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Pali Institute

Pali Institute

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Pali Institute

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  1. Pali Institute May 7-9, 2012

  2. When? • The dates are Monday May 7-Wednesday May 9. • Estimated Departure from Elise Wolff: 6:00am • Estimated Return to Elise Wolff: 4:00pm

  3. Where • Pali institute is located in the San Bernardino Mountains. • Address: 30778 Highway 18, Running Springs, CA 92382 • Phone: (909)867-5743 • Fax: (909)867-7643 • Website:

  4. Cost • Pali Tuition: $268 • Bus: $60: This estimate is based on having completely full buses. If the buses are not full this number may go up. We will know a final number once we have the exact number of students planning to attend. • *Once money is paid it is non-refundable*

  5. Chaperones • The students will be accompanied by their classroom teachers and one administrator. • There will be no parent chaperones to allow students to participate in activities without distractions. • Students will sleep in cabins with 1 instructor to every 11 students. • Students will be in classes with 1 instructor to approximately 15 students.

  6. Sleeping Arrangements • 11 students per cabin • Bunk beds with protective railings • Each cabin has three bathrooms. Four students per bathroom. • Students will need to bring a top sheet, sleeping bag, and pillow for their bed.

  7. Food • All meals are provided • Meals are done in a buffet style and is all you can eat. • Students with food allergies need to list them on the medical release forms. Pali will insure there is food for your child to eat.

  8. Security • The camp is gated and cannot be entered without someone from the camp allowing you in. • The students will be with an adult at all times.

  9. Medical • There is a 24 hour registered nurse on staff. • Medications are given at the specific times that have been stated on their medical release forms.

  10. Phones • Students will be allowed to carry their cell phones on the bus with them. • Students will not be allowed to use their cell phones once they arrive at Pali. • If students become homesick and need to talk to you, they will be allowed to call. • If you have an emergency or need to get a hold of them, you are able to call Pali to contact them.

  11. Why no Cell Phones? • Cell Phones are not allowed because we want your child to get the most out of their experience at Pali. They will be busy learning new things and just like at school we do not want them to be distracted.

  12. Activities at Pali • Squid Dissection • Astronomy • Aerodynamics • It’s not Easy Being Green • Balloon Rescue (Physics and Engineering) • High Ropes Course

  13. Transportation • Students are required to take the charter bus service to Pali per Clark County School District Policy. If students do not ride the bus we are not responsible for them even upon arrival at Pali. • Bus drivers are trained to drive in ALL types of weather and will not put the students in danger due to winds or other inclement weather.

  14. Fundraising • We are working towards raising funds, but we cannot guarantee that we can lower the price to a certain point. • Haunted House • Volunteer paperwork will go home on Monday.

  15. Downpayment Schedule