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Offbeat tracks is an experiential travel company that aims at providing customers with local experiences of the destination. We chose experiential travel because we believe that travelling is more than just sightseeing, it is a reflection of one's soul.

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  1. LADAKH Land of High Passes

  2. Heartwarming Beauty • The sight that Ladakh offers is the stuff of storybooks. Seated pristinely between the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, this place is a rugged land which has everything from greenery to placid lakes.

  3. Mouthwatering Cuisines • Ladakh seems to work its magic on all the senses including the taste buds. You might have heard a lot about the famous momos and thukkpas that are an ever famous cuisine at all Indo-Tibetan eateries here. • The local spices and the minced meat added to the dish gives it a scintillating flavor and makes you want to gorge on it. Though, if you are on a Ladakh trip, you have to get a taste of other lesser known but equally delicious local delicacies. • Try some steaming Chutagi also known as dumpling soup which is counted among the signature dishes of Ladakh. 

  4. Unique Culture • It is fascinating to think that one country could be home to so many different cultures and heritage. In the heart of Ladakh, you would come across an indigenous tribe of people whose way of life is totally fascinating.

  5. Serenity • Now, a lot of places boast of serenity but calmness takes a whole new meaning at Ladakh. Despite being a top ranking tourist place, this place is never madly buzzing with people. • The landscapes are absolutely stunning and also full of tranquility. They give you a chance to really marvel at nature’s beauty and also enjoy its peacefulness. • There is also a strong touch of the esoteric in this place as Buddhism is widely practiced here. Ladakh is completely removed from the overstimulated and technology-driven cities and gives one a chance to live like a carefree nomad.

  6. Buddhist Monasteries • Imagine the thrill of visiting ancient and esoteric holy places that rest on high mountains and are enshrouded with mystery and magic. The many monasteries of this place are a major attraction and another reason as to why Ladakh holiday packages are so sort after.

  7. Adventure • A major reason as to why Ladakh trip package is getting all the more popular is because it’s a haven for thrill seekers. Nothing spells adventure better than the rugged terrains of Ladakh. • You can enjoy a plethora of activities here such as biking, camel safari, camping, Quad biking, rafting and more. Just trekking in Ladakh is enough to bring you a lot of fun, thrill and adventure. • There are also special treks which are fit for the daredevils at heart, this trek takes you through some really tough terrains where you get to spot many wild animals including snow leopard. 


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