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Daily TAKS Connection: Safe Practices PowerPoint Presentation
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Daily TAKS Connection: Safe Practices

Daily TAKS Connection: Safe Practices

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Daily TAKS Connection: Safe Practices

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  1. Daily TAKS Connection:Safe Practices Objective 1 BIO/IPC(1): The student, for at least 40% of the instructional time, conducts field and laboratory investigations using safe, environmentally appropriate, and ethical practices. (A) Demonstrate safe practices during field and laboratory investigations

  2. Construct a matchbook foldable Materials: Foldable handout Scissors Pen Colored pencils/crayons Instructions: Cut the matchbook template along the solid line (this will form 2 separate matchbook foldables). Fold each dotted line Staple bottom tab to form the “matchbook” Foldable Instructions

  3. Foldable Activity Students are to analyze each laboratory scenario and glue in appropriate “matches” for each scenario.

  4. “You Tell Me” Susan and Miguel are making attempts to identify a liquid solution. What might they do to make determinations? Litmus Paper Wafting pH meter

  5. “You Tell Me” Sue is diluting concentrated sulfuric acid . Which container contains the water? In addition to adding the sulfuric acid to the water, what else should Sue be doing? STIRRING A B

  6. “You Tell Me” After Sue has completed the laboratory investigation ….. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Sue should return any unused chemicals to the original container. FALSE Sue should place any broken glass in the glass receptacle. TRUE Clean and properly store the equipment so that the possibility of contamination is minimized. TRUE Sue should use caution because sulfuric acid is corrosive. TRUE

  7. Notes On the back of one of your matchbook’s copy the investigation cycle Circle the process where safety precautions should be planned

  8. Infer What Information can be gathered from the following Pictograms?