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  1. COVER LETTERS Write a great letter & get invited for an INTERVIEW

  2. There are 7 types of LETTERS • 1. APPLICATION LETTER • Enclosed with resume • Idea to generate interest & be invited to interview

  3. 2. PROSPECTING LETTER • No job has been posted • “Prospecting” for job or job leads • Asking for assistance in job search

  4. 3. NETWORKING LETTER • Seeking to generate an INFORMATION interview (not a JOB interview) • Alumni • Other departments where you work • Conferences / Leadership / Expos

  5. 4. THANK YOU LETTER • One of the most important yet least used • Good will & appreciation • Mail within 2 days of the interview • Best stationery • Handwritten or typed on matching letterhead & envelope • PERSONAL letter to each participant

  6. 5. ACCEPTANCE LETTER • You ACCEPT the job offer • Confirmation of terms & benefits • Positive reinforcement of the employer’s decision to HIRE YOU • Enthusiasm • Thanks

  7. 6. WITHDRAWL LETTER • Once you’ve verbally accepted the position, ethical obligation to inform other employers to WITHDRAW from their job pool • Don’t burn a bridge… positive rejection • Courtesy & thanks for opportunity

  8. 7. REJECTION LETTER • You’ve been offered the job… Not enough money • Job doesn’t fit your needs/goals • More attractive offer somewhere else… • Thank employer for offer & consideration • Don’t burn bridges…future interest

  9. 3 GOALS OF A COVER LETTER • 1) Explain the purpose of sending your resume • 2) Get the employer interested in your resume • 3) target the resume to a specific position or career field

  10. PURPOSE OF A COVER LETTER • A standout cover letter gives your resume FOCUS & APPEAL • Briefly ALERTS employer to contents of your resume

  11. PURPOSE OF COVER LETTER • Specifically & CONCISELY points out your most RELEVANT skills • Relates to NEEDS & QUALIFICATIONS of the position

  12. PURPOSE OF COVER LETTER • Articulates your DESIRE to work for THIS company • Personalizes the RESUME

  13. COVER LETTER TIPS • 1. Design letters to be work-centered & employer-centered NOT self-centered

  14. COVER LETTER TIPS • 2. Group similar items together in a paragraph • Organize paragraphs in logical relationships • School/internship • Work…

  15. COVER LETTER TIPS • NEVER delegate the responsibility for your job search to someone else. • YOU WRITE, CALL & FOLLOW UP

  16. COVER LETTER TIPS • Always address your letters to a specific individual • Correct title • Correct spelling • Correct address

  17. COVER LETTER TIPS • Keep your letters personal, warm and professional. • Remember, they are BUSINESS letters & FORMAL DOCUMENTS

  18. COVER LETTER TIPS • Say what you mean directly without a lot of VERBAGE • Value of reader’s time • Brief & to the point

  19. COVER LETTER PAPER • Use high quality stationery and matching envelopes • Resume paper (rag) • Grey, beige, white, cream, neutral shades USE A COMPUTER

  20. COVER LETTER TIPS • Keep the letter to ONE PAGE • Sign post resume, don’t rehash it • BLOCK FORMAT, single spaced vs indented double-spaced paragraphs

  21. COVER LETTER TIPS • Reduce uncertainty & abstraction by including specific facts • EXACTLY WHEN are you available to start work • Graduation Date

  22. COVER LETTER TIPS • Produce ERROR-FREE, clean copy • No mistakes • Spelling • Grammar • Punctuation

  23. COVER LETTER TIPS • Be HONEST • Back up claims with evidence or specific examples from school or work

  24. COVER LETTER TIPS • TIME savvy • Show appreciation to employer for considering your application • Granting an interview

  25. COVER LETTER TIPS • Tailor your letter for EACH situation • Generic, mass produced letters are unprofessional

  26. COVER LETTER TIPS • Phone number/s • Correct address • SIGN THE LETTER! Maryjo Cochran

  27. COVER LETTER TIPS • Request ACTION • I will be in Dallas on D A T E • Call NEXT WEEK for an appt. • Look forward to meeting you WHEN

  28. I’m the one you’re looking for…. • Introduces your resume to potential employer • Focuses on your SPECIFIC INTEREST in their organization • Your SPECIFIC SKILLS/EXPERIENCE relevant to their organization • Creates positive image of YOU…invitation to interview…

  29. HEADING • Student Name Joe Smith • Student Address 611 E. 21st Street Huntsville, TX 77340 • Date February 24, 2004

  30. Cover Letter Heading • Contact Name Dr. Chris White • Contact Title Associate Professor • Company Name Sam Houston State • Company Address PO Box 2207 • Sam Houston State University • Huntsville, TX 77341

  31. Greetings & Salutations • Dear Dr. White: • Dear Dr. White, • Dear Mr. Jones, • Dear Mrs. Smith, • Dear Ms. Smith,

  32. Greetings & Salutations • To Whom It May Concern: • Dear Sir or Madam:

  33. 1st Paragraph • Why are you writing? • Position (s) you are interested in? • How you found out about the position? • When are you available?

  34. 1st Paragraph • Thank you for reviewing my resume for your position of GENERAL ASSIGNMENTS REPORTER and WEEKEND NEWS ANCHOR. • The position announcement was published in the February 20th edition of the Victoria Ledger.

  35. 1st Paragraph • Thank you for reviewing my resume for the position of GENERAL SALES ASSISTANT at KBMT-TV. I noticed your job posting on the TABE web site • Dr. Cochran announced the job vacancy for a production assistant at Lucas Films in our February 21st PRO-SEM class.

  36. 1st Paragraph • Thank you for reviewing my resume for a Production Assistant position at Lucas Digital Ltd. I was made aware of the position by searching under the job opening section of the Lucasarts website.

  37. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO • Dear Mr/Mrs: • I desire an entry-level position within your company. I have seen the work you have done and feel it is very important. I like the direction and vision you have and would enjoy being a part of it.

  38. YES YES YES YES YES YES • Dear Mr. Serritella: • It was a pleasure speaking with you on September 14th at the Houston Job Fair. I would like to formally apply for the position of Public Relations Assistant for the Houston Rockets. I have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

  39. AVAILABLE? • I am currently finishing my B.F.A. in Radio-Television production from Sam Houston State University. I will be graduating May 13, 2004 and am available to begin working for WCTI-TV immediately thereafter.

  40. PARAGRAPH #2 • Highlight your most important skills, abilities, attributes & experiences as they RELATE TO THE POSITION • Reflect on research done on the organization

  41. HOUSTON ROCKET RADIO • “As you can see from my resume, I am a sports enthusiast. I have been the Sports Director for KSHU-The Kat for the past two years and am equally at ease doing play-by-play and color commentary for Bearkat football, basketball and baseball. Last summer I had the opportunity to intern with Fox Sports Southwest and was an assistant producer for Rockin’ Rudy which aired Sunday mornings on KTRK-TV.

  42. International Communications • As an international company, I expect you value language skills. I am fluent in both writing and speaking Spanish. Since I also grew up as an Army brat, I have had the opportunity to live overseas for nearly half my life. I would embrace the opportunity to work in South America for BSI-International Communications Network.

  43. CLOSING • Discuss what will transpire next. • Take the initiative for contact. • I plan to be in the Beaumont area at the end of the month and would be interested in scheduling a meeting with you then. • I look forward to speaking with you further about my qualifications. I will call you next Friday so we can arrange an appointment at your convenience.

  44. CLOSING • I realize how busy you are, but I would appreciate a few minutes of your time. I will contact you on Thursday, March 4th to discuss employment possibilities. In the meantime, if you need to contact me, my number is 409-294-1340. Please leave a message if I’m not in, and I will promptly return your call • Thank you very much for considering my resume for the job as Associate Producer for KWTX News 7. I look forward to talking with you soon.

  45. Closing • I realize how busy you are, however, I would appreciate any time you might be able to spare. I will contact you on July 21st so we might further discuss the possibilities of my internship at WBAY-TV. In the meantime, should you need to contact me… Please leave a message if I am unavailable and I will return your call. • Thank you very much for your time and consideration of my application for the internship position. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

  46. CLOSING: personal • … I am a Rio Grande Valley native… • I would really like the chance to work with KGBT-TV, the station I have known and grown up with since childhood. • Thank you very much for considering my application for the news reporting position. I look forward to talking with you next week when I come home for spring break.

  47. CLOSING NO NO NO NO NO • Thanks for looking at my resume. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

  48. Closing • Sincerely, Maryjo Adams Cochran Maryjo Adams Cochran • Cordially, John E. Cochran IV John E. Cochran IV

  49. I NEED A JOB • 5 year’s tuition $ • Master Card bill $ • Car payment $ • House trailer $ • Car insurance $ • Foleys, Dillards $ • Braces $ • Student Loans $

  50. Misspelled words • Your / you If your need to contact me • Being / begin I will graduate in May and am available to being working immediately after • An/am I will graduate in August and an available to begin working… • Foreward / forward I look forward speaking with you .