2011 awards ceremony n.
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2011 Awards ceremony PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 Awards ceremony

2011 Awards ceremony

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2011 Awards ceremony

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  1. 2011 Awards ceremony Kurt Lewin Mid-career Award • Jos Jaspars • Early-career Award • Jean-Paul Codol • Service to European Social Psychology • Henri Tajfel

  2. Jaspars Medallists 2011 The selection panel The Jaspars Medal is awarded to young scholars who have made an outstanding research contribution to social psychology in Europe. As a tribute to Jos Jaspars' influential editorship of the European Journal of Social Psychology, the award is sponsored by the publishers of the journal (Wiley–Blackwell) who cover the registration fees of the awardees for the General Meeting • Tony Manstead(Cardiff) • Bernard Rimé (Louvain-la-Neuve) • Fritz Strack (Würzburg) • Sabine Otten (Groningen)

  3. Malte Friese PhD topic: Moderators of the predictive validity of implicit measures Supervisor(s): Michaela Wänke Key publications: Friese, M., Hofmann, W., & Schmitt, M. (2008). When and why do implicit measures predict behavior? Empirical evidence for the moderating role of opportunity, motivation, and process reliance. European Review of Social Psychology. Friese, M., Bargas-Avila, J., Hofmann, W., & Wiers, R.W. (2010). Here’s looking at you, Bud: Alcohol-related memory structure predicts eye movement of social drinkers with low executive control. Social Psychological and Personality Science. versatile, independent, dedicated University of Basel

  4. Esther Papies PhD research topic: The allure of forbidden food: A goal conflict perspective on dieting Supervisor(s): Wolfgang Stroebe & Henk Aarts Key publications: Papies, E.K., Stroebe, & Aarts, H. (2007). The pleasure in the mind: Restrained eating and spontaneous hedonic thoughts about food. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Papies, E.K., Stroebe, & Aarts, H. (2008). The allure of forbidden food: On the role of attention in self-regulation. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. socially engaged, highly skilled, inspiring University of Utrecht

  5. Martijn van Zomeren PhD research topic: Social-psychological paths to protest Supervisor(s): Agneta H. Fischer & Russell Spears Key publications: Van Zomeren, M., Postmes, T., & Spears, R. (2008). Towards an integrative social identity model of collective action: A quantitative research-synthesis of three socio-psychological perspectives, Psychological Bulletin. Van Zomeren, M., Spears, R., Fischer, A.H., & Leach, C.W. (2004). But your money where your mouth is! Explaining collective action tendencies through group-based anger and group efficacy. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. productive, broad and deep, creative University of Groningen

  6. Jaspars Medallists 2011 Malte Friese Esther Papies Martijn van Zomeren

  7. Lewin Medallists 2011 The selection panel • Naomi Ellemers (Leiden) • Lucia Mannetti (Rome) • Karl Halvor Teigen (Oslo) The Kurt Lewin medal is a mid-career award that acknowledges outstanding scientific contributions made by a full member of the Association. Nominees will typically have completed their PhD more than 10 and less than 25 years previously. The medal is awarded to a full member of the Association who has made a substantial contribution to European social psychology through excellence in individual scholarship and through support for the scholarship of others. • Alex Haslam (Exeter)

  8. Jens Förster WoS: 79 papers, 2,597 citations, h=25 Research areas: Motivation (self-regulation, goals), categorization, creativity, embodiment Key collaborators: Fritz Strack (12), Nira Liberman (12), Ron Friedman (11), Lioba Werth (10) Ground-breaking publications: Forster et al (1998). Approach and avoidance strength during goal attainment: Regulatory focus and the "goal looms larger" effect. JPSP. Forster et al (1998). Speed/accuracy decisions in task performance: Built-in trade-off or separate strategic concerns? OBHDP Forster (2000). The influence of approach and avoidance motor actions on food intake. EJSP Professional service: Program chair EAESP GM 2008, Ass Ed. Social Cognition (2006-present) pioneering, co-operative, creative, goal-oriented, bold University of Amsterdam

  9. Constantine Sedikides WoS: 106 papers, 2840 citations, h=31 Research areas: Self (self-enhancement), mood (nostalgia), categorization Key collaborators: Aiden Gregg (14), Jeffrey Green (12), Lowell Gaertner (9), Tim Wildschut (9) Ground-breaking publications: Sedikides & Strube (1997) Self-evaluation: To thine own self be good, to thine own self be sure, to thine own self be true, and to thine own self be better. AESP Sedikides (1993). Assessment, enhancement, and verification determinants of the self-evaluation process. JPSP Sedikides (1994). Incongruent effects of sad mood on self-conception valence: It's a matter of time. EJSP Professional service: Editor Psychological Inquiry; President ISSI, Organizer of Annual Conference on Self and Identity energetic, focused, rigorous, theoretical, prolific University of Southampton

  10. Russell Spears WoS: 165 papers, 4459 citations, h=38 Research areas: social identity, intergroup relations, stereotyping, communication, collective action Key collaborators: Bertjan Doosje (22), Tom Postmes (20), Tony Manstead (19), Jolanda Jetten (16) Ground-breaking publications: Spears et al. (1997). Self-stereotyping in the face of threats to group status and distinctiveness: The role of group identification, PSPB. Spears et al. (1996). The social psychology of stereotyping and group life. Spears & Lea (1994). Panacea or panopticon: The hidden power in computer-mediated communication. Comm Res. Professional service: Editor BJSP, EJSP; EAESP EC (2002-2008), Summer School Organiser (Cardiff, 2006) witty, team-player, broad, profound, societal Cardiff University

  11. Lewin Medallists 2011 Jens Förster Constantine Sedikides Russell Spears

  12. Codol Medallists 2011 The selection panel In memory of the work of Jean-Paul Codol for the European Association, the Codol Award recognizes a member who has significantly advanced the cause of social psychology in Europe by means of their service to the field (e.g., advancing the standing and prominence of social psychology in one or more member countries). • EASP Executive Committee • Chair • Carsten de Dreu (Amsterdam)

  13. Amélie Mummendey Service to European social psychology: EAESP Executive Committee(1984-1990; 1987-1990 as Treasurer) 1994-1997 Associate Editor EJSP 1991 Summer School teacher in San Sebastian 1998 Summer School teacher in Leuven 1992 Organiser of the East-West-Meeting in Muenster Organised several Small Group/Medium-Size Meetings (Jena workshops): 1999, 2001, 2002 Contributed to the field by building the International Graduate College for Cooperation and Conflict (with Louvain-la-Neuve, and Kent) University of Jena

  14. Jorge Vala Service to European social psychology: EAESP Executive Committee(1990-1996; 1990-1993, Secretary) Organiser of the General Meeting in Lisbon 1993 Organiser of Small Group meeting Lisbon, 2005 Contributed to the rise of social psychology in Portugal by acquiring substantial outside funding, building networks for students and postgraduates, etc University of Lisbon

  15. Eddy Van Avermaet Service to European social psychology: Editor of EJSP (1994 – 1997) EAESP Executive Committee(2002 – 2008; Secretary, Webmaster) Organizer of 3rd International Conference on Social Value Orientations in Interpersonal and Intergroup Relations (Leuven,
1991) Organizer of 1st Joint Meeting of the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology and the Society for Experimental Social Psychology (Leuven & Louvain-la-Neuve, 1992) Organiser of EASP Summer School in Leuven Program Chair of the 13th General Meeting of EAESP (San Sebastian, 2002) Catholic University of Leuven

  16. Codol Medallists 2011 Amélie Mummendey Jorge Vala Eddy Van Avermaet

  17. Tajfel lecture 2011 Anne Maass University of Padova