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Features and Enhancements in Ariba Buyer 8.2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Features and Enhancements in Ariba Buyer 8.2

Features and Enhancements in Ariba Buyer 8.2

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Features and Enhancements in Ariba Buyer 8.2

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  1. Features and Enhancements in Ariba Buyer 8.2

  2. New Features and Enhancements in Ariba Buyer 8.2 This presentation highlights key differences in the user interface between Ariba Buyer 8.2 and Ariba Buyer 7.1a. It will help you get acquainted with changes that have been made to the user interface, by showing you: • How to log on and navigate through Ariba Buyer 8.2 • How workflows have been improved, e.g, reducing wizard steps • How to access and use the new online help • How to take advantage of changes to the shopping cart • How to use new catalog search features and functionality • How to use new paging and chooser tools We hope this information will help prepare you to take full advantage of Ariba Buyer 8.2.

  3. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba 7.1aNavigation: Login 1. You now log into Ariba Buyer on the left-hand side of the screen where the navigation panel normally appears. 1login 1 1. You now log into Ariba Buyer on the left-hand side of the screen where the navigation panel normally appears.

  4. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer 7.1aNavigation: Home Page/Swoosh 5 3 5 nav 4 sticky 3 swoosh 3. Like Ariba Buyer 7.1a, Ariba Buyer 8.2 uses the “swoosh” to highlight primary functions. You may still click any node, i.e., Create, Status, etc. on the “swoosh” to go to the applicable screen. However, now the corresponding areas requiring attention will flash in the left-hand navigation panel rather than on the swoosh, and you can click these links to access your requests. 4. You may choose to show or hide the different functional areas in the navigation panel by clicking on the small arrows. The system remembers your settings across sessions, so that areas you use infrequently do not clutter your screen. 5. Ariba Buyer 8.2 prominently displays “Home”, “Help”, and “Logout” as separate buttons to make them more visible, while leaving lesser used areas in the black banner, i.e., “Preferences”, “Toggle Tips”, and “Toggle Currency”.

  5. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba 7.1a Navigation: How to Navigate 6. The number of steps that appear in the wizards has been reduced to make it easier and faster to enter information. You can still follow a step-by-step process and select the “Next” and “Prev” buttons to navigate within steps, or you can go to the last step to enter all required information. 7. Different types of documents have “watermarked” titles in colored backgrounds. These watermarks allow you to tell at a glance what type of document you are working on, e.g., Requisition, Expense Report, etc. 8. The “Buyer cart” has been renamed the “Shopping Cart”, and now appears at the top of the navigation panel. 8 terminology shift 8 6 6 fewer steps 7 visual clues

  6. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer 7.1aNavigation: How to Navigate 9. To take advantage of standard web terminology, the Summary step has been renamed the “Checkout” step. You can review details of your request on the Checkout screen, and make changes before you submit a request for approval. Experienced users can bypass the other steps and go directly to the Checkout step to complete and submit a request. 10. You now select items and actions you want to perform on them by checking boxes and clicking on the desired button(s), rather than selecting the “Edit” button(s) at the end of each row. To access a line item’s Accounting and Shipping comments, click the “Edit” button. 11. To conserve space, you will no longer see item details by default. You can choose to see the details by clicking the “Show details” link. Your preference for either viewing or not viewing item details will be retained, even when you logout. 9 9 checkout 11 defaulting 10 multi-select 10

  7. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer 7.1a Online Help 13 prominence 13 14 2 modes 15 nav 17glossary 16 switch views 13. The help system has been fully reworked—from adding more powerful search tools to providing new content, index, and glossary. To make “Help” easier to access, a “Help” button now appears at the top of the Command bar. 14. The bottom of each inline tip contains two help links that lead to separate help topics. To learn how to accomplish tasks for the page you are on, click the“How To” link; to learn more about items on the page, click the “Screen Details” link. 15. When you click help links, the new Online Help will appear in a separate pop-up window. Note that you can also get to the general help Contents, Index, & Search by clicking on the links at the top of the Help window. 16. You can also access the “Screen Details” from the “How To” task topic. 17. Glossary terms are hyperlinked. To display a definition in a popup Glossary window, click the underlined term(s).

  8. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer 7.1a Shopping Cart 18. To view items you have added to your request, click the shopping cart icon on any screen where it appears. You can also choose to not show the shopping cart’s contents as you add items by checking the box “Don’t show this page…”. If you later decide you want to see the contents again as you add items, click on the cart icon and uncheck the box. 19. You will no longer see item details by default in the Shopping Cart as you did in 7.1a. To see item details, click on the “Show details” link.You can also go back to the Catalog to continue adding items by clicking the “Add Items” button. 19 defaulting/nav 19 18 dismiss

  9. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer7.1a Search: Introduction 20. Ariba Buyer 8.2 provides more powerful search capabilities, with a simpler, more customizable user interface than Ariba Buyer 7.1a. Note that all the Catalog, Non-Catalog, Favorites, and Saved Searches tabs have been removed. 21. To find an item in the catalog, simply enter a keyword and click the search button, or browse the links below the search area. 22. To access Advanced” search options, click the “Options” menu. 23. To order items not available in an online catalog, click either the “Add Non-Catalog Item” button, or the non-catalog link to fill out a non-catalog request. 20 Search UI 23 21 keyword simple 20 22 no advanced 23 non catalog

  10. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer7.1a Search: Powerful Search Options 24. You no longer need to go to a separate “Advanced” search page. 25. You can use the Options menu to tailor your search screen to match your special search needs. 26. To select options you want to show up on this search page (below the area where you enter keywords), click the Options menu and then select your desired option, e.g., exclude words, price, supplier part #, etc. The options you select will remain on the page until you remove (uncheck) them from the Options menu. 25* 24 26

  11. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer 7.1a Search: How to Display Search Results 27. This screen illustrates what your catalog search screen would look like if you had selected the options Price, Favorites, and Supplier Part # (notice how they appear below the keywords field). 28. This screen also shows results that would be displayed if you had searched on the keyword “batteries”. 27 additional fields activated 28 search results 28

  12. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer7.1a Search: Getting Results 29. You can select the number of results or items that will appear on each page by choosing 10, 20, 50, or 100 from the drop-down menu. 30. You also have several choices about how much of the results you want to see, and how you want to interact with them. Notice that in this example, basic details are displayed (i.e., details of each item are shown with a separate “Add to Cart” button on the right-hand side of each item row) because that is what is selected in the drop-down. 31. By selecting the Details (multi) option you’ll see item details and a checkbox column where you’ll be able to select multiple items and add them to the shopping cart in one operation. 29 how many 30 how much 31 multi

  13. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer 7.1a Search: Adding Items to Favorites 32. It is much easier and faster to add items to your favorites in Buyer 8.2. In Buyer 7.1a you had to click on the item to view its details before you could add it to your favorites. To add a favorite now, just click on the “Add to favorites” link next to the item you want to add. 32 favs 32

  14. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer7.1a Paging & Choosers 33. The way you access pages has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate to any page you are interested in seeing. To go to a specific page, click on the drop-down list and select the desired page. You can also go forward one page by clicking on the forward arrow on the right, or backward one page by clicking on the backward arrow on the left. (Note: the backward arrow does not appear on the first page, and the forward arrow does not appear on the last page). 34. In Ariba Buyer 7.1a, many screens were cluttered with the chooser icons, as shown in the top panel. Most of these have been removed. To select options other than those that appear in the drop-down lists, select the “Other” option in the drop-down list and you will be taken to the same selection page that was previously used when you clicked on the white plus sign in the blue background. 34 33 34

  15. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer 7.1a Approval Flow 35. The Approval Flow step has been removed in Ariba Buyer 8.2, with as much approval information defaulted as possible. However, if you still need to make changes to the approval flow, you can do so on the Checkout page. 36. To add one or more approvers to the approval flow, click the “Add Approver” button; this will display options shown in the screen on the right. 37. To add a single approver, select the appropriate person from the dropdown menu, or select “Other” from the menu to see more potential approvers. To add multiple approvers to the same position in the approval flow, click the “Select Approval Group” link. This link will take you to a page where you can select more than one approver. This approver group is a new feature in Buyer 8.2. 37Approval Group 35 defaulting 36 Adding Approvers

  16. Ariba Buyer 8.2 vs. Ariba Buyer 7.1a…for Further Assistance This concludes our review of the changes between Ariba Buyer v. 7.1a and the new v. 8.2. For further assistance, please contact Heidi Tyre (305) 284-5115 Michelle Roy (305) 284-2209 Aurora Zivalich (305) 284-6901