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The Employee Benefit Programme PowerPoint Presentation
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The Employee Benefit Programme

The Employee Benefit Programme

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The Employee Benefit Programme

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  1. The Employee Benefit Programme

  2. Contents • About us • Reliance Life Advantage • Reliance Life Experience • Reliance Life Employee Benefits

  3. About us The new economy

  4. About Us Reliance Capital • One of India’s leading private sector financial services companies • Ranks among the top three private sector financial services and banking companies, in terms of net worth • Businesses include: • Asset Management and Mutual Funds • Stock Broking • Life and General Insurance • Proprietary Investments • Private Equity

  5. Fastest Growing Life Insurance Company for two years in a row. • Amongst the largest distribution networks in less than two years – Over 740 Branches, 14000 employees and 140000 advisors • First Life Insurance company to introduce ‘Over The Counter’ process for all Unit Linked Plans ‘ Express Life’ • Only Life Insurance Player in India to be certified with ISO 2000 9001 for all its processes in the first year of operations • Among the top 5 private life insurance companies in India. • Complete range of products in the protection, savings, investment, pension and health segments in both, unit linked and traditional product forms, for individual as well as group customers. • Family of over 1 million happy customers and growing

  6. ISO 9001 Customer Care Centre Work Flow & Imaging System Process Discipline Six Sigma Customer Portal Automated UW Key Service Differentiators

  7. Lifeline • Enterprise-wide portal • One-window access for all stakeholders • One stop to access all relevant information and functions • Shortcuts to all relevant dashboards

  8. Documentum • Process Governance Application • Workflow Automation • Scanning & Imaging System • Streamlined Storage & Archival of documents • Avoid In-transit delays • Creation of a paperless office

  9. Quality & Knowledge Management Roadmap PHASE 1 – BUSINESS PROCESS EXCELLENCE / PROCESS QUALITY • ISO 9001: 2000 - Building Business Process Excellence & reliable measurement systems • Monthly Quality Dashboards PHASE 2 – CUSTOMER SERVICE QUALITY; SIMPLE QC TOOLS • Customer Voice measurements • Top management review followed by necessary corrective action • Training for select group of employees on process improvement tools. PHASE 3 – SIX SIGMA PROJECTS • Quality Improvement (DMAIC) Projects PHASE 4 - 360-Degree Knowledge Management • Performance improvement on critical business measures by sharing and replicating internal & external knowledge • Monitoring status of knowledge submissions & replications and the business results

  10. Our Customer Service Philosophy – ‘Faster & Easier’ • Reliance Life Line - Phone, Physical and Internet based integrated single point, 24x 7 help desk for customer fulfillment • Full service functionality on mobile phones • Electronic policy servicing through Internet • Comprehensive Renewal management processes • Medi-Assist Program for lab tests • Life First - outstanding Priority client service

  11. RLIC Customer/Agent/ Employee Service through multiple contact channels Easy and Direct Accessibility to point of servicing Service near to the customer Servicing to full satisfaction at the point of contact / as upfront as possible Least number of handoffs and non-value added activities Higher ease of servicing Optimal Cost per transaction Focus on Customer Delight Focus on “Faster and Easier Servicing” for Customer/ Employees • Along with: • Proper Controls and risk mitigants • Inbuilt process contingencies

  12. Reliance Life Insurance - Employee Benefits

  13. Employee Benefits Through Company Directly

  14. Employee Benefits via Company • There is no better way of keeping your people loyal than by providing them with security and the feeling of being part of a family Reliance Life Insurance offers you a win win solution • For your people: • Cover for life/ accident for disablement, thereby providing them with a sense of belonging! • For you: • Freedom from forecasting and managing liabilities and employee's gratuity and pension Thereby, giving you peace of mind and satisfaction of fulfilling your duties towards your corporate family!

  15. The Benefits

  16. Employee Benefits: leaving it to experts • Core HR Functions • Attracting • Retaining • Career & Succession Planning • Non-Core & Critical • Payroll • Benefits • HR Record Keeping • Training • Non-Core & Non-Critical • Security • Housekeeping • Events Designing and managing EB plans is critical to a company,but better left to experts engaged for the purpose

  17. We offer • Product Solutions • Investment Solutions • Service Solutions • Financial Management Solutions • In short, a holistic end-to-end approach to employee care We have a full end-to-end solutions package that meets with the needs of employees at all levels in your organization

  18. Our Employee Benefit Solutions • Reliance Group Gratuity • Reliance Group Superannuation • Reliance Group Leave Encashment • Reliance Group Term Life Insurance • Reliance Group Term Life Insurance in lieu of EDLI We create a better future for you and your employees, by helping you build and manage your employees’ interest.

  19. Investment Solutions • Consistently outperforming the benchmark indices • Among the Top 3 performing funds in the ULIP range • Active, diligent and disciplined approach to investments • In-house investment team assisted by advice from Reliance Mutual Fund • Management in total alignment with the IRDA regulations and prudential principles

  20. Service Solutions • Reliance Life Line as the the mandatory single point Phone, physical and internet-based, integrated help desk for customer fulfillment • Comprehensive Renewal Management Processes • Life First – Outstanding priority client service • Network of 740 branches for support across India • Life Asia – Group Asia integration for common customer ID and member level servicing • Dedicated & competent Account Managers

  21. Financial Management Solutions • Offer holistic support to the financial and family security needs of every employee • Meeting the insurance needs of employees as a group at the most attractive premium rates • Meeting the wealth management needs with the best professional support and organization backing • Total flexibility to every employee in the matter of building the individual corpus of saving

  22. Tailored Individual Employee Advice

  23. Individual Retirement Solutions • Reliance Golden Years Plan  • Reliance Wealth + Health Plan • Reliance Automatic Investment Plan  • Reliance Money Guarantee Plan  • Reliance Market Return Plan • Reliance Cash Flow Plan 

  24. Thank you