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  1. Presentation Title 36pt Arial Bold Patient Experience and Staff Engagement Sub heading 24pt Arial Cathy White Patient Experience Survey Manager December 2013 An Associated University Hospital of Brighton and Sussex Medical School

  2. System Requirements • We needed a better way of understanding Patient Experience: • Include more patients as systematically as possible • Be more aligned with National Inpatient Survey • Have quick, open access to the results • Recognise good performance • Involve staff more • Listen and respond to patients’ comments

  3. “The thinking behind the new programme came from wanting our patients to feel that Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust is at the heart of their community and that we welcome their ideas. We wanted to move past static measures of performance to a more ‘caring’ solution that gauges our patients’ experience and most importantly, enables us to take actions based upon their views.” Michael Wilson, CEO at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

  4. Our Solution – Your Care Matters Card given to every patient with verbal explanation and request Stress that relatives/carers can assist Options are: Online Via QR code Paper version in Discharge Lounge Freephone number (shorter version) Sent a text or letter reminder within 48hrs of visit (depending on pathway) Opportunity to opt out of text reminders and also arrange to have a translator

  5. Survey first page

  6. The Survey Respect & Dignity Privacy Care & Compassion Cleanliness Emotional Support Communication (Doctors, nurses, medication) Pain Control Confidence & trust in staff Food Noise Generated through discussions with staff at all levels Key issues covered:

  7. Free Text Options • Staff going ‘above and beyond’ • Additional comments • Started in Inpatient wards and Emergency Department, now rolled out to Outpatients, Day Cases and Maternity

  8. We are reaching a great range of patients 50% 48% 2% prefer not to answer Surrey and Sussex Admissions data Surrey and Sussex Survey respondents Source: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Inpatients, April to September 2013

  9. How our patients access Your Care Matters IVR – Free Phone Internet Mobile Paper Source: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare survey data, April to September 2013

  10. Outputs 1- Monthly Ward Dashboards

  11. Output 2 – Daily Staff Commendations Laura, Zoe and nearly all the staff on Brockham ward were fantastic, but Zoe and Laura made me smile. Were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on and gave me everything I needed. They were stars Andrea. Always willing, totally efficient, stayed after the end of her shift to finish a treatment, just an excellent example of good nursing Made sure I was comfortable, provided seat for my husband. Gave us both a cup of tea and was very kind and considerate. … was very grateful for all their help and reassurance. Liz and Laura midwives working birthing pool on 16th October were amazing and stayed with us through the whole experience, couldn't have done it without there help and support. Truly amazing, thank you My wife has dementia and both Jenny and Anne made a point of talking to her so she felt included even though she didn`t necessarily understand what was going on, and both treated her with kindness The beverages man on Brook ward, very friendly and kind. Really helped to see a friendly smiling face. 100% care and attention ward sister Kate 5ft bundle of energy

  12. Output 3 – Monthly Additional Comment Reports Overall I have no complaint but I do have this observation, noise at night with particular problems being noise from the staff rest rooms /false warnings from monitoring equipment that carried on for ages before being reset or switched off and loud trollies moving through the corridors. I must admit I was glad to get home for a rest I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive about treatment at ESH, following bad press, and also bad personal experiences from other people, but nothing was further from the truth. I would definitely not think twice about having treatment there again and would recommend ESH to friends and family. The only criticism that I have is that the night nursing staff were noisy, banging bins, turning lights on and off and generally being noisy, apart from that a very caring, clean and professional hospital With all the bad press I was pleasantly surprised and extremely satisfied with the stay at East Surrey Some way of notifying you as to how long you would need to wait before being seen.

  13. How YCM Survey Data is Used The Your Care Matters Patient Survey • Trust Level • Key indicators in Integrated Quality and Performance Report (IQPR) • Linked to Trust Performance Reports • Staff Commendations • Sent to Managers, Matrons and Chiefs daily • Additional Comments reports • Monthly for each Ward/Dept. • Sent to Managers in full • Comments coded and reported to Patient Experience Delivery Committee • Monthly Dashboard • Ward and Directorate level data • Month on month trends • Available on intranet • Reported at Patient Experience Delivery Committee

  14. What changes have we made? • Acoustic panels in ED reception area • Focus on communicating with relatives • Steps to reduce noise at night across wards: • Soft close bins • Ear plugs • Revised staff roster • Deadline for drug rounds • New: • Whiteboards and clocks • Tray tables and Ward decor • More chairs • Revised some Outpatient appointment letters re waiting times • Revised policy on storing equipment

  15. Our Patient Newsletter • “I was dreading coming in” • “Despite what you read in the press” • “I must have been lucky” • “Much better than I expected”

  16. YCM as a Tool for Ongoing Improvement Dashboards form part of Divisional Chief Nurses monthly Safety and Quality Report Matrons and Ward Managers required to review monthly data Monthly Ward Improvement Plans developed Fed into Divisional Patient Experience Action Plan Key tool for Trust’s Patient Experience Delivery Committee

  17. The Same Measures Impact Friends and Family and Overall Experience Ratings • Insight into key measures and questions to drop to shorten survey

  18. Problem Matrix – Identifying Focus Areas Moderate Effect on Overall Satisfaction Strong Extreme > 10% Patients 5-10% Patients <5% Patients Source: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Inpatients YCM Survey data, April to September 2013

  19. Insights to Drive Focus – High Impact Factors Impacting on Friends and Family Question Source: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare YCM survey data April to September 2013

  20. Benefits of Your Care Matters Staff Engagement Data Availability Developed a positive culture around patient feedback Over 2,200 staff recognised by patients 24/7 access to Trust, Directorate and Ward data Data and patient comments refreshed daily Appreciation of data robustness

  21. Key Learnings FFT score varies depending on when and how you ask Positive feedback encourages engagement Small changes make big differences for patients Patient Experience goes beyond Friends and Family

  22. Where We Are in the Loop

  23. What Next? Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) Explore use of ‘rescues’ for maternity Additional ways to use free text comments Review our Patient Experience Strategy and TOR for Patient Experience Delivery Committee ‘Proactive’ and ‘Board to Ward’

  24. Thank you Any Questions?