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Why LED Bulbs Outperform Conventional Bulbs? PowerPoint Presentation
Why LED Bulbs Outperform Conventional Bulbs?

Why LED Bulbs Outperform Conventional Bulbs?

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  1. LED BULBS www.ledmyplace.com

  2. Why LED Bulbs Outperform Conventional Bulbs? • With advancement in lighting technology and growing awareness about environment, we are being chanced upon the latest-in-innovation -- the LED bulbs. The more these LED Bulbs come into use, the more you get an access to a clean and green environment because of reduced carbon footprints. Even if you do not share the concern on environment, these bulbs go a long way in providing you with what you had never thought earlier. • Understanding the most common differences between traditional bulbs and LED bulbs can let you enjoy the following benefits of LED bulbs: • It impacts your utility bills that you receive each month. For instance, what a 40W conventional bulb can do for you, the same is being done by a 9W A19 LED bulb more efficiently. You don’t save any less than 75% in power consumption. • The incandescent bulbs waste lot of energy in the form of heat and not light. By contrast, LED bulbs emit very less heat and whatever heat is generated during operation gets dissipated quickly. • On an average, LED bulbs may last for 50,000 hours but if maintained well, may last for even 100,000 hours. After all, it all depends on for how long you use on a daily basis and if you are careful of turning these off when not in operation. • Most of the LED bulbs you come across in the market are either UL listed or ETL certified and which means they stand high on safety when in use.

  3. Unfortunately, the traditional bulbs do not guarantee safety. If they break accidentally, they can cause health-hazard as they contain UV in their light beam. • LED bulbs are usually smaller in size than the conventional bulbs and so applicable to wide variety of applications, right from restaurant lighting to retail store lighting and from homes to offices. • These LED bulbs are great for altering of mood as they create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

  4. Conclusion The benefits mentioned above were just few of the many benefits that LED bulbs bestow on us. For details on a particular type of  LED bulb, you must visit the manufacturer’s site. And, be ready to do a bit of online search as that will help you to land on to the correct landing page - the one that is of your choice!

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