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Car Removal Services in Melbourne PowerPoint Presentation
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Car Removal Services in Melbourne

Car Removal Services in Melbourne

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Car Removal Services in Melbourne

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  1. Selling your Car? We pay cash for cars! Call us NOW 0499 808 180

  2. What are we?- Old Cars Removal • Old Cars Removal is a Melbourne-based car removal company. • It buys old vehicles at top prices and in the most convenient way possible for buyers. • It is possible to get $9,999 for your old, dilapidated, totaled, unregistered, not-running, and decade old car of any model and make since 2001 if you sell it to Old Cars Removal. • We accept cars, vans, 4WDs, UTEs, and commercial vehicles.

  3. Why - Old Cars Removal • Our network of professionals includes top rated auto appraisers who know the value of vehicles and make cash offers accordingly. When you hire us, you are guaranteed: • Cash for Your Old Car Melbourne • Top Dollar Cash on the Spot for Your Old Car • Excellent Service • Fast and Friendly • 24 Hour Service, 7 Days a Week • No Charge for Towing • No Hidden Fees, Upfront Instant Cash Offers

  4. We Pay You for: We specialize in car removal for all types of vehicles! If you have an unwanted car which needs to be removed than we can help ! • Wrecked vehicles • Damaged vehicles • Used vehicles • New vehicles • Running vehicles • Not-running vehicles • Registered vehicles • Unregistered vehicles

  5. Reason to Choose Us? • Old Cars Removal buys all kinds of cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks of all makes and models after 2001 and pays the top dollar in return. • Your car is more than a few years old and has started giving problems. • You want to get rid of your junk. • You want your garage to look clean. • You want to earn $9,999 in hard cash. • You don’t want to spend money on classified ads. • You want to sell your car fast.

  6. Areas We Service • We do buyer all types of cars but can sometimes offer more money on Jap cars vehicles such as Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki, Lexus, Mitusbishi, Isuzu. • We Service all over Victoria, Specifically: • South Eastern Suburbs • Northern Suburbs • Western Suburbs • Melbourne West • Eastern Suburbs

  7. 4WD Removals Melbourne • Old Cars Removal is a professional car removals service based in Melbourne with extensive experience in buying 4WDs of all types and conditions. • We offer you the benefit of cash for 4x4s even when it no longer functions and is essentially useless. • We even offer free towing and once we arrive at your doorstep, we give you cash upfront. • We offer as much as $9,999 cash for 4WD.

  8. Car Removal Melbourne • We pay as much as $9999 cash for cars, 4x4s, vans, utes, trucks, commercial vehicles regardless of whether they are still running or not. • We buy all kinds and makes of vehicles, including Holden, Jeep, Astra, Rodeo, etc., and in any condition as well. • We even buy cars that have been broken into pieces. • We serve all suburbs in Melbourne, offering professional car removals through our professional removalists.

  9. Unwanted Car Removal • Old Cars Removal has always been known by customers in Melbourne of paying top dollar for junk cars even if the car is no longer in running condition. • Whether your vehicle is a Jackaroo, Rodeo, Holden, Astra, Vectra or any other type of car such as: • Used or New • Difficult to Sell • Damaged • Running or Not Running • Wrecked • Registered or Unregistered

  10. Van and Ute Removals • Do you have an old and rusty van you want to get rid of? • We offer Van and Ute removals in Melbourne.We accept all models and makes of vehicles and in every condition possible: • Wrecked Utes and Vans Removals • Damaged Utes and Vans Removals • Broken Utes and Vans Removals • Scrap Utes and Vans Removals • Used Utes and Vans Removals • Not Running or Running Utes andVans Removals

  11. Contact Us Address 47 Titcher Road, Noble Park VIC, 3174 Phone: 0499 808 180 Email: