ibm txseries v s bea tuxedo n.
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IBM TXSeries v.s BEA Tuxedo PowerPoint Presentation
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IBM TXSeries v.s BEA Tuxedo

IBM TXSeries v.s BEA Tuxedo

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IBM TXSeries v.s BEA Tuxedo

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  1. IBM TXSeries v.s BEA Tuxedo Guide to competitive distributed Transaction Processing Monitor selling

  2. Customer Information Control System IBM’s Transaction Processing Middleware Transaction = a Unit of Work What we do every day… e.g. ATM, buy a train ticket, short conversation, hand over money, take ticket • CICS transaction servers(Transaction Management System or Monitor) • are IBM’s premier Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems that: • - Shield complexity of platforms / terminals: runs applications written in COBOL, C, C++, PL/I and JAVA • - Provide a rich set of resources and management services: accesses customer data and optimizes the operating system usage, e.g., 2 phase commit • TXSeries for Multiplatforms is a CICS transaction server • on AIX, Windows, HP and Solaris: • In 2006 it achieved 30% Year on Year growth • A number ofcompetitive wins from BEA • A number of million $ deals in key markets and industries • (AP, Gov’ment, Banking etc) & many mid market wins • Influenced million $ of cross-sell, up-sell to WAS, MQ, DB2, development tools etc in 2006 CICS family of products includes transaction servers, tools and connectors - heavily investing in SOA

  3. Successful workshops / PoCs – expertise and support from local and Lab assigned SME Leverage relationships with sales and key Business Partners, Better product pricing model, and total cost of ownership of overall solution based on TXSeries CICS Competitive Successes Against TuxedoMany example successes in • Banking, Public Sector, Telecom…. • Some of the client worries and complaints include: • Tuxedo can charge too much (initially and increases even more later on in the cycle) • IBM has a competitive solution in the same space and can be much cheaper • Instead of buying more and more Tuxedo – is it worth going onto the CICS mainframe? • With better tools / complementary options TCO of IBM’s solution can be much cheaper

  4. Basic Features Comparison with Tuxedo

  5. IBM Silver Bullets Key Messages: • IBM offers a portfolio of transaction servers and a superior and complete solution: family integration of CICS on distributed and mainframe, and WebSphere (WAS, MQ), cross platform common API; superior connectors and tooling (CTG, RAD, WDz, DB2) • Lower prices throughout the cycle: lower licence charges, flexible pricing structure, better application development (Rational, WDz, EGL, IBM COBOL support) • High double digit growth for TXSeries (TXSeries CICS 35% WR growth in 2006) and Tuxedo seeing 23% decline in 2005 and “adverse effect” decline trend in 2006. (Back up evidence – see annual report and various news items on recent stock market warning.) Areas to Focus on when selling against Tuxedo: • Total Cost of Ownership: lower licence & maintenance charges, lower memory usage cost, solution cost • Cross platform API: subset of superior CICS API, and cross platform • SOA Integration and solution: with CICS on the mainframe, WebSphere, and superior tooling • Simplified usage: DCE/Encina removal, WUI admin console; fewer TCP ports for server, no need to restart running applications when install/upgrade • Powerful development tools: Rational, WDz, EGL, IBM COBOL • XA Capabilities: 2 phase commit for multiple XA resource managers • Larger system development: multiple app process/servers, scaling up to mainframe deployment • Additional PL/I and Java language support

  6. TXSeries for Multiplatforms, Version 6.1 SummaryNext Generation of distributed CICS The latest and popular release • A significantly simplified infrastructure • Offers simplified installation, configuration and administration by removing the DCE and Encina prerequisites from all platforms • New intuitive administration capability • See Fig 1 • More power and higher availability: • Offers a higher-availability infrastructure that enables TXSeries to withstand planned or unplanned downtime of XA-connected resources Fig 1 Web based Administration Console TXSeries v6.1 (All platforms) Most significant new release in over 10 years! Remove DCE and Encina TXSeries v6.0 (AIX) Remove DCE & Encina Enhanced Security TXSeries v5.1 (All platforms) Significant new function added Further Releases & Versions IBM will continue to enhance TXSeries CICS for the foreseeable future Packaged with WebSphere Developer for z as Testing Environment Nov. 2006 Dec. 2005 Apr. 2004 Increase TXSeries and overall IBM Value Proposition

  7. More Resources and Contacts Xtreme Leverage or external web site are the best place for up to date information: • Internal or external Presentations • Marketing material: Announcement Letters, Datasheets • Technical Material: Library, Redbooks • And more… Who do I contact? • Members of the TXSeries Offering Team Or they could direct you to the right teams Where are the technical Q&As and tips? • For online technical questions ask IBM technical product teams or other TXSeries users on new forum, google “TXSeries Forum”

  8. Back up

  9. TXSeries as a component of SOA Enables end-to-end, distributed, mixed-language SOA through integration with WebSphere and CICS Transaction Server for z/OS • The JCA interface provided in the CICS TG connects TXSeries to the following WebSphere SOA server products: • WebSphere ESB • WebSphere Application Server • WebSphere Process Server • TXSeries with WebSphere MQ can connect to: • WebSphere Message Broker • Websphere Process Server • Websphere Partner Gateway • And any other product that supports MQSeries transport • TXSeries is the testing environment of WebSphere Developer for zSeries, and has traditionally cross sold IBM Cobol and other application development products CICS Region EJB EJB JSP CICS program MQ JMS/MQ CICS ECI Adapter Servlet CTG WebSphere Application Server

  10. Branch Office Headquarters TXSeries CICS TS Common Deployment Scenarios Distributed transaction server • As a transactional run time for custom application services • As a composite transaction server connected to WebSphere Application Server • As a distributed CICS server for local branch-level processing Intranet TXSeries WebSphere

  11. Common Deployment Scenarios Rapid deployment transactional integration server • A consolidating mid-tier terminal server • An intelligent mid-tier gateway • A comprehensive mid-tier integration server MQ WebSphere & CTG Non-IBM Solution Web CUC IMS TXSeries HOD CICS TS Telnet DB2 VSAM

  12. CICS TXSeries Up sell and Cross sell from TXSeries WAS Stack Products MQ Products Web CICS Transaction Gateway Terminals and AIX Hardware CICS Transaction Server for z/OS WebSphere HATS WebSphere Developer for zSeries WSAA Rational Tools DB2 IBM COBOL