leather cleaning rejuvenation cleaning services in delhi ncr n.
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Leather Cleaning & Rejuvenation Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR PowerPoint Presentation
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Leather Cleaning & Rejuvenation Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR

Leather Cleaning & Rejuvenation Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR

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Leather Cleaning & Rejuvenation Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR

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  1. Leather Cleaning & Rejuvenation Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR

  2. ORGANO DRY • We have sourced the very best products & services around the world that have proven to be the most effective in cleaning your home and car with safe and ethical products to saves you time, energy and money • The Organodry service team endeavors to make you feel delighted with the results as we provide a pristine treatment to your home and car that shall so impress you that you shall want to be a regular customer!

  3. Leather Cleaning & Rejuvenation Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR • Leather sofas add a touch of elegance to your home décor. Cleaning and maintaining these luxurious sofas, however, is a tricky task as you cannot just wipe them down with a wet cloth. Moreover, harsh cleaners can easily ruin your expensive sofa. Even bleach and ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided. Although leather is a durable material, it is porous in nature.

  4. Steps for Cleaning Vacuum clean the sofa with a soft brush attachment. Make sure it sucks the dirt out of all the crevices otherwise the dust and grime could be rubbed into the sofa when you wipe it with the cleaning solution. Create a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar. Alternatively, you can mix a few drops of commercial leather cleaner in water. Dip a soft cloth (preferably a microfiber cloth) in this solution and wring it out so that the cloth is damp, not completely wet. Wipe the entire sofa with this cloth while rinsing the cloth in the cleaning solution when necessary. It is best to start cleaning from the top and work your way down. Dry the sofa with a clean towel. Do not use a blow dryer for this purpose as it is likely to dehydrate the leather. For conditioning, mix one part of white vinegar and two parts of linseed oil or flax seed oil. Using a soft, clean cloth, apply this mixture on the sofa in broad, circular motions. Leave on overnight. Next day, buff the sofa with a clean rag to restore its shine.

  5. The main advantages to each that we have seen through the years is: – Easy to care for, it generally requires a wipe down with a damp cloth weekly, a clean with a recommended cleaner and a condition once a season to keep it in good condition for many years – A selection of leather colors and qualities are available. Depending on where you purchase the lounge from you will generally have a selection of leathers. These can range from Split leather through to Top hide and Semi aniline leathers. Some retailers have more flexibility because they manufacture or import themselves. They may have a closer relationship with their supplier where they can mix and match products. Other retailers will have minimal flexibility because they buy off wholesalers who have to order containers of the same model in one of two colors

  6. – Strength and longevity is a popular comment when we are discussing the requirements for the customer. Most common cow hide or buffalo leathers are between 0.9 – 1.2 mm, with some thicker leathers available as well. Leather will stretch over time. This is one of the reasons customers prefer it as it softens and feels more comfortable. – Classic look and feel of leather will ensure it rarely goes out of fashion. many customers come into the showroom raving about the leather lounge they have had for years and find it very difficult to give up

  7. Disadvantages: – Leather can stretch and show stretch marks over a long period of time. This is completely normal but on some lighter colored leather can look a bit  unsightly. – Some customers say that they feel leather can be a bit “hot and sweaty” in warmer weather. – Price can be high. Make sure you look around to ensure you are not paying for a retailers premises or advertising which is reflected in the sell price – Much smaller choice of color in leather. – Can look a bit dirty over time if not cared for. That said, care is not a huge problem with leather

  8. bENEFITS OF ORGANODRY • Based on nature’s power of organics. • New to India & exclusive to Organo Dry. • Cleans with low moisture so dries quickly. • Low cost and extends life of treated items. • Latest advancement in machine technology. • Long lasting effects, keeps cleaner for longer. • Protects against moulds, bacteria & harmful germs. • Saves electricity, saves money, saves time, saves energy!

  9. For best quality of service at your door step. Please visit us. THANK YOU