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Rock Music

Rock Music Enter…….dude! Rock over the years… My Top 10 bands and why… Welcome

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Rock Music

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  1. Rock Music Enter…….dude!

  2. Rock over the years… My Top 10 bands and why… Welcome Small print: Remember comrades, this is an IT project, not the World Authority on Rock Music. There will be countless bands I don’t know about and will appreciate all helpful comments. However if you don’t agree with anything on here, you are entitled to your own opinions, comrades, but I don’t care. P.S. I am not a Communist. Long live the Queen! *ahem* Die corgis die!

  3. Rock Over The Years...

  4. Queen • Queen are amazing. They may be old and Freddie Mercury may have tragically died, but they truly were a great band. Their songs had life and were also funny and the videos for their songs and Freddie Mercury’s outfits were amazing.

  5. My Top 10 Bands

  6. Evanescence • Lead vocalist of Evanescence, Amy Lee, has an amazing voice. It gives a different sound to their music, which was described by her as, “dramatic, dark rock.” Their music tends to focus on dark themes of love, despair and desperation but the initial message behind the music of Evanescence is a positive one. They say the point of the band and their music is to let people know they’re not alone dealing with pain and despair and that everyone else deals with it too.

  7. I like Pink Floyd because the music is very good, but also that their lyrics always have a deep meaning to them and one makes my friend and I want to cry-“The Post War Dream”. Pink Floyd

  8. The Darkness • The Darkness are one of my favourite bands because their album is really good and although everyone can see that they are shamelessly copying Queen’s past successes, they are still living the glam-rock era of spandex and long, greasy hair. They are refreshing to see on TV after watching the other all-the-same pop rubbish and all the other music, which is quite basically, pants.

  9. Bowling For Soup • Bowling for Soup have a good image because they show you that you don’t have to be really good-looking or slim or whatever to be a successful band. They have a member who is really quite fat and the rest look just like normal blokes. Their songs are fun and light-hearted and I really like their sound.

  10. Linkin Park • Linkin Park’s music is very different to all the other albums I have. They sort of mix rock with a bit of rap and it works really well; I definitely love their music. The videos and lyrics also carry messages-though usually about something wanting to die or something.

  11. Nickelback • Nickelback have good lyrics and Chad Kroeger has a really nice voice, their album is one of my favourites.

  12. Led Zeppelin

  13. Blink 182 • Blink 182 is one of my favourites because they have such an unusual style. Their songs can be quite serious to listen to, but also have a fun, lighter side to stop them falling into the really depressing-I’m-going-to-slit-my-wrists-because-she-doesn’t-love-me category.

  14. Deep Purple Personally I think “Smoke on the Water” is one of the greatest songs ever. The opening is just class and all of their songs are excellent, but not as good as “Smoke on the Water”.

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