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NYC Dept. of Education

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NYC Dept. of Education
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NYC Dept. of Education

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  1. NYC Dept. of Education Leaves Refresher for Payroll Secretaries & Principals HR Connect Webcast May 16th 2008 10am

  2. Welcome to the Leaves Refresher Webcast Presenter: Anna Todd HR Connect Training Experts: Hubert Guscott Manager, Leaves Administration Office Ann Chisholm Manager, HR Connect Knowledge and Technology

  3. Today’s format will be interactive • The webcast will include-- • Instruction • Polling • Chat • Q&A

  4. What you can expect • This webcast will: • Provide updates • Clarify certain policies • Offer tips to streamline application processing

  5. On the Agenda • Line of Duty Injury (LODI) • Sabbaticals • Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) • Return from Leaves • Principal Responsibility • Timekeeping • Q&A

  6. LODI Line of Duty Injury

  7. What is LODI? LODI • Line of Duty Injury • Accident or incident while employee is working • Applies to licensed pedagogue (plus UFT educational paraprofessionals and DC37 family paraprofessionals/school aides in the case of assault) • For other titles file C2 form for Worker’s Compensation online at Dept. of Labor website

  8. Roles in the LODI Process LODI • Employee • Payroll Secretary • Principal • Superintendent • Leaves Admin Office

  9. The Employee Should… LODI • Report the incident within 24 hours • Complete and sign the written statement • Obtain medical documentation from their physician and submit the OP198 or OP407

  10. Payroll Secretary/OORS Administrator Role LODI • Enter the 46PLD in EIS timekeeping screen(s) (9.1.1 or 9.2.1) • Log the incident in OORS • Download the report from OORS • Ensure the written statement is complete and signed • Complete an OP 198 and ensure the principal signs the form • Ensure that the employee signs the OP 200 and place in the employee’s file • Send the report along with the principals recommendation to the superintendent • Ensure that the superintendent returns the report with their signed determination • Gather OP 198, comprehensive injury report and the written statement and forward to HR Connect for processing

  11. The Principal’s Role LODI • Investigate the incident • Provide recommendation to the superintendent within 24 hours

  12. Superintendent’s role LODI • Sign and indicate a determination on the Comprehensive Injury Report • Return report to school within 5 days

  13. Leaves Admin Office Role LODI • Process the application • Log determination in EIS medical screen • Send approval/denial, letter and OP198 back to the school and employee

  14. Common Delays LODI • Principal’s determination missing • Superintendent’s signature and/or determination missing

  15. OORS Support For Support with the Online Occurrence Reporting System (OORS), contact: Office of School and Youth Development (OSYD) OSYD Technical Assistance Center 335 Adams Street, 28th Fl Brooklyn, NY 11201 Phone Number:  718.935.5004 Hours of Operation:   7:00 AM to 10:00 PM,  Monday through Friday

  16. Short-Term LODI Considerations LODI • The principal has the authority to approve leaves of less than 10 days resulting from LODI • However, in cases where principals have concerns, they can forward these short-term LODIs to the Leaves Administration Office.

  17. Sabbaticals Sabbatical Leaves for Study or Restoration of Health

  18. What is a Sabbatical? Sabbatical • Paid leave intended to give the employee an opportunity to return as a stronger asset to DOE • Two main types of sabbaticals • Study • Restoration of Health • Eligibility requirements are based on years of service, types of service credited, prior sabbatical leave charged against entitlement, and service required immediately prior to sabbatical leave

  19. Roles in the Sabbatical Leave process Sabbatical • Employee • Principal • Payroll Secretary • Superintendent • Leaves Administration Office

  20. The Employee’s Role Sabbatical • Complete OP8 and statement by applicant for UFT Sabbatical leave of absence (attachment #4) • Complete OP407 (health only) • Provide principal with proscribed coursework (study only) and OP8 for approval • Send application to HR Connect after obtaining principal and superintendent signature • At the conclusion of Study Sabbatical, send transcripts to HR Connect

  21. The Principal’s Role Sabbatical • Sign to indicate approval decision (study only) or acknowledge receipt of the application (health) • Forward OP8 to Superintendent

  22. Payroll Secretary Sabbatical • Work with the principal to ensure that paperwork is submitted to the superintendent • Ensure timekeeping is up-to-date

  23. Superintendent’s role Sabbatical • Review coursework (study sabbatical only) • Sign and indicate a determination • Return application to the employee

  24. Leaves Admin Office Role Sabbatical • Process the application • Enter transaction in EIS • Send approval/denial letter back to the school and employee • Validate coursework at conclusion of study sabbatical

  25. Common Delays Sabbatical • Statement by applicant for UFT Sabbatical leave of absence (attachment #4) missing • Superintendent signature missing • Timekeeping not up-to-date for less than 6 month health sabbatical • Study sabbatical applications that arrive after the due date

  26. Other Sabbatical Considerations Sabbatical • Final approval of sabbaticals is not complete until the Leaves Administration office has administratively approved the leave • Study Sabbaticals that involve travel are generally not approved • It is very important that the submission happens in a timely fashion

  27. FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act

  28. What is FMLA? FMLA • Family & Medical Leave Act (federal law) • Secures job and benefits while out for qualifying family or medical reasons • Employees entitled to 12 weeks per 12 month period

  29. FMLA Eligibility FMLA • Must be an active employee for a minimum of 12 months prior to the leave • Must have worked a minimum of 1250 hours in the immediate 12 months prior to the leave

  30. FMLA Qualifying Events FMLA • Maternity • Child Care • New baby • Adoption • Foster Care • Care of a seriously ill spouse, parent or child • Restoration of Health (Own serious health condition)

  31. Roles in the FMLA Leave process FMLA • Employee • Principal • Payroll Secretary • Leaves Administration Office

  32. The Employee’s Role FMLA • Complete application • Work with Payroll Secretary to understand the breakdown (paid/unpaid) of their leave • Gather application and supporting docs and ensure they are sent to HR Connect

  33. The Principal’s Role FMLA • Sign all forms

  34. Payroll Secretary FMLA • Ensure timekeeping is up-to-date • Complete OP198 if applicable • Work with employee to help them understand the breakdown of their leave (paid/unpaid)

  35. Leaves Admin Office Role FMLA • Process the application • Enter transaction in EIS • Send approval/denial letter back to the school and employee

  36. Common Delays FMLA • Misunderstanding "paid" and "unpaid" FMLA and when the 12-week count begins • Using old FMLA application which does not indicate "Date Employee Comes Off Payroll" • Submission of applications for employees who are not eligible

  37. Other FMLA Considerations FMLA • Paid and unpaid both count towards FMLA • SLOAC Entitlements

  38. Restoration of Health Example FMLA 12 weeks (Paid and Unpaid FMLA) Start of Leave Start of COBRA Start of SLOAC FMLA (Paid) FMLA (Unpaid) 8 weeks Accrued Leave SLOAC (Unpaid) - if applicable Sick (Unpaid) 4 weeks 14 weeks Remainder of Leave End of Leave

  39. Returns Returning from a Leave of Absence

  40. Return From Leaves Tracking System (LTS) Returns • Tracks employees’ intentions upon expiration of their leave • Helps schools and ISCs to make budgeting and hiring decisions for the coming school year

  41. Roles in the Returns process Returns • Principal • Payroll Secretary • Employee • Leaves Administration Office

  42. The Employee’s Role Returns • Log onto the leaves tracking system • Enter intention • Call school • Other actions as required, (depending on the employee’s intention) • For technical support call HR Connect

  43. Payroll Secretary Returns • Review report • Work with principal to discuss who is coming back and who is not • Email if you need a user account

  44. Leaves Admin Office Role Returns • If the employee wants to extend or apply for a new leave: • Process the application • Enter transaction in EIS • Send approval/denial letter and back to the school and employee

  45. Common Delays Returns • Employee fails to enter intention • Employee does not submit documentation after intent declared in a timely manner

  46. Other Leaves Considerations Additional Information for Principals

  47. Other Considerations for Principals • Replacement strategy for leaves of less than 1 year • We are now accepting email signatures

  48. Timekeeping

  49. Maternity Timekeeping • From date of birth up to six weeks (8 weeks cesarean) • May borrow up to 20 CAR days if CAR days have been exhausted • Entitled to one calendar month of Grace Period per school year • Teacher must return to work after the 6 weeks or apply for a leave of absence for child care without pay

  50. Restoration of Health Timekeeping • Must exhaust accumulative CAR days • May borrow up to 20 CAR days if CAR days have been exhausted • Entitled to one calendar month of Grace Period • Teacher must return to work or apply for a leave of absence for restoration of health leave without pay