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Responding to the Shepherd PowerPoint Presentation
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Responding to the Shepherd

Responding to the Shepherd

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Responding to the Shepherd

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  1. Responding to the Shepherd John 10

  2. Who or what are you listening to?

  3. Listening Involves: • Attention • Affection • Response

  4. Luke 5:16 “But [Jesus] would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.”

  5. Deuteronomy 6:3ff “O Israel, you should listen and be careful to do [His commandments] . . . . Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one! And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.”

  6. Biblical Listening • We do not listen to be passively entertained or intellectually persuaded. • We listen to obey and do something about what we have heard.

  7. Jesus is the Door and the GoodShepherd (10:1-18) • Jesus is the real shepherd (1-6)

  8. Calling Out the Sheep

  9. Jesus is the Door and the GoodShepherd (10:1-18) • Jesus is the door into the sheep fold (7-10)

  10. Psalm 118:19-26 “Open for me the gates of righteousness; I will enter and give thanks to the Lord. This is the gate of the Lord through which the righteous may enter. I will give thanks, for you . . . have become my salvation. The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes . . . . Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

  11. John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

  12. Acts 4:12 “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”

  13. Jesus is the Door and the GoodShepherd (10:1-18) • Jesus is the good shepherd (11-18)

  14. Good Shepherding Involves: • Offering Abundant Life (10) • Self-sacrificing Love and Committed Care (11-12, 15, 17) • Intimate Knowledge of the Flock (14) • Expansive Love for All Sheep Everywhere (16)

  15. What Sheep Are Like • Stupid • Fearful • Nearly Blind • Vulnerable

  16. What Sheep Are Like • Trusting • Loyal • Devoted • Good Followers

  17. A Tale of Two Fraternity Brothers • Mike Bergman

  18. A Tale of Two Fraternity Brothers • John Martin

  19. Mike Bergman Now “Pray that I would truly delight myself in the Lord and not in my circumstances or the things of this world.”

  20. Jesus is the Polarizer of Humanity and Revelation of God (10:19-30) • Jesus is the Polarizer of Humanity (19-24) • Some people attribute Jesus’ claims of divinity to madness and/or the demonic (19-20) • Some people recognize and believe in Jesus because of the divine nature of the miracles He performs (21) • Some claimed to want more and clearer information about Jesus (24)

  21. Jesus is the Polarizer of Humanity and Revelation of God (10:19-30) • Jesus is the Revelation of God (25-30) • Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah (25). • Jesus is the source of eternal life (28-29).

  22. Romans 8:38-39 “I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

  23. Jesus is the Polarizer of Humanity and Revelation of God (10:19-30) • Jesus is the Revelation of God (22-30) • Jesus is “one” with God the Father (30)

  24. Responding to the Shepherd (10:31-42) • Some respond with self-righteous fury and indignation (31, 33, 39)

  25. Responding to the Shepherd (10:31-42) • Jesus responds by reminding his listeners of the evidence for the truth of His claims to divinity (32, 34-39)

  26. C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, 55-56 “I am here trying to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: ‘I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept His claim to be God.’ That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic—on a level with the man who says he is a poached egg—or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: or else a madman or something worse. You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon; or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God. But let us not come with any patronising nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”

  27. Responding to the Shepherd (10:31-42) • “Many people came to him . . . and believed in Jesus” (41-42)

  28. Conclusion and Application • How do you see Jesus in your life? • Do you really believe He your salvation and giver of eternal life? • Do you really believe He is your true and good shepherd? • Are you really willing to submit to Him and let Him lead you wherever He takes you?

  29. A Tale of Two Brothers • Christopher Hitchens • Peter Hitchens

  30. Christopher Hitchens

  31. Peter Hitchens

  32. Deuteronomy 30:15-19 “See I have set before you today life and . . . death . . .; to love the Lord your God, to walk in His ways . . . that you may live . . . . But if your heart turns away and you . . . are drawn away . . . I declare to you today that you shall surely perish. . . . So choose life in order that you may live!”