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Electronic Funds Transfer & Electronic Remittance Advice PowerPoint Presentation
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Electronic Funds Transfer & Electronic Remittance Advice

Electronic Funds Transfer & Electronic Remittance Advice

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Electronic Funds Transfer & Electronic Remittance Advice

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  1. Electronic Funds Transfer&Electronic Remittance Advice Bart Strickland Director, Commercial EDI Services BlueCross BlueShield of SC

  2. The Goal… Eliminate Costs of Paper Remits • Printing • Handling • Mailing • Support

  3. Reality Check • Low to Zero adoption of the 835 • Low to Zero adoption of EFT • Management concerned about provider backlash to paperless environment • Must achieve “break even” quickly to maintain internal support

  4. Challenges • Resistance from the provider community • Lack of understanding of value • No push from provider management • Trust • Compliant vs. Operationally Efficient Transactions • “Current state” of the provider community was widely varied – different formats, processes, etc. • Trading Partner delays • Low availability of Internal IT resources due to other priorities

  5. The Push… • Start with the hospitals • Get support of local Association (SCHA) • Develop a foundation of trust • People, Service, Profit • Use real data in demonstrations • Focus on provider problems-create solutions • Eliminate barriers and obstacles • Eliminate “Fear”

  6. Critical Success Factors • Must have senior level support in the provider organization • Must remove costs; not shift them • Must be able to make adjustments quickly • Continuously improve the solution • Use testimonials to build trust and create competition among providers

  7. Our Approach • Focus on adoption from a provider perspective • Face-to-face “what do you need?” meetings • Create a tool that utilizes 835 data to solve provider’s problems • No “one off’ development • Create a mutually beneficial “trade” that creates ROI • Partner well to deliver the solution

  8. My Remit Manager • Non-invasive • Workflow agnostic • Easy adoption • Excellent reporting • Facilitates provider Self Assistance including enrollment and support

  9. MyRemitManager Report Selection – Excellent Reporting Capability Claim Receipt by Channel Claim Receipt by Channel

  10. The Results Thus Far… • 100% of SC Institutional Providers have been converted to the 835 • 100% of SC Institutional Providers are utilizing EFT • 75% have turned off hard copy paper remits

  11. 72% 2004 83% 2005 92.1% 2006 BCA Provider Satisfaction Survey: Most Improved 2005 Overall Satisfaction Local Business

  12. Provider Feedback

  13. "We are so excited over the Remit Manager Web Site. I have already shown it to several of our employees and they are thrilled to be able to see everything on line. Your employees should be commended for all the hard work they have done to bring easier, more simple processes to the provider community. Thank you for not only listening to us, but also for giving us a process that solves many of our worries and delays in getting timely payments. Please pass the appreciation and "thank you" on to anyone who was involved in this great implementation. Thank you." Sandy Oliver Revenue Cycle DirectorFairfield Memorial Hospital

  14. “My remit manager is working wonderfully!! It has cut our posting time by 4-8 hours. It makes it so much easier to find the claims that did not automatically post because we can just do a look up by the account and see the entry instead of trying to find the claim in a 200 page remit. It has cut about a week off of mail time.” Thank you so much, Becky Shumpert Patient Financial Services Lexington Medical Center

  15. “I would like for you to know that we really do enjoy using MyRemitManager. I have heard from several people in my office how much time they save by not having to pull remittances.” Thanks, Linda Browning Business Office Manager Oconee Memorial

  16. “Within the first month we have reduced our staff by one FTE. Others we have been able to re-allocate to other areas that needed attention.” Bobby ManorBon Secours – Roper St Francis Hospital

  17. The world is round… the destination is just the beginning.