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July 16, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014

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July 16, 2014

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  1. Home Base Overview: “A Day in the Life of a Teacher: How Schoolnet Can Be Used to Improve Instruction”CTE Conference July 16, 2014

  2. Session Outline • Home Base Overview • Locate instructional materials • Create instructional resources and lessons • Schedule instruction on the Lesson Planner • Create, schedule, assign assessments • Review assessment results on dashboard • Share experiences from users • Q&A

  3. Home Base Overview: An Integrated Suite of Technology Tools Information Instruction Student Information and Learner Profile Instructional Design, Practice & Resources Data Analysis and Reporting Educator Effectiveness: Evaluation and Professional Development Assessment Instructional Tools & Resources a newstandards-aligned tool for instruction (e.g. lesson plans, unit plans), assessment, and data analysis Information a student information system Effectiveness an online evaluation system and newprofessional development system Schoolnet Instruction and Assessment OpenClass Collaboration Truenorthlogic Evaluation and PD PowerSchool Student Information 3

  4. What resources are already available?

  5. Instructional Resources Available Future Present Over 28,000 Instructional Resources (lesson plans, unit plans, multi-media,etc.) across all grades and subjects Additional standards-aligned resources and vetted instructional resources, including the best of North Carolina educators’ work 5

  6. 17,650 + Open Education Resources Some of our many Content Providers 6

  7. 11,920 External Resources 8,672 Instructional Resources for Social Studies and Science Current Providers of External Content 1,137 Instructional Resources for English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages 2,111 Additional Instructional Resources in various for Art, Music, History, etc. 7

  8. 500+ NC DPI Resources 8

  9. Access Schoolnet

  10. Home Base Login Page

  11. Student Information System Landing Page • From this student information system landing page, you will click on “Schoolnet” to access the instructional improvement system.

  12. Locate Instructional Materials

  13. Classrooms Module in Schoolnet

  14. Locate Instructional Materials

  15. Search Instructional Materials • Use subject, grade levels, type of material or keyword to search for materials.

  16. Key Points: • Locate ”Instructional Materials” by subject, grade, standard • Use “Filters” wisely (reset filters, if needed) • “?”for Help • Search “Home Base Training” for extra help resources • For materials vetted by the state, click on “State” under “Institution” • Save your best finds in “My Materials” bank

  17. Create Instructional Materials/Lessons/Resources

  18. Create Instructional Materials

  19. Create Instructional Materials

  20. Creating a Lesson Plan

  21. Align to Standards

  22. Add Content

  23. Add Identifiers

  24. Save and Complete • When you have completed your plan or if you just want to save and come back to it later, be sure to click Save before navigating away from the material you are creating (lower right corner on each screen).

  25. Share Lesson Plans

  26. Schedule a Lesson Plan

  27. Search for Lesson Plan

  28. Schedule the Lesson Plan

  29. Select a Date

  30. Lesson Planner View

  31. Assign a Resource

  32. Find a Resource and Save It

  33. Make a Copy to Edit • Click on “Copy” in order to edit a material to make it your own

  34. Click “Edit”

  35. Select “For Students” to Assign a Resource

  36. Click “Assign”

  37. Assessment Admin

  38. Schoolnet: Assessment Functionality 38

  39. Assessment Items Future Present Over 36,000 items in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Science, and Social Studies. These came from ClassScape or were purchased from outside vendors. Additional items, including multiple item types (approximately 62,000 total items will be available for teacher and district use at the start of the 2014-15 school year) 39

  40. Create a Test Manually

  41. Creating Benchmark Assessments

  42. Item and Test Item Settings

  43. Add Items to the assessment • Add your own by selecting the item type of your choice

  44. You could also view the item, edit it, remove it from the test, or turn the timer off, if you had selected for one to be on for this assessment • You can also add an item to the test from this page by clicking “Add Item” which you can find above the first question and at the bottom of the page

  45. Click on Schedule Information to be able to schedule your assessment to students. • Use the Edit Schedule and Settings link to head to the Schedule to Courses page

  46. Scheduling Assessments

  47. Options for Assessments

  48. Assign the Assessment to Students

  49. Schedule to Courses

  50. Assessments: Student View