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Nylon. GROUP-3. EFFORTS BY Isha Yadav-13 Kunal Arora-14 Lipi Jain- 16. NYLON.

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  1. Nylon GROUP-3 EFFORTS BY Isha Yadav-13 Kunal Arora-14 Lipi Jain-16

  2. NYLON Nylon is an artificial (man-made) fibre. It does not use any natural fibre as its raw material . It is the first fully synthetic fibre. It was first produced on February 28,1935 by Wallace Carothers. • By :Lipi Jain • Roll no. 16

  3. Characteristics Of Nylon • Variation of luster: • nylon has the ability to be very lustrous, semilustrous or dull. • High Durability • High elongation[very elastic} • High resistance to insects, fungi, animals, molds and many chemicals. • Melts instead of burning ISHA YADAV 8-F ROLL NO. 13

  4. Exceptionally strong • Excellent abrasion resistance • [Abrasion resistance is a property which allows a material to resist wear.] • Easy to wash •  Low in moisture absorbency ISHA YADAV 8-F

  5. Uses of nylon KUNAL ARORA 8-F ROLL NO. 14

  6. It is highly elastic , tensile and has silk like appearance. So it is used in carpets and socks. • Nylon is used in many military applications like ropes, parachutes etc. • It is highly durable and its fibers are used for making seat belts , tyre cords , clothes etc.

  7. Nylon is widely used as plastic for making machine parts. • It is also used for making fishing nets .

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