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Mosque. Aim: To know what is in a Mosque and why it is an important place for Muslims. Why is the Mosque important?.

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  1. Mosque Aim: To know what is in a Mosque and why it is an important place for Muslims

  2. Why is the Mosque important? Muslims believe that they can worship Allah anywhere. Muslims feel though that it is important to have a special place for worship. This place is called a MOSQUE. Many Muslim men go to the Mosque several times a week but the most important is Friday lunch time prayer. Friday is the Muslim holy day.

  3. Women and the Mosque Women are expected to pray either at home or at the Mosque. When they go to the Mosque they stay separate from the men. Muslims believe this allows both men and women to stay concentrated on Allah.

  4. Outside the Mosque This is the Jamia Mosque. It is set on an angle to ensure that the main prayer hall faces Mecca. MECCA is the holy city of Islam.

  5. This is the MINARET. This is a tower where the ‘Call to prayer’ is read from by the MUEZZIN. The MUEZZIN is someone who says the ‘Call to prayer.’

  6. Inside a Mosque When you enter the Mosque you walk into the entrance hall. Here you may see information and also verses from the Qu’Ran.

  7. Anyone who enters the Mosque must remove their shoes. Here is where the shoes are kept. They remove to shoes to show respect.

  8. Before people pray they wash. Here are the washing facilities in this Mosque. This washing is called WUDU. Why do you think Muslims wash before praying?

  9. Here is the main prayer hall. It is empty of furniture. Why do you think it has no furniture?

  10. Muslims Praying

  11. Task • Where does the main hall face? • Why do you think it is important for Muslim children to learn about the Qu’Ran? • Imagine you have visited the Mosque. Write an article for the school newspaper about what you have seen. Remember to explain what you have seen as much as possible. Homework.: Learn spellings and meaning on sheet provided.

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