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By Brooke Guernsey

By Brooke Guernsey

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By Brooke Guernsey

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  1. DINOSAURS By Brooke Guernsey Click to begin!

  2. Whatis a dinosaur? • A dinosaur is an extremely old reptile that lived millions and millions of years ago in a time called the Mesozoic Era. • They lived at a time before humans were even around. Click for the next slide

  3. What did they eat? • The meat eaters, such as Tyrannosauruses, Stegosauruses, and Eoraptors ate other dinosaurs or mammals. • The plant eaters, such as Plateosauruses, Triceratops, and Hadrosaurs ate plants and trees. Click for the next slide

  4. What happened to them? There are many theories about what happened to the dinosaurs. Here are some of them: • An asteroid crashed into Earth. • Mammals were eating the dinosaur eggs. • With the seas shrinking at the end of the Cretaceous Period, the different types of dinosaurs could have met up for the first time. Diseases or new predators may have killed them off. • Poisonous plants. These are just theories though. Scientists are still trying to figure out what really happened to all of them. Click for the next slide

  5. Fun Facts!! • Not all now-extinct reptiles were dinosaurs. • Dinosaurs either got around on two legs or all fours. None of them flew. • A Stegosaurus has a brain the size of a walnut. • The word dinosaur means “fearfully great lizard.” • Most dinosaurs either had the kind that of teeth that could chew plants or the kind that could chew meat. • Some dinosaurs had spikes all over their bodies to help protect them from predators. Click for the next slide

  6. Let’s take a quiz!!! What era did the dinosaurs live in? • The Metrotopic Era • The Mesozoic Era • The Catastrophic Era • The Reptilia Era

  7. Oops! Let’s try again! Return to the Beginning

  8. Correct!!! It is the Mesozoic Era. You really know your stuff! Congratulations! End of Show

  9. References • Grambo, R. Dinosaurs. Kidsbooks, 2006. • Pictures and noises courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art. Bio Page

  10. Bio Page Brooke Guernsey is currently a student at Western Michigan University in the College of Education.