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Local Housing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Local Housing Strategy

Local Housing Strategy

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Local Housing Strategy

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  1. Local Housing Strategy

  2. LHS Presentation • Angus LHS Review 2007-08 • New Style LHS • LHS Guidance 2008

  3. Angus LHS Review 2007-08 • Key Priority Areas • Helping Aging and Disabled households • Mixed Tenure & Housing Options • Housing Market areas and housing Need • Improving Housing Quality • Alleviate & Prevent homelessness • Responding to population changes and incre4ased demand from migrant workers

  4. 1. Helping Ageing and Disabled households • in 2007-08 the Private Sector Grant of £1.023m was applied to 242 houses in the private sector to help with adaptations • Angus Council spent £548k providing both minor and major adaptations to council housing stock assisting tenants with physical disabilities • In 2008 the population of over 60 yr olds was 27,774, 25.2% of the population, it is estimated to rise by 49% by 2031

  5. 2. Mixed Tenure & Housing Options • In 2006-07 an in-house Study estimated a total need for 1,087 units of affordable housing. 942 units for rental, 145 low cost home ownership. LCHO demand fell due to rise in house prices from 2003 – 2007 the average house price increased from £54K to £131k, whilst 56% of households income was below £25k • 2007-08 Scottish Govt provided £7.192m funding Affordable housing in Angus, RSLs Completed 118 houses for rent and LCHO, 73 Arbroath, 21 Brechin, 2 Carnoustie, 22 Forfar. • 2007-08 8 houses benefited from the empty homes grant of 150,000

  6. 3. Housing Market areas and housing Need • Previous LHS focused on Local Housing Need Assessment, revealing Angus has relatively self contained market areas. With little cross boundary movement • With new Guidance this work has developed with more robust HNDA across all tenures

  7. 4. Improving Housing Quality • In 2007 10.8% of council housing stock was identified as low demand stock, by 2008 this had reduced to 5.8% • Council house modernisation program is on track to meet the SQHS of 95% of stock by target 2015 • Initiatives are in place signposting private sectors to help improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty • In 2007-08 20 houses were build to meet special needs • 67% of PRS properties have been registered under the Landlord Registration Scheme, promoting good practice.

  8. 5. Alleviate & Prevent homelessness • Trends in homelessness have been decreasing since 2004 from 1,405 to 1,326 applications in 2008 • A new integrated single shared assessment process has been developed to identify and target housing support to vulnerable households • The right to temp accommodation has been extended and the Abolition of Priority Need achieved with meeting the interim objective to wards the 2012 target.

  9. 6. Responding to population changes and increased demand from migrant workers Angus Council has taken a proactive approach to respond to changes in population such as the influx of migrant workers and the impact on housing markets particularly the PRS. a European & International Development Officer appointed to support migrant communities. Regulation introduced to improve safety of HMO’s and caravan sites.

  10. New Style LHS • Firm Foundations – ‘the future of housing in Scotland’ sets out the Government’s vision for housing in Scotland. This vision consists of four main elements: • An increased supply of housing across all tenures, all of which is delivered on the basis of higher environmental and design standards • More choice of housing that those on lower incomes can afford • Housing developments that contribute to the creation of sustainable, mixed communities • Social housing that provides better value for public expenditure

  11. Subsequently to Firm Foundations the Scottish Government published further policies and guidance on how to deliver the housing developments set out in this vision. These policies and guidance include: • Housing Needs and Demand Assessment Guidance (March 2008) • Guidance on preparing Strategic Housing Investment Plans (May 2008) • Local Housing Strategy Guidance (June 2008) • Scottish Planning Policy 3 (SPP 3) – Planning for Homes (revised July 2008)

  12. Housing Needs and Demand Assessment (HNDA) • Definition of Housing Market Areas • Creation of a Housing Market Partnership • Gain an understanding of the Housing System and its drivers and forces in Angus and the wider region • Estimate of current and future housing demand • Estimate of current and future housing need • The future need of housing for households with special housing requirements • Provide information for the preparation of LHS and SDP

  13. SPP3 – Planning for Homes • Identification of housing requirements (housing need and demand through HNDA) • Generous allocation of housing land (for all tenures) • Joint working between local authorities and a range of partners • Creation and delivery of high quality housing to support the development of sustainable communities • Increase in housing supply

  14. Local Housing Strategy (LHS) • Central role in local authorities’ corporate planning activities: It sets out the strategic vision for the future of housing in Angus • Sole document on housing, homelessness, housing support issues and fuel poverty • Reduction of level of detail and greater emphasis on outcomes • Influence on the direction of local Housing Investment (Housing investment is detailed in the Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) for the next 10 years • Preparation through a Housing Partnership • Setting of Housing Supply Targets (for all tenures) • Aligned and connected to Strategic Development Plan preparation through use of a common evidence base (HNDA) and alignment of preparation timescales

  15. Angus LHS 2011 – Direction of Travel • Our Strategic Vision • Key national and local priorities • Meeting the wide spectrum of housing need and demand within all tenures • Building sustainable communities and strong vibrant local economies. • Well maintained good quality affordable homes for the people of Angus. • Provide advice and assistance to help meet needs and demand • Housing Need and Demand Assessments • Special housing needs, homelessness, Older People, physical / Learning disabilities • Migrant workers and ethnic minority communities • Responding to demographic change • Projection of need/ demand all tenures

  16. LHS 2011 • Improve access to all housing tenures • Stock management / supply (regeneration, prudential borrowing) • Development of private rented sector to increase supply of quality homes • Affordable housing • Access to home ownership both open market and LCHO • Access to all household types and groups (inc first time buyers) • Access in Rural areas • Housing Quality Standards and Energy Efficiency - Access to grant funding to stay in home (A&A, C&R) • Access to funding to improve quality and standards in the public and private sector, owner occupation, empty properties • Respond to climate change and fuel poverty

  17. LHS 2011 • Housing Partnership • Enhanced partnership working with Planning and Infrastructure Services • RSL’s and Private Developers to develop diverse tenures and increase range of affordable housing options • Forge strong links with Community Care Partners, Community Planning Partnership, economic development • Strategic development partnership working group (TayPlan) • Private sector – from mortgage providers to private landlords • Fuel poverty public and private sector partners • Consultation and participation with local people and tenants.

  18. LHS 2011 • Monitoring, Evaluation and Review • Develop a framework for monitoring and evaluation to regularly report performance through the life of the LHS • Identify performance indicators, and set baseline to be measured against. • Single Outcome Agreement focused • Consistent with high level outcomes in the SOA • Reference to Housing supply targets to meet identified need • Meet national housing objectives and statutory targets for example 2012 for homelessness and 2015 target for fuel poverty