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BIM: BEYOND CLASH DETECTION A Jobsite Level Perspective

BIM: BEYOND CLASH DETECTION A Jobsite Level Perspective. THE BIG PICTURE. DESIGN & DETAILING. INSTALLATION PLANNING . TRACKING. WHAT IS BIM?. Quality Control. xD. Scheduling (4D). 3D Coordination. Estimating (5D). RFI/Submittal Tracking. Material Tracking. Facilities Management.

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BIM: BEYOND CLASH DETECTION A Jobsite Level Perspective

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  2. WHAT IS BIM? Quality Control xD Scheduling (4D) 3D Coordination Estimating (5D) RFI/Submittal Tracking Material Tracking Facilities Management Turnover/ Closeout

  3. THE BIG PICTURE OLD ISSUE TRACKING NEW ISSUE TRACKING Field Notes BIM Phone Calls How much is there to build? Email Are we ready to build it? Meetings & Conversations When we will build it? Independent Lists What could prevent us from building it?

  4. NEED FOR CHANGE Basic Sequence Design - Project Fabricate - Project Build - Project Advanced Sequence Design - Steel Fab - Steel Build - Steel Design - Interiors Fab - Interiors Build - Interiors Ideal Sequence GREATER COMPLEXITY REQUIRES TIGHTER CONTROL AND BETTER ISSUE MANAGEMENT Design – Steel 1 Fab – Steel 1 Build – Steel 1 Design – Steel 1 Fab – Steel 1 Build – Steel 1 Design – Steel 1 Fab – Steel 1 Build – Steel 1

  5. DESIGN ISSUES • Communicate requests for information through the model • Provide transparency & consensus • Avoid issue stagnation

  6. SUBMITTAL PROGRESS • Input submittal status into model during review • Clearly identify pieces to be resubmitted • Avoid fabrication delays

  7. FABRICATION STATUS Started Fab • Communicate “how its coming along” Inspected Courtesy of Schuff Steel

  8. OVERALL PLANNING Sequence 3 Sequence 2 Sequence 1 • Show the overall plan • Helpful, but there’s more…

  9. DETAIL PLANNING TWO WEEKS OUT NEXT WEEK THIS WEEK • Communicates the exact items in each schedule task • Utilized at weekly onsite meetings • Ensures all items needed for the successor are completed • Helpful, but there’s still more…

  10. DETAIL PLANNING • Analyze quantities • Validate resources needed • Instill greater accuracy into schedules

  11. CHANGES 1. Steel Added 3. Other Pieces Placed on Hold Courtesy Schuff Steel • Extract change quantities from model • Agree on pieces to be placed on hold until change is fully designed 2. Quantified

  12. MATERIAL TRACKING 2. Logged 3. Model Updated 1. Material Rec. • Understand what’s onsite and what’s not 4. “I NEED THIS PIECE, NOW!”

  13. LESSONS LEARNED Project specific problems dictate BIM use and value. PROJECT A: Quality Control xD Scheduling (4D) Quality Control 3D Coordination 3D Coordination Estimating (5D) Material Tracking RFI/Submittal Tracking Scheduling (4D) Material Tracking PROJECT B: Facilities Management Turnover/ Closeout Facilities Management 3D Coordination Turnover/ Closeout RFI/Submittal Tracking

  14. LESSONS LEARNED Partners using BIM efficiently are absolutely necessary. • Integrate BIM with Other Processes • Utilize BIM for Drawing Creation Submittal Review Thanks to Schuff Steel, Goody Clancy Architects, Weldon Steel, Walter P. Moore Engineers, & Shockey Precast for the models in this presentation. Shop Fabrication

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