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AD Analysis

AD Analysis. 許琳婕 LINDA 會四甲 43711309. 1. 全家便利商店. SLOGAN- 全家就是你家 :

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AD Analysis

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  1. AD Analysis 許琳婕 LINDA 會四甲 43711309

  2. 1.全家便利商店 • SLOGAN-全家就是你家: • It means this shop just like your home. The slogan wants to leave a warm impression for customers. I think this is a successful slogan, because convenient store sells daily use goods. It has to make people feel like family, so this slogan says if you come here just like you come home.

  3. 2.媚登峰國際美容中心 • SLOGAN-TRUST ME YOU CAN MAKE IT: • This is a slim body commercial film. Why they choose the slogan? I think the reason for building customer’s confidence. Women always care about their body. If you don’t satisfy you body, you may think you’ rent a charming girl. This moment you loose your confidence, you may can’t do well when you work or something. The purpose of ad is attracting women come here in order to make them be beauty. Therefore, if you trust them, you can do anying you want. The slogan cheers up women’s confidence. It’s very successful slogan

  4. 3.全國電子 • SLOGAN-全國電子就甘心ㄟ: • When Isaw the film I was moved. It leaves deep impression for me. The content of ad are helping poor students can buy their products by discount and using best way to serve customers. They want to make a thoughtful image brand, so the slogan say they are so sweet. They hope customers happy by purchasing their products.

  5. 4.肯德基 • SLOGAN-這不是肯德基: • This is a very interesting slogan. Why they emphasize this is not their chicken? From their ad we can see someone only want to eat KFG’s chicken. Why? I think they emphasize their chicken is good tasty than others. No one can replace their chicken. This is very successful to attract people’s attention through the actor crying and saying THIS IS NOT KFG!

  6. 5.全聯福利中心 • SLOGAN-全聯最便宜: • This ad is very special. When you see the film, you can see two old man eat cookies. One of man eat their product, one of man eat others. The tasty is the same but 全聯is more cheaper. Their ad correspond their slogan “THEY ARE CHEAPIST AND SUPERIOR QUALITY.”Their ad is direct and clearly for customer and is the purpose they want to present to people.

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