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7 Customer Retention Tips for A Successful Travel Website PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Customer Retention Tips for A Successful Travel Website

7 Customer Retention Tips for A Successful Travel Website

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7 Customer Retention Tips for A Successful Travel Website

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  1.         7 Customer  Retention Tips for a  Successful Travel  Website                                   

  2.   The tourism industry is facing a historic crisis. It means that travel businesses are                             having sleepless nights and trying every trick up their sleeve to recover from the                             slowdown. While it is tough to stay positive in this scenario, the only option is to                                 put the best travel website strategy in place and gear up for the post lockdown                               phase. It would also be blasphemy if travel websites don’t utilize this time to retain                               their customer base.    Enriching the travel website features is often put on the backburner when the                           demand is high. It is time to focus on it. This blog highlights how you can plan a                                     travel website strategy and add features that are missing to enhance the customer                           experience.        Improve Customer Service Through Chatbots  To satisfy customers, it is important to listen to them. Excellent customer service                           is, thus, one of the key travel website features. It is, therefore, important to devote                               a significant budget to it and to revalue this function. Customer service can be                             integrated with chatbots and video conferencing for enhancing the function.    1 

  3.   The traffic on your website is still high, mostly for cancellations or rescheduling.                           Instead of those automated audio responses that only add to customer frustration,                         why not use the power of video conferencing to send a message. Chatbots                           integrated with machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) will go a long                           way in retaining customers. ​Chatbot development may be a one-time investment but it will help you even after the COVID crisis ends. Because you will be receiving a                                                         lot of calls and queries then.    Leverage the power of AR/VR  So what if travellers are unable to step out of homes. Bring the destinations to their                                 screen through your travel website. Every individual prefers to know the                       destination before they visit it. Offer 3D and 4D visuals of the hotel rooms,                             destination, cruise or the coach they will be travelling in. Once customers get                           addicted to your website, they will spread the word.    Augmented Reality (AR) helps strengthen research experiences by providing                   engaging and interactive information. Thanks to innovative mobile applications,                   these enriched experiences can be extended to travellers, which facilitates their                       search and enables them to gain confidence.    In the Tourism industry, virtual reality now makes it possible to visualize a                           destination, a hotel room or an airplane seat before booking. Researchers                       emphasize that the interaction relationship between the tourist/cultural place and                     its visitor contributes to making the experience richer. Thus, ​virtual and augmented reality gives the visitor the opportunity to experience a site or to be                                                   seduced by a destination before going there.      2 

  4.   Have you Incorporated it on Your Travel Website?  Private Sales  “Take advantage of our exclusive Private Sales! Products at 50% off just for you!”    By reading this, your customer will probably feel privileged. And that’s the goal! A                             loyal customer has a high value, and they must be made to feel it. Thank them for                                   their loyalty. Show them how important it is by offering discounts that aren’t                           available to everyone.    It is a virtuous circle that you create with your customers. You offer them private                               sales with discounts, they will be even more satisfied and spread the word. It is also                                 beneficial for you because you promote repeat purchase. It’s win-win!    Up-Sell & Cross-Sell  Cross-sell is a technique which consists in offering buyers a set of complementary                           products. This allows you to boost your sales, but you still have to use it correctly,                                 starting from real customer expectations.    Up-sell, on the contrary, is a technique which consists in proposing a product or                             service slightly superior and more expensive than that in which the prospect is                           interested.    For the travel sector, cross-selling is particularly effective. This technique makes it                         possible to offer customers the additional services they will need on-site, such as                           renting a car or ski equipment. It is also possible to improve the user experience by                                 using the up-sell to allow the customer to choose his place or his menu for                               example.    3 

  5.   CRM to Develop Clients  Customer relationship management (CRM) is a helpful tool available to travel                       websites to manage their relationships with customers. This makes it possible to                         establish relationships of trust, which quickly becomes a source of loyalty.                       According to the type of CRM tool you use, you will be able to take advantage of                                   certain functionalities which will allow a personalized option to develop your                       clients. It helps in:    ● The CRM offers a very interesting flow of information allowing to have                         visibility on different marketing actions and travel website strategy.  ● By automating the sales department, it can offer an effective tool for the                           sales force.  ● The CRM offers this listening functionality which allows the company to be                         aware of all complaints or questions and to take charge of them.    It is therefore strongly advised to develop a CRM solution if we want a successful                               travel website.    Focus on Promotional Activities  You can, for example, organize a contest to make a buzz around you. Try to                               maximize the participants’ interest so that they can talk about it to others (future                             customers). Do not be stingy on the rewards, this kind of action brings with it, a lot                                   of customers curious to discover you. Also, associate rewards that benefit you in                           the long run.     For example, ask customers to share their best travel story to win a hotel stay. This                                 improves their chances of booking flights and activities through your website. Also,                         this will help spread word of mouth about your brand.    4 

  6.   Needless to say, you will have good content for your digital marketing strategy to                             connect with new customers. Use tools like Email Marketing, Social Media and ads                           to get customers talking about your travel website.    Make Your Customers Express their Satisfaction  Customer complaints are common; testimonials – not so much. However, it is                         important to stimulate customers to promote word of mouth. Testimonials or                       feedback is one of the best travel website features.     Ask for a testimonial through emailers or push notifications. If they find it difficult                             to express themselves, you can set up a small reward system, a gift for those who                                 will leave a note. It’s always quite effective! Plus, the reward points will be used to                                 book trips on your website. A win-win again!    To Conclude  By following all of these tips, you should be able to grow your customer base even                                 when the economy is slowing down. Since it is cheaper to retain a customer than to                                 acquire a new one, implementing loyalty techniques in your travel website strategy                         is essential.    Keep in mind that the travel and tourism sector will bounce back post this crisis.                               The best thing to do, therefore, is to closely follow new trends and new demands                               from consumers. Be in step with your time so as not to lose precious resources!    If you have any new ideas from the list of ​top travel websites development features​, let’s discuss. At OneClick IT Solutions, we have nearly a decade of                                                       experience in using cutting edge technology for best travel site development.                       5 

  7.   Whether it is AI, VR/AR or chatbots, we can help you integrate all these features so                                 that your business has a competitive edge.     Connect with us to know more about our customised and white-label travel portal                           development solutions.                                                  6 

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