final positive noted by the evaluator was the overall accommodations provided by the FCEMHS JEOC. The overall environment and technology allows for a more than adequate work space. BRIEF TO FCAG

  37. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise Exercise Strengths: • FCEM&HS displayed an exhaustive list of available resources, locations and contact information. • FCEM&HS has invested significant resources to updating their respective Joint Emergency Operations Centers. • The Evaluation Team stated the FCEM&HS Public Information Officer acted in a professional manner and did a commendable job in preparing FCEM&HS Director for the initial press conference. • The FCEM&HS Public Information Officer used and understood the basic components of managing a social media response. BRIEF TO FCAG

  38. Regional JEOC Functional Exercise Exercise Opportunities for Improvement: • Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security would benefit from researching the appropriateness of updating its telecommunications bandwidth. • Provide adequate manpower to ensure significant events logs are kept up to date in WebEOC. This will help to maintain a consistent Common Operational Picture. • Provide multiple training opportunities for all JEOC personnel to include WebEOC, phone routing and sharing of classified information. • Consider available avenues to ensure county Emergency Management and Homeland Security officials have access to appropriate event intelligence, both before and during the event. • While public information staff in both counties used and understand Twitter, increasing education and understanding of effective social media strategies would benefit future, real world response efforts. BRIEF TO FCAG

  39. IRM Decision Maker Workshop BRIEF TO FCAG

  40. IRM Decision Maker Workshop • FCEM&HS held the first Decision Maker Workshop on February 26, 2013 for elected officials and decision makers from throughout the county to discuss the risks, capabilities, and gaps impacting Franklin County. • Recommended actions were provided based on the results and were accepted by Mayor Coleman on behalf of the City of Columbus, Paula Brooks on behalf of Franklin County Commissioners and Dana McDaniel on behalf of the FCEM&HS Executive Committee. Recommended actions include: • Hold Annual Decision Maker meeting to review IRM progress and continue to encourage, educate and generate more involvement and support from elected officials BRIEF TO FCAG

  41. IRM Decision Maker Workshop • Continue to conduct regional disaster training exercises • Continue Emergency Management working groups to ensure collaboration despite declining grant funding • Develop a Cybersecurity Workgroup to examine threat of Cyber-Terrorism for Franklin County. IRM Guide • An IRM Guide for local jurisdictions has been created for other counties to use to incorporate IRM into their programs. BRIEF TO FCAG

  42. IRM Decision Maker Workshop BRIEF TO FCAG

  43. FCEM&HS/CEPAC/OEMA/SERC 2013 Full Scale Exercise BRIEF TO FCAG

  44. FCEM&HS/CEPAC/LEPC/OEMA/SERC2013 Full Scale Exercise • Multiple coordinated domestic terrorist attacks at Westerville and Grandview Heights. • Westerville Scene included an active shooter and a HazMat (Chlorine) attack at Central College Elementary. • Grandview Heights High School scene was an active shooter situation. • Each Law Enforcement agency tested multiple shifts. BRIEF TO FCAG

  45. FCEM&HS/CEPAC/LEPC/OEMA/SERC2013 Full Scale Exercise • Over 200 players participated. FCEM&HS, Grandview Heights, Westerville, Mt Carmel West, St. Ann's and Ohio Health Westerville. • Strengths • EOC Improvements (WiFi / WebEOC / Etc.) • ESF Partner Engagement • Assessment to Operations Information Flow BRIEF TO FCAG

  46. FCEM&HS/CEPAC/LEPC/OEMA/SERC2013 Full Scale Exercise Exercise Planning Team • Stan Alverson, Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) • Stephanie Andrian, HandsOn Central Ohio • Scott Bradley, Grandview Heights Schools • Randy Carver, Franklin County Public Health • Chris Evrard, Grandview Heights Fire • Lee Foster, ARMADA • Andy Hicks, Northwest Area Strike Team (NAS-T) • Chief Bernie Ingles, Westerville Fire • Jodi Keller, Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS) • Darrel Koerber, Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security BRIEF TO FCAG

  47. FCEM&HS/CEPAC/LEPC/OEMA/SERC2013 Full Scale Exercise Exercise Planning Team • Mike Kratzer, Grandview Heights Fire • Keith Markley, ARMADA • Jeff McElroy, Red Cross • Debbie Meissner, Westerville Schools • Chief Joe Morbitzer, Westerville Police • Chief Steve Shaner, Grandview Heights Fire • Shaddy Swade, HandsOn Central Ohio • Dan Winningham, Ohio Emergency Management Agency (OEMA) • Chief David Wood, Grandview Heights Police BRIEF TO FCAG

  48. FCEM&HS/CEPAC/LEPC/OEMA/SERC2013 Full Scale Exercise Exercise Participants ADAMH American Red Cross Armada Central Ohio Amateur Radio Central Ohio Transit Authority Central Ohio Trauma System City of Columbus City of Columbus Dept. of Public Safety Columbus Public Health Delaware County EMA Franklin County CERT Franklin County Commissioners Franklin County EM&HS Franklin County HS/JP Franklin County Public Health Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Grandview Heights Fire Grandview Heights Police Grandview Heights Schools HandsOn Central Ohio HazMat-4 Law Enforcement Strategic Response Mount Carmel Health System Northwest Area Strike Team (NAS-T) Ohio Department of Natural Resources Ohio Emergency Management Agency Ohio Health Systems Westerville City Schools Westerville Fire Westerville Police BRIEF TO FCAG

  49. FCEM&HS/CEPAC/LEPC/OEMA/SERC2013 Full Scale Exercise LEPC Exercise Objectives: • Notification of Resources/Support Agencies • Emergency Operation Centers • Resource Management • Communications • Emergency Public Information • Shelter Management • Emergency Medical Services • Hospital Services BRIEF TO FCAG

  50. FCEM&HS/CEPAC/LEPC/OEMA/SERC2013 Full Scale Exercise HSGEP Exercise Objectives: • Critical Resource Logistics and Distribution • Emergency Operation Centers • Decontamination Operations • Communications • Emergency Public Information and Warning • Public Health • Law Enforcement • Emergency Medical Services • Hospital Services BRIEF TO FCAG