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New SSS Side Press Wringer SW10 PowerPoint Presentation
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New SSS Side Press Wringer SW10

New SSS Side Press Wringer SW10

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New SSS Side Press Wringer SW10

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  1. New SSS Side Press WringerSW10

  2. SSS Side Press WringerSW10 • Improved Performance & Durability • Stronger Wringing Components • Smooth Dependable Operation • Improved Operating Efficiency • Improved Wringing Action • Safety Orange

  3. Stronger Long Lasting Mechanism New Completely new metal operator mechanism is designed to eliminate wear and to provide flawless service. Improved design also results in full coverage plating for extended metal surface protection Utilizes a steel rod rather than rivets to connect linkage, rod doubles as a handle for wringer removal Old Old style metal operator mechanism utilized a set of cams and boomerang with double linkage, often causing rivets to shear over time

  4. Reinforced pressure plate prevents distortion under extreme pressure and eliminates breakage Coil spring requires two (2) additional steel rods and is difficult to replace/maintain Smoother Dependable Operation New Old Heavy-duty torsion spring for consistent plate return

  5. Increased Efficiency New Old Reinforced hanger area designed to handle rough use without deformation or breakage Hanger is contoured to fit the SSS 26qt, 35qt Buckets and competitive units more tightly. Result is reduced wobble and increased efficiency Old injection port was very obtrusive, often times, snagging mops

  6. Built-In Mop Rest Additional Features Has smooth pressure plate Tread pattern on pressure plate grips the mop and provides additional surface area for better liquid extraction New Old New injection port is hidden from view Old injection port was very obtrusive, often snagging mops

  7. Thank you for viewing this presentation on the new SSS Side Press WringerSW10 If you have any questions, please call Triple S HQ at 1-800-323-2251