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On the index card, please write:

On the index card, please write:. Your name Describe your summer in one word 3 of your “likes” 3 of your “dislikes” What you are excited about this school year . Français III. Mme. Kate Suarez. All about Mme Suarez. B.A. in French and European Studies from CSU (GO RAMS!)

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On the index card, please write:

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  1. On the index card, please write: • Your name • Describe your summer in one word • 3 of your “likes” • 3 of your “dislikes” • What you are excited about this school year

  2. Français III Mme. Kate Suarez

  3. All about Mme Suarez • B.A. in French and European Studies from CSU (GO RAMS!) • M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from UMKC • Taught kindergarten for 3 years at a French immersion school, second year at SVA • Married, has a cat named Oreo • Vices: Diet Coke and the Real Housewives • Likes: Barenaked Ladies, dance (any type), anything scary, Halloween, going to the movies, Mexican food, trivia, being organized • Dislikes: spiders, soggy bread, loud eaters, singing in front of others

  4. Syllabus Français II Mme Kate Suarez ****ksuarez@skyviewacademy.k12.co.us 303-471-8439ext. 246 Personal webpage found in the “Foreign Language” section of the High School page on SkyView website. Emails detailing the upcoming themes/subjects for the week will be sent out on Fridays by 6:00pm. Textbook: D’accord! Level 3 by Vista Higher Learning *Please cover* Supply List: - 1.5 inch 3-ring binder - dividers (5 tab) - French-English pocket dictionary (Larousse or Webster make great ones!) - college ruled notebook paper - pencils, pens (blue or black ink only, please)

  5. Syllabus cont. Content Overview: Bienvenue au niveautrois! This year students will explore different French-speaking countries through vocabulary, short films, articles, grammar, and selections of literature. Along with intensive review of previously learned grammar, students will learn the pluperfect and subjunctive tense, demonstrative pronouns and adjectives, as well as other select new grammatical structures. Classes will be conducted primarily in French. Students will be expected to complete homework on an almost nightly basis, as well as participate in discussion, give oral presentations, and create meaningful projects. Students will be evaluated by the “5 C’s” standards of foreign language learning.

  6. The “5 C’s” • Communication – communicate in languages other than English • Cultures – gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures • Connections– connect with other disciplines and acquire information • Comparisons– develop insight into the nature of language and culture • Communities – participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world

  7. Syllabus cont. Classroom Expectations: As a general rule, you should always come to class on-time and prepared and respect your materials, peers and teacher. I encourage flexibility and a positive attitude – we are all going to make mistakes and occasionally sound funny as we’re learning a new language – it’s normal! Let’s encourage each other! Participation and active engagement in activities is also essential for success. Note: Absolutely NO ONLINE TRANSLATORS are permitted for use on any and all assignments.

  8. Expectations continued • Speak French whenever possible – with the teacher and each other • Keep binder and work neatly organized • Ask questions! Don’t wait until it’s too late! • Take notes… you will review them often • Try to take your bathroom breaks during passing period • Please save side conversations for after class – class time is work time • Be flexible…

  9. Syllabus cont. Grading Scale: A 90 – 100 D 60 – 69 B 80 – 89 F below 60 C 70 – 79 *Late Policy: Late assignments will be accepted up to 5 days after the due date with a deduction of 10% per day up to 5 days. After 5 days, the assignment is entered as a “0.”

  10. Routine • Check white board/projection first thing for homework corrections and/or échauffement activity • Have homework easily accessible for me to check for completion • Transition time between activities – what does this look like? What is acceptable? • Wait for me to dismiss class

  11. SVA’s Big 5 • No food or drink in the classroom • Cell phones are not to be seen or heard in the classroom • All hands, feet, and objects should be kept to yourself • Be where you are supposed to be at all times • No backpacks in the classroom

  12. SVA’s Consequences for Misbehavior • Warning • Call/email home • Detention & call/email home • Office Referral * Severe offences: automatically #4

  13. Grading • Homework • Quizzes • Tests • Classwork/Participation • Projects

  14. échauffementmercredi le 21 août • Pratiquez ces virlangues! (tongue-twisters) • Fruits frais, fruits frits, fruits cuits, fruits crus. • Un chasseur sachant chasser chassait sans son chien de chasse.

  15. Le contrat social • Comment voulez-vousêtretraité par moi? • Comment voulons-nous noustraiter? • Je veuxêtretraité comment? • Comment nous noustraiteronsdans les temps de conflict?

  16. échauffementjeudi, le 22 août • Quellessont 3 choses quevous cherchez dans un amour idéal?

  17. D’accord 3 At-A-Glance • Sommaire – outlines the content and features of each lesson and highlights the country or region of study • Pour commencer – introduces the thematic lesson vocabulary with activities • Court métrage– features an award-winning short film by a contemporary francophone filmmaker along with a synopsis of the film and captioned video stills • Préparation & Analyse– reinforces and expands upon the Court métrage with pre-viewing activities, vocabulary, useful expressions, and post-viewing activities • Imaginez – simulates a voyage to the featured country or region with activities, terms and expressions and project ideas • Le zapping & Galerie de créateurs– features authentic video and cultural figures of the francophone world • Structures – reviews and introduces grammar points; provides directed and communicative practice, and activities that bring together all elements of the lesson. • Culture – a cultural reading tied to the lesson theme • Littérature – provides literary readings by well-known writers from across the francophone world

  18. Leçon 1 Ressentir et vivre

  19. Objectifs • Apprendre le vocabulaire des relations, des sentiments, de l’état civil, et de la personnalité • Regarder le film À tes amours • Appredre les connections entre les États-Unis et la France • Lire un peu du chef américain Julia Child • Appredre les verbes avec un changementd’orthographe • Apprendre les verbesirréguliers: être, avoir, faire, et aller • Apprendre à former les questions • Lire un article de la musique et de la cuisine francophone aux États-Unis • Lire le poèmeIl pleuredansmoncœurde Paul Verlaine

  20. Les relations

  21. uneâmesœur

  22. uneamitié

  23. des commérages (m.)

  24. un esprit

  25. un mariage

  26. un rendez-vous

  27. uneresponsabilité

  28. comptersur

  29. draguer

  30. s’engager (eversquelqu’un)

  31. faire confiance (à queuqu’un)

  32. mentir

  33. mériter

  34. partager

  35. poser un lapin (à quelqu’un)

  36. quitter quelqu’un

  37. rompre

  38. sortir avec

  39. (in)fidèle

  40. Les sentiments

  41. agacer/énerver

  42. aimer

  43. avoirhonte (de)

  44. en avoirmarre (de)

  45. s’entendrebien (avec)

  46. gêner

  47. se mettre en colèrecontre

  48. ressentir

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